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Smash Mouth: Walking On The Sun

Dude drove by blasting this from his car as I got my workout on in the park today! It’s so sunny and gorgeous right now: finally feels like summer is coming!

Little throw back to summer’s past! Can you believe this was the summer anthem 15 YEARS AGO?!!!. #feelingold :)

Why do you workout?

People work out for different reasons & having a goal is important (whether or not you’re losing weight, trying to get fit, or mastering a technique). But goals aside, there’s ONE common denominator of successful fitness freaks: they mix up their workouts! Different workouts are like different kinds of menu options. You might LOVE one thing on the menu, but if you have it everyday, you’ll get sick of it fast. You may also be limiting yourself by not exploring new favorites. 

Trying something new & incorporating different kinds of training is key to sticking with the program longterm both mentally & physically. Our bodies & minds crave new challenges & new ways to train. When we’re stuck on ONE kind of workout, we may be limiting ourselves to a WORLD of possibilities.

I’m very eclectic when it comes to my workouts (like workout A.D.D.). I certainly have my favorites, but I try new things constantly and go through ‘phases’. When my workout ‘lust’ has dwindled for a certain type of workout, I switch things up sooner rather than later. A week of my workouts might include a little Turbo Kick, NTC training, Insanity or P90X, TRX, sports drills, running, yoga, dance, Crossfit WOD’S, Body Rock, Pilates, strength training etc. Sometimes I plan it, sometimes I work it out on the fly. But the common denominator is that I shake things up and stay open to trying new things. It keeps me from getting bored, keeps my body challenged and helps me find new favorites.

And it makes me feel BAD ASS. I’ve got lots of tools in my toolbox, and even when I suck at something (ugh, Zumba), I know I’m still getting a good workout.

This week: Try something NEW! A class, a DVD (the library has tons), or even a change of scenery. If you workout from home, try heading to the gym or to the park this week. If you’re a gym rat, head outside or take a class in a new location. If you work out solo, ask a friend to join you! If you’re all about the weights, try some body weight work. No yoga in your repertoire? Namaste it OUT. Try changing 1-2 things in your routine for a quick motivation (and results) boost. :)

Monday Motivation Playlist

Need new tunes? This is what I’m using today! (lots of Madonna. Her new album MDNA is workout FIRE).

Yona Cuna’s Playlist 10 by Yona Cuna on Grooveshark

Sniff, sniff. :) Workout playlists won’t be the same!

The Phoenix IS AWESOME.

I’m sooo excited for this one! It’s a little different than the others & will be the BIGGEST rep challenge I’ve posted. It’s tough, but do-able for ALL levels, beginners & psychos alike. Decide to ‘rise up’ to meet the challenge and you WILL.

I wanted to make sure you guys have all the motivation you need for this one and a fierce Phoenix-worthy playlist to get you through it. Already have a few suggestions from Facebook (thanks Priya & Dawn), but need another 7-10 songs. Since y’all tend to be ‘hip’ with it (geez, I sound like my mother), I thought I’d ask for your awesome suggestions yet again!

Think fast, furious, funky, fun, FIRE. New is GOOD, but old favorites are sometimes too awesome for words. Step out of the box, all genres, all styles. I’m not picky! Will make more than one playlist if we get enough suggestions.

What do you want to hear on the ‘Phoenix’ playlist?

I teach A Crazy Bitch Bootcamp on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and we had SOOOO much fun with this playlist. Wanted to post it for my girls, but thought you might like it too!

I’ve always preferred working out with music. It motivates me through the harder exercises, pushes my intensity through the roof, and makse the time fly by if I plan it accordingly. I design most of my own workouts these days, so I’ve become better at identifying which songs may work with which movements, and what speed I should be aiming for to keep myself challenged. But anyone can plan & manage their own workout, with a few quick tips.

