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Fire Donkeys: Booty Murder

These are BRUTAL: Part firehydrant, part donkey kick. Make them easier by reducing your range of motion.

Tips: Protect your back by engaging your core & try to focus on limiting movement everywhere except for the lifting leg.

This move can be done with one elbow on the floor (as pictured) or with both arms straight. Work to keep your hips neutral throughout.

How To Do It

A. Position yourself on all fours. Stay there with both arms straight or drop to one elbow. Straighten your other arm, and make sure that your hand and elbow are in line with your shoulders.

B. Lift one leg up and out to the side (like a dog peeing on a firehydrant). Return to center, keeping the knee lifted.

C. Keeping your knee bent at 90 degrees, and foot flexed - not pointed - drive your heel up towards the sky. Imagine pushing the heel towards the ceiling, and lift only to hip level. Contract your core and avoid moving your back up and down as you lift up.

D. Return to starting position. That’s one rep. Repeat on the same side.

Work up to 10-20 per side!

Advanced: add a dumbbell behind your knee or use leg weights to make this more challenging (5-25lbs).

This exercise is part of the ‘Like A Boss’ Booty! 16 Minute Lower Body Sculpt.

Hey! Hey YOU! Did you get sweaty this weekend?

It’s not too late!

These are some of my favorite circuits to do on the weekend (or anytime). They’re quick & dirty, and are total body, calorie scorchers.

Details, modifications & instructions for each of the workouts found at the links below!

30 Minute Weekend Workout Circuits

The Dominatrix

Weekend Workout: Crazy Eights 30 Minute Time Challenge!

“Unleash The BEAST” 1000 Rep Weekend Workout Challenge

Hardcore Core (30 Minute Cardio & Core Circuit)

Booty Murder

Dirty Dozen

Dirty Dozen (Part Deux)

Power Pyramid

Bonus! Quickie workouts to add on.

Whip Your Balls Out! Weekend Workout Challenge

Booty Challenge via Body Rock TV

Girls With Guns - 20 Minute Circuit

Sexy Sweat in 400 Reps via Body Rock TV

This is an oldie but a goodie! It’s all about reaching your personal bests. By the end you will have completed 400 reps.

Beginners, you can choose the modifications found here.

There are 4 rounds of 5 exercises that you will go through back to back. You can take as much rest as you need to in between each exercise, but remember you can not pause the stop watch when you are taking a break!

More workout details here.

1. One Leg Jump Up

Read More

It’s Monday! New week, clean slate and motivation time!

I love this playlist, and used it for some Booty Murder this weekend. It’s over 30 minutes long, but sometimes a girl just needs a few extra tunes to dance to. :)


Pick ANY of the following workout challenges and get ‘er done TODAY! Set aside 30 minutes to get sweaty and feel BAD ASS. (Short on time? Cut the challenges in half, or only do 1 circuit. 10-15 minutes of sweat is better than nothing, and you’ll feel better afterwards, I promise).

The Dirty Dozen

Total body toning, with cardio. This time challenge lets you go your own pace, and try to complete as many rounds as possible. 12 exercises, 12 reps each. 30 minutes.

Power Pyramid

Cardio from head to toe! This one’s a sweaty challenge that will improve your power, strength and get your heart rate WAY up. About 24 minutes, plus warm-up.

Booty Murder

My glutes are still sore! Do this with or without weights. You’ll need a mat, a chair, and some serious game. Calorie torching booty WORK.

Nike Training Club At Home - NEW Patrick Goudeau Circuit (A La Kix)

You don’t need the Nike Training App for this workout. Watch Patrick Goudeau explain the moves in this seriously tough workout. Go your own pace, but push yourself! You’ll need an interval timer, and hot music is a must!

Body Rock TV - Booty Challenge! - 10-15 minutes

All you need is a chair and a KILLER attitude. This workout takes focus and is great to add to your workout (or add to Booty Murder for a CRAZY glute day). All you need is a chair. Psychos: you can add weight.

Total Body Murder - 600 Rep Challenge (can you handle it?)

This one’s tough, but do-able! Go your own pace, and see if you can beat your own time.

700 rep Tag Team workout!

For those of you who like having a workout buddy! This Tag Team workout lets you go your own pace, highlight your strengths, and motivate each other to finish the 700 rep goal. Find a friend at a similar fitness level (or make adjustments if you need to - no shame, we’re all working hard with this one!)

‘Unravel The Tension’ 20 Min. Yoga Sequence & Sunday Yoga Detox 

Need a recovery day? Try either of these full length 20 minute Yoga sequences to stretch out & get your week started right.

Music Mondays- 30 minutes by Yona Cuna on Grooveshark

Pike Butt Pushups via Nike Women

These are TOUGH, but totally worth it. If you’re still building strength, take the pushup out, do it with both feet on the ground, or come to your knees for the pushup part.

