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Okay… so last night wasn’t the best of night’s for this fitness instructor, lol.

I started with good intentions, and was prepared for some good old fashioned fun. Loaded up on water bottles and healthy snacks. Was going to allow myself 2-3 drinks only. I even set my alarm so I could call it a night early and get my beauty sleep. 

But not everything goes as planned.

The 2-3 I had should have counted as 6-8. Wowza. They call it PUNCH for a reason. My water bottle came in handy until I lost it somewhere. My healthy snacks got gobbled up by unprepared friends, and once the candy bowl caught my eye I was a goner. Didn’t overdo it too much, but ate way more than I had prepped for. Forgot what a powerful combination booze, friends, dancing and sweets make.

So this morning, I woke up covered in sparkles and feather boas, at an hour that horrified me. I’m a morning person, so to miss a whole morning is… well… the worst feeling ever. I feel okay physically, but lazy, lazy, lazy. To give you an idea… It’s well in to the afternoon and I’m still wearing my Halloween costume. :)

My inner critic is SCREAMING at me for admitting to any of this, but it’s important for me to let you guys know that I’m a real person. I like to go out. I drink in moderation. I make mistakes. I get hungover. It doesn’t happen as much as it did when I was in college (thank god, lol), but it still happens. It’s important for me to show you guys how I get back on track, as opposed to perpetuating perfection. Perfect isn’t a word that comes close to describing me. I’m so happy to be void of that pressure.

So…. here’s MY ‘BACK ON TRACK’ CURE: Eating incredibly well today & LOADING up on the H2O. I was smart enough to drink plenty of water last night, so no headache, but I hit the multivitamins and veggies first thing. And to really help get me going, I’ll be doing a little Yoga detox before I hit the gym with a client. I’ll be hitting the hay early tonight as well.

If you’re in the same hangover boat, I invite you to join me! This yoga workout is good for the body and will help you press ‘reset’, guaranteed. 

Weekend Workout: Sunday Yoga Detox

The best thing you can do when you fall down, is to get back up. I don’t feel like working out today, but I’m going to. I wanted bacon and bagels for breakfast, but those aren’t the best things for the bod today. My body is screaming for caffeine, but it’ll do better with water. I’ve got to be the ‘tough love’ parent with my body today, and do what’s best for it… cause I didn’t last night. I had my turn. Time for my body to get some of its needs addressed.

Hop back on track with me! Click the link above for the full workout with Lululemon and let me know how AMAZING you feel after.


Bod On Booze… Drink By Drink.

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