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4 Squat Flip via Nike Women

Cardio & BOOTY work! Add some hot plyometric action to your squats for a heart rate boost & a lower body blast.

Tip: sink down deep into a squat and ”pop” up using your hips as much as possible. Only go as fast as you can with proper form (speed comes as you master the move over time).

Too easy? Add medium dumbbells or a medicine ball for added resistance.

Goal: try working up to one minute of these (start with 30-45 seconds) and repeat it 3 times during ANY workout.

Shawn Johnson Pile Squat Stretch

Listen to your body on this one: we’re NOT all gymnasts. Only go as far as you can.

Try to do this move, holding each pose for 30 seconds. Repeat 3-5 times.

Video: Shawn Johnson’s Cat Stretch: Upper back, core, triceps & chest

The 15 minute follow along workout can be used as a warm up OR a cooldown. Always start warm & listen to your body. It’s in the bonus workout section of your App.

Note: there’s a little bit of sync trouble with the audio for 1-2 of the moves (they’re ‘off’ time wise per side), so try it once through and make adjustments the next time around.

Stretch Out Sundays! Flexibility Anywhere.

Straight Leg Lunge To Bicep Curl

This is a fab exercise to challenge ALL the muscles in your legs, with bonus bicep & core work. Start with a weight that’s challenging, but that allows you to perform 8-10 reps. No need for speed on this one: keep it controlled!

Make sure to keep your weight in the front heel of the lunging foot, and tighten your core for balance as you lift and curl. Beginners can take out the lift, or tap down anytime for balance.

Throw it in to your workout today! 8-10 reps per side repeated three times.

While you’re ‘resting’, do another exercise, some cardio or anything else to keep your body moving!.

Nike Training Club with Leryn Franco: Hop Scotch to Arm Curl

This is a wicked move if you have a box (or step) at home. You’ll boost your heart rate AND target your legs & biceps.

Don’t have a box? Instead of hopping up, simply jump in like you’re performing a jack. Sink deep into the squat, keep your core tight, and stay in control of the movement.

How To Add It Into Your Workout

Aim for 3 to 5 one minute ‘sets’. Perform one set of this move every 5-10 minutes during your scheduled workout, then rest & keep going. It works best in a circuit with other moves that target your glutes, arms & core, or during your steady state cardio.

If you have the Nike Training App, this move is part of the Leryn Franco Record Breaker Workout, which you can download free.

Kill it!

Single Leg Side Full Extention

This is a TOUGH move to master, and requires balance to maintain. You’ll work your inner/outer thighs, glutes, core and shoulders. While you’re working up to it, feel free to tap your foot down briefly & start with a lighter weight: this moves hard.

Add 3 minutes of this move into your workout today (30 seconds per side, three times). Once you master it, add more weight to make it more challenging.

Have the Nike Training App? Do Laura Enever’s Fierce Workout today (part of the bonus workouts).

Single Leg Hop Ups

This is a FIERCE heart rate booster and lower body blast. You’ll target your glutes, calves and quads. The further you step back and the deeper the move, the more booty work you’ll get. Stay in an athletic position and keep your core tight throughout the movement.

Beginners: Omit the hop, and just bring the knee up instead.

Intermediate/Advanced: Add dumbbells to make this harder.

Challenge: 4 minutes of hop-ups in your workout today! Split it up interval style, and complete one set every 5-15 minutes or so.

Beginners: 30 seconds per side, repeated 4 times.

Intermediate: 60 seconds per side, repeated 2 times.

Advanced: Same as intermediate, but add dumbbells.

Get the Nike Training App here.

Decline Pushup to Side Crunch (via Nike Training Club with Leryn Franco)

Today’s Challenge!

Three 60 second intervals in your workout today, at your own pace. Spread them out any which way you like (every 5 minutes, every 10 minutes, every 15 minutes etc). You’ll need a timer.

Beginners: Take the step out and try just the pushup & knees crunches. Come down to your knees for the pushup if you need to, then come to plank for the knee crunches.

Intermediate: Try it with the step, and if it’s too difficult, come off the step to finish your set.

Advanced: Keep the movement controlled and sink deep into the pushup. Keep your core tight and don’t drop your hips. Add speed once you have it down and write down your reps for each set for your target next time.

Psychos: The higher the bench, the harder the move! You can also try doubling up the pushups and side crunches (2 pushups, 4 crunches & repeat).