Give them a try! If you can do a full pushup and have mastered plank, these are the next level! Switch sides every few reps.

Add these to the Nike Training Club - NEW Patrick Goudeau Circuit (A La Kix) for a total body workout!

Ab Assault Workout via Strong Like Susan

1. Crunch & Punch

2. Oblique Blast

3. Twisted Scorpions

4. Crab Kick Ups

12-15 reps of each. Repeat 3 times!

You’ll need dumbbells (optional), a stability ball, and a good atittude! If you don’t have equipment, do the moves without.

All workouts are best done WARM. If you can’t squeeze this in after a workout, try it after a hot shower instead!

Weekend Workout: The Dirty Dozen!

Time: 30 Minutes

Warm Up: Run in place, squat, jumping jacks, dance ANYTHING. Move for 5 minutes before you start. Cool down with a march in place before stretching.

You’ll need: A mat, a timer, a wicked playlist and a KILLER attitude!

Goal: Complete as many rounds of these exercises as possible in 30 minutes.

12 exercises, 12 reps each. No breaks scheduled in between, but take them if you need it (Push!)

Beginners: Aim for 3 rounds

Intermediate: Aim for 4-5 rounds

Advanced: Aim for 6+ rounds.

Remember, modify the moves to your level! It’s YOUR workout: no need to jump if you’ve got bad knees! This is for time, and the goal is to keep your heart rate up by engaging your muscles and moving as quick as YOU can. Feel free to use modifications if you’re slowing down!

Basic Tips/Modifications

Squat jumps: Sit down and BACK in a squat. Keep the weight in the heels of your feet (you should be able to wiggle your toes). Explode up, reaching your hands to the sky and jumping off the feet. Land softly, back in the squat and repeat. Modification: You can squat, stand, THEN jump, and squat down again. This can help if you’ve got knee problems. You can also eliminate the jump all together. 

Air Jacks: Like a regular jumping jack, except you lift your legs out to the side and off the floor (think like a firework or an X). The jump can be quick, but sink down to get more power before each jack. Modification: regular jumping jacks.

Pushups: In plank position, lower and push yourself off the ground. Since we’re going for speed, ANYONE can feel free to use the modification from your knees (advanced peeps: 6 rounds of 12 modified pushups is intense too!)

Lie Down, Stand Ups: Exactly as it says. Lie down with your hands and feet outreached in one line (like someone is pulling on your feet and hands in opposite directions). Bring your knees and hands in, and rock up (or use your hands) to a squat position, then stand. Reverse the movement by LOWERING yourself down first, and using your hands to get back to the ground. Contract your abs and protect your back during this movement. Modify by going slower.

Plank Jacks: In plank position, hop your feet out and in like a jumping jack. Keep your hands DIRECTLY under your shoulders. Modification: Step your feet out one at a time, then back in. Beginners, you can be on your knees for this one, and step your hands out instead.

Lunges: Lunge forward, alternating legs. Weight should be in the heel of your lunging foot, and push off that foot to return to standing. Knees should stay over the top of the toes, and not past. Think about lowering your torso to the ground, instead of propelling it forward.

Reverse Lunges: Same as the lunge, but step backwards instead of forwards. Catch yourself, and keep the weight in the front heel. Alternate with each lunge.

Cobra To Plank: Get on your belly! Extend your hands and feet out (like someone’s pulling on them) and lift your chest and legs off the ground (like superman flying). Hold for 1-2 seconds, then return to plank position. Repeat.

In & Out V-Sit crunches: On your tush (use a pillow if you need to), draw your knees into your chest. Hands can be off the floor, or by your sides and behind you for balance). You should look like a V from the side, so keep your abs tight and back should be at about a 45 degree angle from the floor. Draw the knees in and push them out. Keep your back flat, think ‘good posture’, and keep your core contracted. Modification: Basic crunches are fine here.

Split Squat Jumps: From a squat position, step one foot out behind you just a few feet. Keep most of the weight in the front foot, and watch those knees! Sink low into your front heel, and ‘wind’ your arms up by bringing them behind you. Explode off the front foot, jumping in the air and bringing your arms up to the ceiling. Switch legs in mid-air, and land softly on the other side. Repeat. Modification: Do a mini-lunge forward and then jump up, or eliminate the jumps and do another set of lunges instead.

Squat Kicks: Squat down low, and as you raise up lift your leg and kick forward. Use the ball of your foot (the part right under your toes) to push OUT during the kick, and remember they don’t have to be high. Repeat changing sides.

Tricep Dips: Off a bench, chair or couch, position yourself so that your bum is OFF the seat, but scrapes it as you lift and lower. Hands behind you for support, weight in the palms and facing forward. Lower your body down to the ground until your arms are parrallel to the floor and form a 90 degree angle. Raise up quickly. Repeat.



