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Skinny Witch vs. Chubby Fairy

What our poll shows about the assumptions women hold…

Heavy women are pegged as…

  • “lazy” 11 times as often as thin women;
  • “sloppy” nine times;
  • “undisciplined” seven times;
  • “slow” six times as often.

While thin women are seen as…

  • “conceited” or “superficial” about eight times as often as heavy women;
  • “vain” or “self-centered” four times as often;
  • “bitchy,” “mean,” or “controlling” more than twice as often.

Even the “good” labels are unfair. An overweight woman may be five times as likely to be perceived as “giving” as a skinny one.

“But it just fits into the stereotype that thin women are not that way,” explains Ann Kearney-Cooke, Ph.D. “It’s still putting women in a box based on their body size.”


As long as their not Creepy Camera Dude, they’re A-Ok with me!

We all go to the gym for different reasons and with different goals. There are stereotypes for everyone at the gym, and just because they fit the ‘type’, doesn’t mean they’re a bad person (some of you will certainly have rolled your eyes at a few of these guys).

Fir Sugar put together a list of 10 Gym Guy Stereotypes that you might see at the gym. You might not have caught them all in action, but you”ll recognize a few of these ‘types’ for sure. :)

Excerpt from Fit Sugar

  1. The Former Athlete: The rest of the team may be just as tall as him now, but he’s still the big man on campus. He shows up sporting his college gear though his frat days are a distant memory. He watches the game on the TV while cycling or running, but is dedicated to his workout. What’s to love? Men with years of workout experience just get better with age. They remind us to appreciate a challenge — be it an occasional marathon, game of pick me up, or Sunday soccer league. The healthiest way to relive your glory days is to keep them alive.

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This Halloween it might seem like fun to dress up as your favorite racial stereotype (just saying that feels weird), but while I’m sure your intentions aren’t malicious, you might want to think about who you might be offending.

It’s not always funny. And the people you might be offending deal with more than just stereotypes and Halloween costumes. Discrimination is real, whether you see it or not.

Just something to think about. :)

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