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Note from awesome mom goes viral. Chichi has ALL the feelings.
Awwwwww…… :)

Note from awesome mom goes viral. Chichi has ALL the feelings.

Awwwwww…… :)

Little Boy’s Crazy Dance Moves Put NFL Cheerleaders to Shame

Like most NFL cheerleaders, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ squad members have a couple major things going for them: Good looks and polished dance moves. When it comes to cutting the rug, though, they’ve got nothing on this kid. He’s 10 years old, his name is Christian Bottger and he’s the Internet’s newest viral darling.

Bottger’s pretty epic dance performance — featuring snippets of “Gangnam Style” and “Teach Me How to Dougie” — came during halftime of Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles. The YouTube video above has already been viewed 200,000 times since being uploaded on Monday, and it landed Bottger a Tuesday morning appearance on The Today Show.

via Mashable

Smile maker… :)

DMX sings Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

Sorry. I had to, lol. The “WHAT!” at the end is hysterical!


The Flip Side: Workout

"What if guys and girls swapped roles at the gym?"

Generally not down with assigned gender roles & stereotypes, but from a purely comedic standpoint, this made me chuckle!

(hilariously, the yoga bit is ME already, lol. Love yoga man bums. Love ‘em).

A very special message, brought to you by Movember…

It gets fuller.:)

"Growing a mustache isn’t easy, nothing incredibly awesome is. But this Movember let’s finish what we started".

Hilarious vid from Nick Offerman!

Sam Gordon, Girl Football Player, Stars In AWESOME Highlight Reel

Get it girl!

via HuffPo

A highlight reel of a peewee football player has become an Internet sensation, showcasing the impressive speed and versatility of Utah youngster Sam Gordon — a girl playing in an all-boys tackle football league.

While female football players tend to be relegated to the kicker position, Sam made waves on the field with her physicality and fearless nature. The video, posted by the girl’s father, Brent, displays the girl’s talent for bursting through coverage, breaking tackles and making tackles of her own. Most notably, however, is the section in which Sam shows that she can take a hard hit — just like the boys.

Sam finished the 2012 season with a stat line that would make any parent proud. According to the video, she scored 35 touchdowns on 232 carries, totaling 1,911 yards and averaging 8.2 yards per carry. She also added 65 tackles, for good measure.

NYC Women Talk Cat Calling: Explain Why It Sucks

This is the BEST thing you’ll see all day, lol.


"The only person you should say "Hey Girl" to on the street is Ryan Gosling".

Rubber Bands Watermelon Exploding In Slow Mo

We love clean eating. But we LOVE messy eating even more, lol. 

Awesome. Dazzling to watch. 

Goalball: Dodgeball for the blind

Via The Greatist

Somewhere between the rocketing shots, diving saves, and lightning reflexes, we forgot all the players of Goalball are either blind or blindfolded. We then realized that we’d never be as badass as the insanely talented, hyperaware athletes featured in the video above.

Goalball is a bit like a cross between dodgeball and soccer — where all the players are blindfolded. There are physical markers on the court, and the ball (which is slightly heavier than a standard dodgeball) has bells inside of it so players can track it all by sound. (You can check the full rules here.) Sound hard? We think so. Goalball also has a really cool backstory to go along with its badass modern form.

Originally developed as a way to help rehabilitate visually impaired soldiers after World War II, Goalball was a way to help the troops stay active and enjoy competition while also training them to use — and hone — their remaining senses. Goalball gradually became recognized as a Paralympic sport, joining the official competition roster during the 1980 Summer Paralympics in Arnhem, Netherlands.

The game has a surprisingly broad appeal compared to other Paralympic sports. Because Goalball only mandates visual impairment, sighted players can participate by wearing blindfolds.

Team USA Trick Shot Complilation

Pretty fun compilation from the Dude Perfect guys! Love it! 

Thought this was cute, lol!

Michelle Jenneke isn’t going to London this year, but she made headlines yesterday when she danced around pre-race to loosen up and shake off her nerves. It’s a funny, cheerful little bob around, and hardly made her look like a threat. She then proceeded to KILL the competition, hurdling over like a gazelle. 

Girls just wanna have fun I guess! Lol, I like her bow! 

Nike Free - I Will Run To You

This is adorable. Thanks for sharing Carla!

(I think most people can relate to the dude, lol)


Happy Mother’s Day!

Ellen Brought To Her Feet, Saying Thanks To The President

Ellen gave President Barack Obama a standing ovation on her show today for his powerful words of support for marriage equality. The statement is the first definitive support from the White House and the first open support of gay marriage from ANY president in history. While he maintains that individual states should maintain control over the issue, his statement is a powerful push in the right direction.

In other words, a VERY big deal. Especially in an election year. Unprecedented. Wow.

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