Some tips/ideas for how to make your playlist work for your workout…

  • Choose carefully and listen to the songs first, to get an idea of how fast they are. Faster songs (like Rockafella Skank) are great for cardio:running in place, jump rope, jumping jacks, and burpees. Slower songs (not that slow, but slower) are better for strength moves like squats, lunges and pushups. Feel free to mix it up!
  • It’s fun to mimic words in the song. If a certain song mentions “dropping”, “getting low”, “jumping” or “throw your hands up in the air”, plan on using those movements - it can make a big difference in your intensity.
  • Typically, I choose 2-4 different exercises per song, alternating between them or doing them in a row. If a song is about 4 minutes long, doing 4 moves for 30 seconds a piece (and repeating) will cover you. If it’s longer (like 6-7 minutes), I’ll usually opt to do each move for 45-60 seconds instead. (note: usually I use the music AS a timer: 1st verse, bridge, chorus etc).
  • You can repeat a combination for more than one song, but break it up with a different combo in between. I did the same moves for ‘On The Dancefloor’ & ‘Where Dem Girls At’ because they were similar lengths and tempos, but added some booty work for ‘Cozza Frenzy’ in between.
  • It’s easier to alternate between strength and high intensity cardio (also allows you to actively recover). Focus on cardio for one song, then strength for the next.
  • Don’t forget to include a song to warm up to, and a song to cool down to. Stretching is important: find soothing, less intense music for the end of your workout (in this playlist, we did Sun Salutations for M.I.A’s $20 and ab work for Nelly Furtado’s Maneater remix).
  • Group certain muscle groups well together: you can separate the songs by which muscle groups you want to work. Maybe booty & Cardio for one song. Abs & Upper Body for the next. Thighs & Triceps for one song. Back and Core for another. It’s up to you, but you should spread them out to give some groups a wee break while working others.
  • Listen to your body and write down what works. If a certain combo REALLY works with a song, write it down for next time.
  • Songs (most of them anyways, not all) work on an 8 count. As such, I usually plan my reps in the 8, 16, 24 & 32 count zone. Some moves are complex (like burpees with a pushup) so those moves can take 8-16 counts on their own. Some moves like squats or jumping jacks can be done on every count, or every two counts.
  • I like to use the first 32 counts (the intro) as a quick water break, but you can take breaks whenever you need to.
  • It’s YOUR workout. You don’t have to be perfect, and if you feel like busting out in dance, GO for it.

Have fun & explore your options!

Power Pyramid by Yona Cuna on Grooveshark

Nothing keeps me motivated during the holidays like holiday themed workouts!

I get bored with the standard fare pretty early on in the season, but I solve my holiday music woes by finding worthy, new remixes. I’ve been in a dubstep haze lately, so a lot of these songs are dubstep mixes of holiday classics.

The BPM is a little slower than I normally post, but it works REALLY well with strength training exercises and yoga/pilates training. Taught bootcamp using a lot of these songs and it was a raging holiday success!


Holiday Heat by Yona Cuna on Grooveshark

Bam! I’m in LOVE this playlist!

Thanks for your suggestions, I used as many as I could! It’s long, so feel free to skip and play the tunes you love the best! Starts out high energy for cardio, we rock out a bit for strength, and finishes with some terrifying tunes to stretch to. :)

Big BAD ASS thanks to these lovely followers who sent in their choices!


31 Spooky Tunes To Sweat To

  1. Cabaret Aspirateur (Cabaret Hoover) - Bande Originale De Film The Triplets Of Belleville
  2. Disturbia - Rihanna
  3. Somebody’s Watching Me - Rockwell
  4. Time Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show
  5. Monster Mash - Misfits
  6. Get Your Freak On - Missy Elliott
  7. Scary - Britney Spears
  8. Zombie (remix) - The Cranberries
  9. Jump In The Line - Harry Belafonte (Beetlejuice)
  10. Nobody Likes You When You’re Dead - Zombina & The Skeletones
  11. Witch Doctor - Armand van Helden
  12. Monster - Lady Gaga
  13. Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr.
  14. Freak - Estelle
  15. Heads Will Roll - Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs
  16. Skeleton Dance - Beat Antiques
  17. Breathe - The Prodigy
  18. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) - Backstreet Boys
  19. Rock Lobster - B52’s
  20. Thriller - Michael Jackson
  21. This Is Halloween - The Vampires
  22. Don’t Fear The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
  23. Everyday Is Halloween - Ministry
  24. This Is Halloween - Marilyn Manson
  25. Lotion - The Greenskeepers
  26. Halloween - Helloween
  27. Love Potion #9 - Rockapella
  28. Nightmare On My Street - Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff
  29. Closer - Nine Inch Nails
  30. Sugar Water - Cibo Matto (Buffy FANS: Do you know which episode this was from?)
  31. My Body’s A Zombie For You - Dead Man’s Bones

