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I unlocked the Super Salad reward from Nike Training Club a little while ago, and had yet to try any of the recipes. So I thought I’d give this one a go today and I’m really happy I did.

It’s asian inspired and deliciously fresh. We don’t tend to think ‘salads’ in the winter, but this one tastes and reminds me of summertime.

Note: the recipe below is from unlocking the ‘Super Salad’ reward from Nike Training Club (2500 minutes), but I’ve made modifications to the original recipe. See the end of the post for why!

Energy Fusion Salad


Time: Less than 10 minutes.



  • 1 Lime for juice & zest
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tbsp soy sauce


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Hot NEW workouts are available on the NTC App (including 25 new Get Lean, Get Toned, Get Strong & Get Focused workouts, new rewards to unlock and 3 new bonus workouts).

It’s a big update, but I’m really liking some of the new stuff! Did the Jodie Williams Fast Track Workout, and LOVED it! Here’s a sneak preview.

(Psst - those of you without an iPhone: There’s no release date yet for the NTC App for Android, but I”ll keep you posted with developments!)

Warning: This is a CRAZY workout!

You’ll get a SICK calorie burn with this circuit from Patrick Goudeau! I adore the moves in this workout: they work multiple muscle groups at the same time to boost your burn & shoot your heart rate WAY up. It’s challenging, but IT IS DO-ABLE (don’t worry if you can’t get all the moves down perfectly). It’s intense, so it doesn’t need to be long. Set aside 25-30 minutes to kill this BIG time.

IMPORTANT: this isn’t yet available on the NTC AppI’ve created my own circuit based on Patrick’s latest moves that you can do with an Interval Timeranywhere (and you don’t need the Nike Training App to do it). It kicked my ass, but you have to push yourself. :) I did 4 rounds and it took me about 36 minutes or so, including my warm up and stretch.

How to do it:

  • Watch the video above for all the moves in this circuit, or use the list at the end of this post.
  • Warm up for 5 minutes (those of you who have the App, you can do a warm up from any of the Get Toned Or Get Strong workouts, then pause). For everyone else, a minute of each of the following: jump rope, walking lunges, run in place, straight leg kicks & side to side shuffles, then rest one minute.
  • Set your Interval Timer for 7, one minute rounds. You’ll do 6 one minute intervals of each of the moves, then one minute rest.
  • Repeat the 7 minute circuit 2-4 times for a SERIOUS total body workout. 
  • Cooldown (walk around for 1-2 minutes) then stretch.

* If you prefer to do it without a timer, aim for the recommendations in the video demos, and move quickly from one exercise to another. Total time after the warmup should be about 20-30 minutes)

Total Time: 25-40 minutes

You’ll need

  • A set of medium to light dumbbells (or as heavy as you need to. You do not need weights if you don’t have them - simply pretend you have them, and keep good form. Soupcans aren’t the sexiest tools, but if that’s all you got… ).
  • A mat 
  • Bottle of water
  • Great playlist (see below)
  • An interval timer or stop watch.

BEGINNERS! I’ve added some ideas for modifications you can use if you need them! Read below!

Here’s MY playlist, but feel free to use your own!

NTC App - Patrick Goudeau by Yona Cuna on Grooveshark

Watch all the moves in the video above (do them each a few times half-assed before you start to make sure you have them down), set your timer and get ready to move!

    Patrick Goudeau Meets Chichi Kix - Nike Training Club Circuit

    * Do 60 seconds of each move, then rest one minute. Repeat 2-4 times!

    1. Belly Ups

    Modification options: Step back instead of jumping back, add a modified pushup instead, or remove the pushup all together.

    2. Straight Leg Lunge to Bicep Curl

    Modification options: Tap your foot on the ground anytime you need help with your balance, and keep one foot on the floor if you can’t lift the knee.

    3. Rollbacks

    Modification options: Use your momentum to help you up, and feel free to use your hands/feet to get up more slowly (still intense!). You can stand & catch your balance, before you add the jump, or take it out if you need to catch your breath.

    4. Crab Curl to Press

    Modification options: Placing your upper back & shoulders on a couch can help keep them steady. You can also do a hip lift (bridge) instead, take the dumbbells out, and just do the chest press instead of the bicep curl. Make the move work for you.

    5. Side to Side Shuffles with a Side Lunge

    Modification options: Don’t go as deep or as fast, and reach down as far as you can go if you can’t touch the ground.

    6. Lunge Press to Flyback

    Modification options: Step back instead of the jump back, and go as slow as you need to. No need for dumbbells if you’re having a tough time: this one’s hard for a full minute!

    7. Rest. Don’t stop moving, get some water, and get ready to do it all again!

    KILL IT!

    Nike Training Club Peeps - Brand spankin’ new Sofia Boutella Fearless workout is available today.