It’s no secret that I love my Nike Training App (hell, I think I mention it here at least once a day). It’s hard for me to find things that keep me challenged, which is why the App is so awesome for me. It’s also user friendly enough that I’d recommend it to pretty much everyone I know.

I’ve created this circuit based on exercises you can find on the App (this is great for those of you who can’t get the App). You won’t find this combo on the App itself, so for those of you who ALREADY have it, give this a try!

When I say Crazy Bitch… I mean Crazy Bitch.

You’ll need

  • An interval timer. Get one online free, or use a stop watch. Keep it somewhere EASY to see.
  • A mat/towel
  • Dumbbells or DIY weights (you can also just use body weight & go as fast as you can).
  • A jump rope IF you have one (do it without one too)

Set your interval timer for the following interval sequence. We’re going to repeat each sequence 2 times (A, B, C done twice each). The last minute in the sequence? REST. 

  • 1 minute,
  • 1 minute,
  • 30 seconds,
  • 1 minute,
  • 1 minute,
  • 30 seconds,
  • 1 minute. REST

YOU DON’T NEED WEIGHTS! Start with body weight & work up to it.

Kill it!

You can do each circuit once or twice. This workout should take you 25 - 40 minutes.

5 minute warmup - 1 minute each

  • Jump Rope
  • High Knees
  • Jacks
  • Jump Rope
  • Rest

    Circuit A

    1. Forward Lunge With Arm Curl
    2. Burpee To Shoulder Press
    3. Jump Rope (no video)
    4. Sumo Squat With Lateral Raise
    5. Walk Outs
    6. Jump Rope (no video)

    Circuit B (all video)

    1. Froggers 
    2. Single Leg Deadlift
    3. Tuck Jumps
    4. Cobra Plank
    5. Wood Chops
    6. Sprints on the spot

    Circuit C

    1. Around The World Lunge
    2. Walk Out Pushup To Swivel
    3. Squat Jumps
    4. Plank Row To Rotation
    5. Crazy Ivans (30 seconds PER side!)
    6. Dips

    Weekend Workout!

    Equipment: A mat! With or without dumbbells (squats, lunges & giant jumps). I’d prefer you move quickly, so go for medium to light, or use none at all. (or try kettlebells!)

    Max reps: Going til you can’t go any more. Literally, lol. Keep good form!

    How to do it

    Beginners: 30 seconds of each exercise. BACK TO BACK #1-10

    Intermediate: 60 seconds of each exercise or MAX reps. BACK TO BACK #1-10

    Advanced: 90 seconds of each exercise or MAX reps. BACK TO BACK #1-10

    Do all exercises back to back (no resting), then take a 1-2 minute break. Repeat 2-3 times for a sick, intense, heart pumping workout!

    Go deep in the movements, give it your all! Kill this, okay?

    Fresh music from Adam Papa to get you moving! Follow Papa on Soundcloud & Facebook. & download the Soundcloud App to stream it right to your phone.

    Sultan presents Adam Papa ConnectedLive Guest mix September 2011 by Adam Papa

    Toning. Posture. Sculpting - At your desk.

    If you’re following along on Facebook, you’ll get reminders to do these exercises every hour. They’re easy (and good tips from the girls).

    Try some of these moves tonight or tomorrow when you’re at the office/school!

    Didn’t have time yesterday? Give this routine a try!

    Worst case scenario: take a WALK! I’ll be walking today to support Ovarian Cancer research, and I’d love for you to join me whereever you are! 20 minutes, outside, faster than you’d normally go!

    Get on out ladies!

    Win A Personal Training Session With Me & Donate To A GREAT Cause.

    I like this one!

    Great for back to school, and not too complicated I promise. Give this one a try either before or after your cardio (or complete it in a circuit, as quick as possible, and repeat a few times).

    You’ll need…

    • A stability ball
    • A mat
    • A bottle of water

    Print the workout.

    Don’t forget to grab a friend to do this workout with you. :)

    Carey Potts Bootcamp is still going on! Free workouts for YOU.

    Head on over. Sign up is free. (warning, they are INTENSE! Love it.)

    This preview is ball-licious.

    Great lower body BLAST from Women’s Health Magazine!

    How to Do It

    Three days a week, do two or three sets of this routine, resting for 60 seconds between each exercise. Shorten your break time (or get rid of it completely!) to increase the challenge even more.

    See the breakdown, video & bonus workouts from Women’s Health, after the jump!

    Read More

    Did you know that Alyssa Milano had her own workout tape? Yes tape, as in VEE-AYCH-ESS. (VHS). I think I got it at a garage sale a few years back, and can’t find it for the life of me! Thank goodness for youtube!

    Back in the day when workouts had backstories. I can’t recommend this as a workout, but I CAN recommend it as hilarious.

    See the 20 minute video here.

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