It’s October and it’s apple picking season! Yay! Pies & snacks for all! Hope you can manage to get on out for some apple picking fun!

To celebrate, I thought a little dance party was in order. This playlist is a little bit all over the place, but I don’t care because I love it. I LOVE IT! Use it to inspire a new playlist of your own, or just enjoy the tunes! Or hate them, but keep it to yourself! Don’t burst my bubble. :)

The workout? Just DANCE! Have fun, don’t be too serious and let loose!

Remember: Music is one of the BEST workout motivators you can find. The higher your BPM, the harder you tend to work. Find new music to sweat to and remember to rotate new stuff in every couple of weeks (or every week if you get bored like I do).

This playlist dwindles down towards the end, for a nice Radiohead stretch after some Salt & Pepa & En Vogue. Plenty of new stuff too, but when it comes to abs & stretching, I really love my old favs.

SEND IN YOUR PLAYLIST SUGGESTIONS! I’ll be making a few follower MADE playlists next week and can use your input! I get fabulous suggestions from you all the time, so let me know what you’re sweating to!

Alright, so I’m a little biased because he’s a friend. But honestly, this is SO WICKED I’m freaking out a little.

Loving, LOVING this mix! ADAM!!!! Will be working out to it all weekend.

Oh soundcloud. Where have you BEEN all my life!

Follow Papa on Soundcloud & Facebook.

Download the App  like I did to stream it right to your phone as well.

Description: An hour long journey to brave the winter and warm your soul, December Dreaming is sure to keep your pulse up and your smile wide. Hope you Enjoy ;)
1. Norman & Real - Hot Gambles
2. Dario Nunez & Christian Dehugo - Maputo (Original Mix)
3. Migraine - Enconsueto (Donato Bilancia Remix)
4. DJ Turtle & Thibo Rosh - El Ritmo (Original Mix)
5. Victor Del Guio - Americano (Original Mix)
6. The BeatThiefs - Sao Paulo (Dj Fist & Rio Dela Duna Remix)
7. Rod Debyser & Math Delekian - Flat Out (League Of Noize Remix)
8. Jay Ronko & Josh Newson - Push (Peter Brown Remix)
9. Abel Ramos - For Your Mind (Original Mix)
10. ATFC - Bring The Beat Back (Original Mix)
11. Milton Channels - Moon Walker (Original Mix)
12.Funkagenda vs. Sultan & Ned Shepard - Past Dreaming (Original Mix)

Adam Papa - December Dreaming by Adam Papa

Today was hump day, and SO many of you were complaining you didn’t have time to get a workout in! Save this one for tomorrow if you NEED to, but I’d prefer if you squeezed it in tonight!

Only 15 minutes, and 5 of those are in the warm-up!

Booty call! Do the warm up, then all 5 exercises. Repeat. That’s it! Do it 3 times if you’re feeling extra BOOTY-ful!

You’ll need: a mat and a set of dumbbells (you can do it without weights too). Try the harder variations if you can.

Workout Time! Remember form: keep knees over the tops of your toes, and push your booty BACK. Keep your abs contracted and move quickly between each exercise.

Recommended Music: From ‘Watch The Throne’ (playlist below!)

