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What’s your JAM these days?

DMX sings Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

Sorry. I had to, lol. The “WHAT!” at the end is hysterical!


Smash Mouth: Walking On The Sun

Dude drove by blasting this from his car as I got my workout on in the park today! It’s so sunny and gorgeous right now: finally feels like summer is coming!

Little throw back to summer’s past! Can you believe this was the summer anthem 15 YEARS AGO?!!!. #feelingold :)

Why do you workout?

People work out for different reasons & having a goal is important (whether or not you’re losing weight, trying to get fit, or mastering a technique). But goals aside, there’s ONE common denominator of successful fitness freaks: they mix up their workouts! Different workouts are like different kinds of menu options. You might LOVE one thing on the menu, but if you have it everyday, you’ll get sick of it fast. You may also be limiting yourself by not exploring new favorites. 

Trying something new & incorporating different kinds of training is key to sticking with the program longterm both mentally & physically. Our bodies & minds crave new challenges & new ways to train. When we’re stuck on ONE kind of workout, we may be limiting ourselves to a WORLD of possibilities.

I’m very eclectic when it comes to my workouts (like workout A.D.D.). I certainly have my favorites, but I try new things constantly and go through ‘phases’. When my workout ‘lust’ has dwindled for a certain type of workout, I switch things up sooner rather than later. A week of my workouts might include a little Turbo Kick, NTC training, Insanity or P90X, TRX, sports drills, running, yoga, dance, Crossfit WOD’S, Body Rock, Pilates, strength training etc. Sometimes I plan it, sometimes I work it out on the fly. But the common denominator is that I shake things up and stay open to trying new things. It keeps me from getting bored, keeps my body challenged and helps me find new favorites.

And it makes me feel BAD ASS. I’ve got lots of tools in my toolbox, and even when I suck at something (ugh, Zumba), I know I’m still getting a good workout.

This week: Try something NEW! A class, a DVD (the library has tons), or even a change of scenery. If you workout from home, try heading to the gym or to the park this week. If you’re a gym rat, head outside or take a class in a new location. If you work out solo, ask a friend to join you! If you’re all about the weights, try some body weight work. No yoga in your repertoire? Namaste it OUT. Try changing 1-2 things in your routine for a quick motivation (and results) boost. :)

Monday Motivation Playlist

Need new tunes? This is what I’m using today! (lots of Madonna. Her new album MDNA is workout FIRE).

Yona Cuna’s Playlist 10 by Yona Cuna on Grooveshark

Step By Step - Whitney Houston

There are tons to choose from (almost impossible), but I thought keeping things positive and forward moving was appropriate. This is one of my favorites.

R.I.P Whitney.


It’s Monday! New week, clean slate and motivation time!

I love this playlist, and used it for some Booty Murder this weekend. It’s over 30 minutes long, but sometimes a girl just needs a few extra tunes to dance to. :)


Pick ANY of the following workout challenges and get ‘er done TODAY! Set aside 30 minutes to get sweaty and feel BAD ASS. (Short on time? Cut the challenges in half, or only do 1 circuit. 10-15 minutes of sweat is better than nothing, and you’ll feel better afterwards, I promise).

The Dirty Dozen

Total body toning, with cardio. This time challenge lets you go your own pace, and try to complete as many rounds as possible. 12 exercises, 12 reps each. 30 minutes.

Power Pyramid

Cardio from head to toe! This one’s a sweaty challenge that will improve your power, strength and get your heart rate WAY up. About 24 minutes, plus warm-up.

Booty Murder

My glutes are still sore! Do this with or without weights. You’ll need a mat, a chair, and some serious game. Calorie torching booty WORK.

Nike Training Club At Home - NEW Patrick Goudeau Circuit (A La Kix)

You don’t need the Nike Training App for this workout. Watch Patrick Goudeau explain the moves in this seriously tough workout. Go your own pace, but push yourself! You’ll need an interval timer, and hot music is a must!

Body Rock TV - Booty Challenge! - 10-15 minutes

All you need is a chair and a KILLER attitude. This workout takes focus and is great to add to your workout (or add to Booty Murder for a CRAZY glute day). All you need is a chair. Psychos: you can add weight.

Total Body Murder - 600 Rep Challenge (can you handle it?)

This one’s tough, but do-able! Go your own pace, and see if you can beat your own time.

700 rep Tag Team workout!

For those of you who like having a workout buddy! This Tag Team workout lets you go your own pace, highlight your strengths, and motivate each other to finish the 700 rep goal. Find a friend at a similar fitness level (or make adjustments if you need to - no shame, we’re all working hard with this one!)

‘Unravel The Tension’ 20 Min. Yoga Sequence & Sunday Yoga Detox 

Need a recovery day? Try either of these full length 20 minute Yoga sequences to stretch out & get your week started right.

Music Mondays- 30 minutes by Yona Cuna on Grooveshark

On the Floor Take Three

Lindsey Sterling is a violinist/dancer/performer/YouTube hit, who mixes popular songs with violin, her own dance moves and much, MUCH more.

