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Thinking about things differently…

Let’s say you have a client who desperately wants to be lean but seems unable/unwilling to do everything possible to get to their goal.

A popular way to deal with this: blame the client. Point out their lack of willpower. Get frustrated with them. Remind them that they can do it, but that they’re getting in their own way. Provide them with mantras to motivate them. Etc.

This works for some people.

An alternative approach, however, could be slowly starting to get to the bottom of their leanness goals. It could be reminding them that there’s more to life than body fat percentage. It could be focusing more heavily on fitness goals and less on aesthetics. It could be asking them to look at the life they WANT to live rather than the life they HAVE to live to look a certain way. It could be focusing on self-esteem boosting and confidence building in the body they’re in. And more.

Weight loss obsession and distorted body ideals absolutely affect clients negatively. Sometimes the solution to “helping” them is less about getting them closer to aesthetic perfection and more about moving towards bad-assery and acceptance. Working what they got.

Weigh in! Trainers and clients: anything you can recommend that has worked for you to promote body peace and fitness over aesthetics?

I create monsters, lol. 

58 years young. Couldn’t do a flight of stairs last year. And now, she’s clearly out to dominate the world, one burpee at a time.

She’s a hoot…. and dangerous, lol. Watch out! There’s a new bad ass on the loose! :) #shirleysinbeastmode


Train This Clown (Run This Town Official Parody)

If you love fitness and music videos this is a must see! 

The New Personal Trainers Anthem !!

I agree! FULL OF WIN. :)

Can something be a little TOO true? Lol.

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