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Equipment: None needed! You can do this just bodyweight OR use weights for the squats and a chair for the bridges. You’ll need a timer, a mat and some water for sure!

I used my Ultimate Sandbag Water Bag. Different from the sandbag since water is harder to control (hella unstable) it’s really challenging for the core. Use whatever you like to add weight or do this just bodyweight.

This workout is hard yo! Pace yourself, use modifications that suit your level and keep track of your time so you can beat it.

Are you doing the 1000 burpee Holiday Challenge? Yup, 1000 burpees between now and Dec. 25th! This workout counts for 110 reps and might mean a rest day well earned tomorrow!

Join the challenge here to post your scores, get updates/new modifications, and stay informed of our giveaways! (lots of stuff!)

See descriptions and the video below.

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I LOVE adding new things into my repertoire to combat boredom, and it’s been a minute since I’ve been this inspired!

LOADS of moves I’ve never seen or thought of in this one, so I wanted to share it with you. BUT they aren’t for everyone: I would have hurt myself trying some of these on my own a few years back. I’m not against trying new things nor am I the kind of person who will tell you to avoid it or you’ll get hurt (not your mama), but I will ask that you be careful and listen to your body. None of these moves make you more bad ass at life: they might just be fun if you’re at that level AND are into changing things up.

My only qualm is the label “for women”. Vaginas and breasts don’t come with their own set of workout rules or limits, lol. Neither do penises. That said, this is an AWESOME compilation video if you’re intermediate to advanced, need no help adjusting exercises on your own (no instruction given), and are a novelty freak like me. Boys too.

Spiderman Kick Throughs are my first thing to try as soon as my body is feeling better (skip to 2:48). Love the rhythm. :)

(P.S - Did I use the term “minute” right? I’m so hopelessly unhip, and I’ve been scared to “drop” it in case I mess it up, lol. All I have is google, friends. Be kind. :)


The BEST Thing You’ll See Today: A Pep Talk From Kid President

Have you guys heard of Kid President?

I’m in love. Take 4 minutes and give this a listen. :)

“We all need a little encouragement every now and then. Kid President, knowing this, has put together a video you can play each morning as you wake up or to share with your friend who needs a kick in the right direction. Take a moment and spread some encouragement. “It’s everybody’s duty to give the world a reason to dance.”

Connecticut Shooting: Sandy Hook Elementary Teacher Kaitlin Roig Protected Her Students

"So I said to them… I need you to know that I love you very much and that it is going to be ok….I wanted them to know someone loved them, and I wanted that to be one of the last things they heard, not the gunfire in the hallway."

Little Boy’s Crazy Dance Moves Put NFL Cheerleaders to Shame

Like most NFL cheerleaders, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ squad members have a couple major things going for them: Good looks and polished dance moves. When it comes to cutting the rug, though, they’ve got nothing on this kid. He’s 10 years old, his name is Christian Bottger and he’s the Internet’s newest viral darling.

Bottger’s pretty epic dance performance — featuring snippets of “Gangnam Style” and “Teach Me How to Dougie” — came during halftime of Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles. The YouTube video above has already been viewed 200,000 times since being uploaded on Monday, and it landed Bottger a Tuesday morning appearance on The Today Show.

via Mashable

Smile maker… :)

Hardcore Holiday Challenge: Day Two workout video is up!

This workout was BRUTAL, lol. Killed me! 3 rounds, 150 tricep dips and about 90 burpees of… uh… awesome.

I’m gonna be FEELING this tomorrow. :)

Here’s the circuit breakdown. Watch the video here.

  • 10 Quick Feet & Burpee
  • 15 Dips (right)
  • 10 Jacks & Burpee
  • 15 Dips (left)
  • 10 High Knees & Burpee
  • 20 Alternating Dips

3 rounds for time! This one’s hardcore, you’ve been warned!

Beginners: half the reps and try for more rounds! Use modified burpees & dips and go your own pace. No need to follow along. :)

PS- The quality’s a bit better this time, but things get blurrsville for about a minute in the middle! Thanks for your ongoing patience as I muffle through this. :)

See the challenge details here.

Hardcore Holidays! Stocking Stuffer Challenge Day One: 200 Step Ups With A Twist! (100 per side)

Step ups are wicked to build strength in your legs (and you can do them anywhere!) Adding an oblique twist gets your core & inner thighs involved, and works on your balance.

Scale these to your level! Beginners can start with 10 per side for 10 rounds. Intermediates can opt for 25 per side for 4 rounds. Advanced, try 50 for 2 rounds. And of course you can do these throughout your day too.

Tips: Place chair against a wall if you’re nervous about it moving. Step fully onto the middle of the seat, and push through your heel to lift you up. Use your obliques to twist: you should feel it in your core.

Modifications: omit the twist, use a smaller surface, and alternate sides to make this easier. Advanced can use a weight to increase the challenge (I’d use my sandbag:

Alternatives: try it from the floor. Do a static lunge, and raise your back knee for the twist. Use your obliques and core to bring the knee to your elbow.

My Day One Workout

4 Rounds For Time

  • 50 Step Ups (w/twist)
  • 10 Elevated Burpees
  • 20 V-Ups

I filmed one round of this workout yesterday (literally, just a crappy iPhone video, but you can see me and hear me. Fancy doesn’t live here yet!). Click here to follow along with me if you like! (elevated burpees are optional: regular burpees are fine!)

On The Downbeat (Swing Republic - Remix) by Bing Crosby on Grooveshark

DMX sings Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

Sorry. I had to, lol. The “WHAT!” at the end is hysterical!


The Flip Side: Workout

"What if guys and girls swapped roles at the gym?"

Generally not down with assigned gender roles & stereotypes, but from a purely comedic standpoint, this made me chuckle!

(hilariously, the yoga bit is ME already, lol. Love yoga man bums. Love ‘em).

A very special message, brought to you by Movember…

It gets fuller.:)

"Growing a mustache isn’t easy, nothing incredibly awesome is. But this Movember let’s finish what we started".

Hilarious vid from Nick Offerman!

"This Is Halloween"

Nightmare Before Christmas

You KNOW you know the words. :)

Jazzercise Supercut

This cracks me UP every single time, lol.

THIS is what is means to be your authentic self, and not give a hoot about what other people think! Even as I giggle along, she still has my mad respect. Not many people put themselves out there like this… and she built a multi-million dollar class & DVD empire because of it.

Hot dog. :)

Rubber Bands Watermelon Exploding In Slow Mo

We love clean eating. But we LOVE messy eating even more, lol. 

Awesome. Dazzling to watch. 

Goalball: Dodgeball for the blind

Via The Greatist

Somewhere between the rocketing shots, diving saves, and lightning reflexes, we forgot all the players of Goalball are either blind or blindfolded. We then realized that we’d never be as badass as the insanely talented, hyperaware athletes featured in the video above.

Goalball is a bit like a cross between dodgeball and soccer — where all the players are blindfolded. There are physical markers on the court, and the ball (which is slightly heavier than a standard dodgeball) has bells inside of it so players can track it all by sound. (You can check the full rules here.) Sound hard? We think so. Goalball also has a really cool backstory to go along with its badass modern form.

Originally developed as a way to help rehabilitate visually impaired soldiers after World War II, Goalball was a way to help the troops stay active and enjoy competition while also training them to use — and hone — their remaining senses. Goalball gradually became recognized as a Paralympic sport, joining the official competition roster during the 1980 Summer Paralympics in Arnhem, Netherlands.

The game has a surprisingly broad appeal compared to other Paralympic sports. Because Goalball only mandates visual impairment, sighted players can participate by wearing blindfolds.

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