Kill it!

Today’s Challenge: V-Hold With Kicks (via Nike Women).

This is an intense core move that will also challenge your quads, hip flexors, and strengthen your lower back. Keep your arms by your side for balance, and try to keep your back flat (straight) and still as you kick up & out.

Note: you can modify the kicks by reducing the range of motion and keeping your knees bent. You can also make the exercise more challenging by adding weights to your ankles or using both feet at the same time.

Today’s Challenge: 2 minutes per side, broken up any way you like! You can start by throwing it into today’s routine in 4 one minute intervals. (or throw it in any way you like. The longer per side, the more challenging the exercise.

Basic set: 1 minute (30 seconds per side)

If you’re planning a…

20 minute workout - Do a set every 4 minutes.

30 minute workout - Do a set every 6 minutes.

40 minute workout - Do a set every 9 minutes.

45 minute workout - Do a set every 10 minutes.

60 minute workout - Do a set every 14 minutes.

Kill it!

Forearm Plank Balances - Jeanette Jenkins for Nike Women

This is a TOUGH exercise for those of you who’ve already mastered plank! Throw in a few sets of this move to your ab workouts, and build up strength overtime (took me awhile before I felt like I ‘had’ this. Practice makes perfect!). Beginners/Intermediate exercisers can start by raising just an arm then just a leg, instead of doing both simultaneously.

It’ll work your core, shoulders and glutes while challenging your balance and mind.


Leryn Franco: Box Ski Jumps

It’s February 1st, which means a new Nike Training Workout is available on your Apps! This month, it’s javelin thrower Leryn Franco’s Record Breaker Workout: a 15 minute routine to gain speed, lean legs and all over toning. 

This move is from her workout: if you don’t have a box, any sturdy elevated surface will do (I used to rope my yoga blocks together but you can also use a chair - go slower the higher your surface - or a bosu ball).

I’m posting a Nike Training inspired Booty Blast workout for those of you who don’t have the App in a few! To get the App FREE, visit Itunes!

Balance Dog With Kickback

This move will challenge your core and isolate your triceps.

This move will be part of the Girls With Guns workout coming later today! Lift heavy, aim for 30 seconds per side (or about 10-12 reps). Find a weight that’s challenging for you!


Have you tried the HARDCORE CORE 30 minute circuit yet?

Nike Women: Walkout Pushup To Swivel

This is one of my FAVORITE moves from Nike Training, but you don’t need the app to throw it into your workout! I’ve used this in my bootcamps, and even beginners can handle it!


Beginners: if you’re still working up to a full pushup, feel free to come to your knees and then back up for the swivel (or omit either). Remember to keep your core tight for the whole move, and legs as straight as you can. Don't walk your hands too far in front of you: too much stress on the shoulders will make this harder than it needs to be.

Advanced: Add a second pushup after the swivel if you can, or make them Spiderman Pushups (draw your knee to your elbow as you do the pushup - very challenging). Keep your hips straight, and hands just under your shoulders.

This move targets your core, back and shoulders. Don’t focus on speed at first, work up to it slowly! Try adding three 60-120 second intervals to your next sweat session, and see how many you can do! :)

This Protein Power Salad was unlocked as part of the Super Salads Bonus Reward on the Nike Training App. I’ve pumped up the recipe for 2 servings instead of one, and I preferred sunflower seeds to almonds on mine. I also used lemon juice for a quick splash of zing.

This salad’s the perfect post workout snack, and is only about 350 calories per serving. It’s LOADED with protein, and super easy to make with leftovers from the night before (tip: when doing chicken for dinner, always set aside a little extra for the next day).

Sustitute turkey or tuna as your protein if you’d like, and add lemon juice like I did for a tasty boost!

Protein Power Salad (serves 2)

  • 2 skinless, boneless chicken breasts sliced
  • 1 cup low fat plain yogurt, or greek yogurt
  • 2 tsp dried tarragon

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Pike Butt Pushups via Nike Women

These are TOUGH, but totally worth it. If you’re still building strength, take the pushup out, do it with both feet on the ground, or come to your knees for the pushup part.

Give them a try! If you can do a full pushup and have mastered plank, these are the next level! Switch sides every few reps.

Add these to the Nike Training Club - NEW Patrick Goudeau Circuit (A La Kix) for a total body workout!

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