Warm up

  • 1 minute light jog in place
  • 1 minute jumping jacks
  • 1 minute walking lunges
  • 1 minute high knee run
  • 30 second light jog

Rest 30 seconds. Then ONE minute of each of the following.

Repeat and you’re done! Bam, look at that booty!

See Also…

Booty Murder

Smack That - Ultimate Booty Playlist 2 AND Workout!

Bum Darts! A Game To Tighten Your Booty.

Insta-Booty Lift (Warning: NOT Brazilian!)

Lights, camera, ACTION!

Asked for your movie playlist suggestions a while back, and I LOVED them! Thanks to those who sent them in! I used them ALL below.

The Workout

This workout is different, mainly because it USES the songs for pacing/reps etc. Most counts are in 8, 16 or 32, or for a set amount of time. It’s more important to me that you choose your own pace, have fun, and do the moves at a level that suits you. This workout is about drama & intensity. Put your all in, and ‘feel’ the moves.

So, I put time & rep “suggestions”, but I’d rather you have fun with this one. Change the order of the songs if you prefer, but try to complete at least 4, two song circuits. It’s intense!

Because you’re going your own pace, you might complete the circuit twice or three times before the songs are up. Depends on your speed. Just try to keep moving as long as you can. Hit pause if you need to!

Playlist at the bottom of this post!

Special thanks to: parauna-vidasaludable, liiightweiiight, dimmsum, humanchameleon, yourspectacularheart! Great suggestions!


Songs 1 & 2 - Warm up. Your choice. Get sweaty.

Songs 3 & 4 - Circuit: 32 squats, 32 Jumping Jacks, 32 Alternating Lunges, 30 second run in place. Rest 30 seconds. Repeat 2-3 times (til end of song)

Songs 5 & 6: Circuit: 1 minute run in place (or dance), 16 Tuck Jumps, 8 one legged toe touches left, 8 one legged toe touches right. Rest 30 seconds. Repeat 2-3 times (til end of song). (Psst: these songs are FUN. Dance as much as you like).

Songs 7 & 8: Circuit: 30 seconds plank hold, 8 burpees (or modified burpees - step back instead of hopping back), 30 seconds Mountain climbers, 8 pushups (modified if you like), one minute run or dance. Repeat 2-3 times (til end of song)

Songs 9 & 10: Circuit: 16 Bicycle Crunches, 32 Russian Twists, 16 Right Lunge to Left Front Kick, 16 Left Lunge to Right Front Kick. 30 second squat HOLD. 1 minute rest. Repeat 2-3 times (til end of song)

Songs 11 & 12: Circuit: Jump Rope (2 minutes - any variation you like), 32 Side to side lunges (alternating), 8-16 modified pushups. Rest 30 seconds. Repeat 2-3 times (til end of song).

Songs 13 & 14: Circuit: Mountain Climbers (30 seconds), 16 Hip Raises (on back, push your hips to sky), 16 crunches. Repeat 2-3 times, no breaks. Dance if you must take a break.

Songs 15 & 16: Circuit: 32 squats, 30 second squat hold. 32 lunges. 30 second lunge hold each side (total one minute). 32 Jumping jacks, 1 minute run in place. 1 minute rest. Repeat until you’re done!

Songs 17, 18, & 19 - Stretch, cool down, have fun! OR repeat any of the circuits above for one of the songs.

Song list

  1. Mission Impossible Theme – U2
  2. Mortal Kombat Theme – Mortal Kombat
  3. Holding Out For A Hero – Shrek 2
  4. The A La Menthe – Oceans 12
  5. She’s A Maniac –Flashdance
  6. Jai Ho –Slumdog Millionaire
  7. Mindfields – The Matrix
  8. Lust For Life – Trainspotting
  9. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me – Batman Forever
  10. Men In Black – Men In Black
  11. Shout – Animal House
  12. Carmina Burana/ O Fortuna – Jackass
  13. Canned Heat – Napoleon Dynamite
  14. Come Baby Come – Stick It
  15. Driving With The Top Down – Iron Man
  16. Bohemian Rhapsody – Wayne’s World
  17. #1 Crush – Romeo & Juliet
  18. Vindicated – Spiderman 2
  19. Rocky Theme - Rocky

Just keep moving is my personal mantra. Every single day. On repeat.