Can’t imagine how hard it must be to play violin AND dance! And I’ve been clicking through all her videos, and her energy is contagious.

Thought you might like this! (her music’s available on iTunes)

Khaliyl - 2 year old rapper, with SERIOUS flow. 

It doesn’t matter if you understand what he’s saying. The kid’s got this.

Unbelievably cute. Warning: you might want to watch it over and over again. :)

Lyrics Update

0:04 - i can do whatever

0:08 - i can do it in my head

0:25 - what you do i can do better

1:01 - i can do wat i do

At the gym… :)

At the gym… :)

(via yferchblaidddrwg)

Marry The Night (Zedd Remix) by Lady Gaga on Grooveshark

I get made fun of for my ‘happy’ MP3 player a lot, but I don’t care. It’s wicked.:)

I never have to worry about getting in a good workout when I have awesome music. You’ll find no ballads, slow songs or anything lower than 130 BPM on it and that’s fine with me. Faster paced music helps me keep my workout intense, and studies show that this is the case for most people. Finding a BPM (beats per minute) that works for your workout can make the difference calorie wise.

Cadence Run is an App that allows you to determine the BPMs of songs already on your Ipod or Iphone. And once they’re calculated, you can use the app to sort your library–and find songs that match your current pace. I still have my ‘happy’ MP3 player, but now I don’t need to use it nearly as much (I’m lazy about making playlists, can you tell?)

This App is great if you’re someone like me who needs music to amp up your workouts! Check it out!

Psst… My favorite workout music podcast find is MotionTraxx - it’s free!

Check it out here:

Hump Day Theme Song Anyone?

'I'm Sexy And I Know It' by LMFAO

 - “I work out”

You often hear me say the words ‘Kill It’. I always mean it, but I mean it EXTRA hard this time.


'Killing It': Pushing yourself 1-2 reps more than you thought you could. Taking tiny breaks instead of big ones when you need it. Getting back on track ASAP & staying focused. Feeling the burn… Got it?

This workout can be done within 16-25 minutes, but will be longer if you dawdle so KILL it! It’s shorter for beginners, but if you’re advanced you can opt to KILL it for the beginner time, OR opt to go for a longer workout. It’s all in the intensity.

If you’re a beginner and you’d rather kill it for a little while longer on some of the exercises, go right ahead! You can adjust this workout, using the times for guidelines. I also added reps in, in case you wanna ‘screw’ the times all together. Do the cardio parts for ‘time’ or for as long as you can, and 12-20 reps of the strength/lower body exercises instead.

Because everyone’s pace is different, you might not complete the whole circuit within the time-frame of the playlist, or they might run longer. Chill… just put the playlist on repeat and you’ll be fine either way. You might want to anyways. :)

How To Do It…

1. Download the MP3’s FREE or stream them below. (Under ‘Buy Now’ you can type 0$ to get them free, but it would be sick/awesome if you wanna donate a little something to the band. They’d be giddy either way). If you choose ‘free’, maybe a Facebook like, or a tweet to say thanks either way! Tell them I sent you, they love me!

2. Warm up for 5 minutes & stretch if you need to.

3. Press Play.

4. Complete the 3 circuits twice, taking the right amount of time to rest for your level. Do circuit 1 twice, then circuit 2 twice etc…

5. Cool down and stretch it out with a little ‘Dome Money’. Restart the playlist if you haven’t finished up before it’s over (playlist runs roughly 20 minutes)

Read More

MUSIC MOTIVATION: Cause this Hump Day needs a mother- f*cking, POSITIVE theme song. Don’t you think?

If today were a cartoon, this would be the opening credits.

Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride, nobody’s gonna slow me down… Oh, no. I gotta keep on movin’!

Thanks Vanessa!!

Just keep moving is my personal mantra. Every single day. On repeat.

It’s what I tell myself when my workouts are too hard. It’s what I tell myself when I want to give up. It’s what I tell myself when life gets shitty and I’m a crying heap on the floor.

Believe it or not, this was a tough year (couple of years) for my body & head, so I often relied on music to cheer me up (and get me moving). When I wasn’t moving, and too still, I felt like I would fall apart. Not everyone understands that, but perhaps for you it was something else, like making music or writing. Squats were my release.

There are still days when working out is my therapy, my painkiller, my escape… And I’m grateful that I have somewhere positive, lovely and amazing to channel everything I needed to deal with (and still deal with on a daily basis).

Not all my personal anthems are amazing. Some are outright cheesy. But they don’t have to be good, musically substantial or even top 40. If I like it, connect with it, and it gets me moving? It makes my anthem list.

So here’s a playlist filled with songs that got me moving, get me moving and make me smile. 29 anthems to move to. Not everything would have made your list, and there are hundreds of anthems I love that didn’t make this list. You’ll probably hear them in playlists to come.

So listen, love it, hate it BUT MOVE. Please. :)

Make your own playlists to share with

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