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Believe me, I’m not ‘anti’-barefoot running (or anti-Vibrams for that matter). I have plenty of friends who swear by them and wouldn’t go back to normal running shoes. But I do know they are NOT for me: not everyone can or should force themselves to run barefoot.

The primary reason? We’ve spent our whole lives in shoes. Muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and bones have been accustomed to moving with support. Removing that support isn”t as simple as retraining your body: not everyone will be able to and you can cause significant damage along the way. It’s true that some people adapt to barefoot running easier than others. But those that can’t adjust may be putting themselves in harms way.

A good rule of thumb for sorting through polarizing fitness controversy is to consider a middle ground. Some people are staunch advocates for barefoot running (and/or Vibrams). Others are flat out against it. Middle ground: it”s between you and YOUR body. Minimalist runners should consider the possibility that it’s not the best choice for everyone. Running shoe advocates should consider the possibility that some people may be better off adopting a minimalist training style. YOU shouldn’t feel pressured either way: listen to your body and make choices based on what’s best for YOUR makeup. 

Read more about the study and its findings.

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