It’s what I tell myself when my workouts are too hard. It’s what I tell myself when I want to give up. It’s what I tell myself when life gets shitty and I’m a crying heap on the floor.

Believe it or not, this was a tough year (couple of years) for my body & head, so I often relied on music to cheer me up (and get me moving). When I wasn’t moving, and too still, I felt like I would fall apart. Not everyone understands that, but perhaps for you it was something else, like making music or writing. Squats were my release.

There are still days when working out is my therapy, my painkiller, my escape… And I’m grateful that I have somewhere positive, lovely and amazing to channel everything I needed to deal with (and still deal with on a daily basis).

Not all my personal anthems are amazing. Some are outright cheesy. But they don’t have to be good, musically substantial or even top 40. If I like it, connect with it, and it gets me moving? It makes my anthem list.

So here’s a playlist filled with songs that got me moving, get me moving and make me smile. 29 anthems to move to. Not everything would have made your list, and there are hundreds of anthems I love that didn’t make this list. You’ll probably hear them in playlists to come.

So listen, love it, hate it BUT MOVE. Please. :)

Make your own playlists to share with

This is an old photo from a Halloween when I went as a workout video ‘ho’ (I’d never felt so naked in public before and of COURSE that was the year all my friends decided to go as dead people or bag heads - hadn’t been out for Halloween in years before this, and all I knew was that you were supposed to dress all sexified. I mean, I watched Mean Girls. Anyways, last year? I went as a clown.)

I think this playlist would have suited me that night.

Yesterday’s was so much fun, needed to do a part 2! This one’s a little more rap/hip-hop/reggaeton. PLUS, I’ve added a quick & dirty Thursday workout to get your heartrates soaring.

You’re welcome booty-ful. :)


See: ‘Shake That’ - YOUR Ultimate Booty Playlist (with Workout)

Warning: NSFW. Booty songs tend to get a little dirty. And yes, they use words for women that I would smack someone for using to my face… but when you’re getting all grindy in your workout? ‘Ho’ perfection.

Get your grind on with this workout while you’re at it!

Quick & Dirty Thursday Workout!

A. Burpees

B. Pushups

C. Jump Squats

This workout isn’t complicated, and most of you will be able to finish it in only about 10 minutes.


Directions: Do 10 Burpees, 10 pushups, 10 jump squats…. then 9 Burpees, 9 pushups, 9 jump squats… work your way down all the way to 1!

** Modify the moves as you need to.

CHALLENGE: Instead of 10, start at 15 (or 20) and work your way down to 1 (or as far as you can). You can also go all the way down to 1, then move back up the pyramid.

Shake it, smack it & move it as much as possible. Have fun!

You guys are AMAZING.

Thanks to everyone who sent in their best booty anthems! I’ll post part 2 tomorrow, but had a booty-rific day making these playlists. Literally, dancing in my seat all afternoon and can’t WAIT for my workout.

I guarantee this playlist will get you moving. It’s ASS-tastic. I’ve called it ‘Shake That’, and it has more of a dancier edge to it, plus a few funny oldies (and yes, I HAD to put Baby Got Back. C’mon! How could I not? :).

Tomorrow you’ll get ‘Smack That’ (more hip hop) and maybe a third if I get enough suggestions. Please keep sending them in! (if you don’t see yours on this page, it might be coming up tomorrow!)

Hear the playlist & watch the workout below…

See below for a ‘Transform Your Booty’ workout that you can do with this playlist. Challenge? Add walking lunges, and/or pendulum swings to the circuit.

Read More

Will be sharing the playlist later, with a FREE booty/cardio workout! Make sure to send in your favorite anthems so I can include them! Looking for the BEST BOOTY ANTHEMS OUT THERE!

Ready, set, go!

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