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This one’s CRAZY, but I KNOW you can kill it! 100 Burpees in ONE WORKOUT. Yowza!

Bitchin’ Burpees is an intense workout that’ll push you both physically and mentally. Make sure to take breaks and push yourself through the last few rounds. BEGINNERS: use the right modification for your level (see below for modifier options & tips). STAY HYDRATED THROUGHOUT.

Keep a timer running as you complete the 6 exercise circuit (including breaks), and jot down your total time at the end. The shorter your breaks, the better your time (30-60 seconds rest per round is ideal), but listen to your bod. It’s about doing your best: you’re not competing with anyone but yourself.

Short on time? Set your timer for your desired timeframe (15, 20, 25 minutes etc) and count how many rounds you are able to complete in that time. Make a note of where you left off.

DO NOT sacrifice form for speed, switch to easier modifications if you need to, check your heart rate and pace yourself. 

You’ll need

  • A timer
  • A water bottle
  • A mat
  • A bench/chair

How To Do It

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How To MAKE That Extra 30 (don’t try to find it… you never will).

  1. Wake up 10-15 minutes earlier.
  2. Log off Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter & Gmail - we spend about 2-3 hours a day on social media. Some more than others. :)
  3. Multi-task: girls night can BE a workout or a class, take a walk/jog to the store instead of driving, workout while catching up on your favorite shows etc. (my favorite show to sweat to: Law & Order SVU re-runs).
  4. Stop talking yourself OUT of it. There’s plenty of tomorrows, plenty of laters, and plenty of ‘when I get through _____’. There will always be something to do, something that needs your attention, and something you can use as an excuse: remind yourself that exercise GIVES you energy & put yourself first.
  5. Divide it into 3 ten minute mini-workouts. Ideal, no. But they DO work and ARE better than nothing (studies show that people who start this way become addicted very quickly - keeping it short may be the trick you need).
  6. Prepare AHEAD of time. If you have to head home from work, pack up your stuff, get dressed and eat something before you head to the gym, chances are you’ll never make it (that’s 15-20 minutes PLUS travel time right there). Bring your gym stuff with you, have ready to go snacks in your bag and make life simpler.
  7. Exercise first thing in the morning, BUT GO TO BED EARLIER. Many morning exercisers forget the latter part, and fall off the wagon quickly. Start with just 10-15 minutes each morning, even if it’s just a walk.


“There are 1440 mins in the day, can’t you spare 30 of them for exercise?”

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Best performance from So You Think You Can Dance last night…

Nigel’s right… I smell an Emmy too!


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