    Just did it: it’s an intense 15 minute ab-circuit that will work your dancing legs as well (quads & hamstrings - point those toes!). Make sure you’re nice and warm when you give it a try and STRETCH those abs after!

    Goes well with the Cardio Burst 15 minute focused workout & Arm Definer if you want a longer workout!

    Move of The Day: Forward and Backwards Bounds

    This is heart pumpin’ cardio & killer for your legs. Start by working your way up to 30-60 seconds per side.

    This exercise is featured on the new Allyson Felix Unstoppable Workout on The Nike Training App! It’s new, so make sure you’ve downloaded it.

    Have you tried Allyson’s workout yet? What did you think?

    Forearm Plank Balances

    CRAZY CORE CHALLENGE! Try this today or this weekend! (even a few reps into your workout will do! You know, if you’re crazy enough. :)

    Keep trying new things and don’t get discouraged if it’s hard. Hard = results. Mix up your routine so you have a few hard, a few medium and a few easy: the hard stuff helps your body AND the easy stuff keeps you motivated. No need to jump in the deep end at once, but at least put a toe in!

    Great move from Jeanette Jenkins!

    Anyone else excited for the Laura Enevers Fierce Workout from The Nike Training App? It comes out tomorrow!!

    It’s no secret that I love my Nike Training App (hell, I think I mention it here at least once a day). It’s hard for me to find things that keep me challenged, which is why the App is so awesome for me. It’s also user friendly enough that I’d recommend it to pretty much everyone I know.

    I’ve created this circuit based on exercises you can find on the App (this is great for those of you who can’t get the App). You won’t find this combo on the App itself, so for those of you who ALREADY have it, give this a try!

    When I say Crazy Bitch… I mean Crazy Bitch.

    You’ll need

    • An interval timer. Get one online free, or use a stop watch. Keep it somewhere EASY to see.
    • A mat/towel
    • Dumbbells or DIY weights (you can also just use body weight & go as fast as you can).
    • A jump rope IF you have one (do it without one too)

    Set your interval timer for the following interval sequence. We’re going to repeat each sequence 2 times (A, B, C done twice each). The last minute in the sequence? REST. 

    • 1 minute,
    • 1 minute,
    • 30 seconds,
    • 1 minute,
    • 1 minute,
    • 30 seconds,
    • 1 minute. REST

    YOU DON’T NEED WEIGHTS! Start with body weight & work up to it.

    Kill it!

    You can do each circuit once or twice. This workout should take you 25 - 40 minutes.

    5 minute warmup - 1 minute each

    • Jump Rope
    • High Knees
    • Jacks
    • Jump Rope
    • Rest

      Circuit A

      1. Forward Lunge With Arm Curl
      2. Burpee To Shoulder Press
      3. Jump Rope (no video)
      4. Sumo Squat With Lateral Raise
      5. Walk Outs
      6. Jump Rope (no video)

      Circuit B (all video)

      1. Froggers 
      2. Single Leg Deadlift
      3. Tuck Jumps
      4. Cobra Plank
      5. Wood Chops
      6. Sprints on the spot

      Circuit C

      1. Around The World Lunge
      2. Walk Out Pushup To Swivel
      3. Squat Jumps
      4. Plank Row To Rotation
      5. Crazy Ivans (30 seconds PER side!)
      6. Dips

      As you know, I’m an avid dancing enthusiast. While I prefer shows like So You Think You Can Dance & America’s Best Dance Crew, I think promoting dance anywhere is an awesome way to bring more and more people to the floor. More people dancing, means more dance partners. It’s not just about promoting fitness… I’m all selfish on this one. :)

      I’m SO excited about this season! For more reasons than one!

      Soccer star Hope Solo, will be joining 11 other contestants on this year’s season. Hadn’t heard of her really, until she shuffled her way onto my iPhone. I’ve been using the Nike Training App on and off for the last month or two, and Hope’s workout was just released. It’s sick! Lots of soccer drills & challenges that can whip anyone’s butt. In terms of dancing, she’s got quick feet (agility), a conditioned core (strength) and flexibility. That, and she’s not bad to look at either. Hoping HOPE does well! :) Go bad ass girls!

      Dancing With The Stars: Ballroom Buns & Abs Review

      The other BIG news, is that this year’s show has it’s first transgender contestant in Chaz Bono! Yay! Progressive, exciting, and fingers crossed he can dance. Wonder who his partner will be (kinda hoping for Chelsea Hightower. I can see it).

      Here are the other celebs rounding out the list (and how I feel about them).

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      Not going to lie. I want these REALLY badly.

      So badly, my jaw hurts from the excitement. So badly, that my heart’s racing fast. So badly, that it’s a little embarrasing how badly I want new sports bras. Ohhhh, I think this must be how Carrie Bradshaw felt about Manolo Blahniks… for fitties.

      Visit the site & let me know: which one do you WAAAANT??  

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