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Ellen Brought To Her Feet, Saying Thanks To The President

Ellen gave President Barack Obama a standing ovation on her show today for his powerful words of support for marriage equality. The statement is the first definitive support from the White House and the first open support of gay marriage from ANY president in history. While he maintains that individual states should maintain control over the issue, his statement is a powerful push in the right direction.

In other words, a VERY big deal. Especially in an election year. Unprecedented. Wow.

Ellen Degeneres Reads from Fifty Shades of Grey

This is AMAZEBALLS, lol.

If you haven’t heard about Fifty Shades, chances are you’ve been living under a rock somewhere. It seems EVERYONE’s talking about the surprise hit erotic novel lately (I caved and ordered it. It’s loads of DIRTY fun). But the LAST person I think ANYONE would expect to discuss the naughty tale was Ms. Ellen Degeneres.

This is TOO funny! Wouldn’t it be awesome to get Betty White to do the same? You KNOW Betty would be down!

Book: Fifty Shades of Grey: Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy

Via The Ellen DeGeneres Show

"This is why I like to be in the front row at yoga."

Via The Ellen DeGeneres Show

"This is why I like to be in the front row at yoga."

Support the ‘It Gets Better' project and learn more here.

Support the ‘It Gets Better' project and learn more here.

(via scottymccalled)

Ellen & Meredith Drink In The Daytime (and discuss their cleansing habits).

In the clip above, Ellen discusses the Master Cleanse (that gross lemon juice, cayenne pepper thing) and how it’s ‘healthy’. Just to clarify, I agree with Meredith’s sentiments on the Cleanse. “Why?”

21 days of denying your body significant nutrients is NOT healthy and not the best way to “cleanse” your body (cleanse has become a bit of a buzzword for starving & pooping). People who lose weight on the ‘cleanse’ lose water, poop & muscle mass: the weight WILL come back and your metabolism will be lowered. It’s the perfect storm for weight gain. And that’s in addition to depriving your body for almost 3 weeks.

I love Ellen (she’s great!), but the ‘cleanse’ is just NOT “healthy”. It’s a fad I do not support, recommend or endorse. In addition to the stress it puts on your body, it’s flat out gross. Eat clean, move more, drink more water. Please, don’t try ‘the cleanse’.

Drinking a box of wine in the daytime, I’ll leave up to you. :)


I LOVE this story.

I’m an organ donor, have been for years. Today, I encourage you ALL to sign your organ donation cards, get more information, talk to your family members about it, and give someone a second chance at life. 

It’s scary to think about organ donation: it forces us to confront our own mortality. I don’t want you to think of it that way: organ donation doesn’t kill people. It saves lives. I’m hoping to live a very, very long time, but after I’m gone, I can only hope that my body can live on in others and better their quality of life.

One organ donor can save up to 8 lives.


First Bieber, now Ellen.

Twenty-year-old Hélène Campbell from Ottawa sure knows how to grab the attention of celebrities in her bid to raise awareness for organ and blood donation.

Campbell desperately needs a new set of lungs after developing idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis over the summer. The lung disorder has damaged Campbell’s lungs so badly in just a few months, her lung capacity is down to 21 per cent. She’s moved to Toronto with her mother while she awaits a transplant.

Read More

JCPenney Spokeswoman Ellen DeGeneres Responds To Anti-Gay Group

Since the announcement that Ellen would be a new spokesperson for JCPenney, there’s been an outpouring of support. There have also been a handful of critics. Ellen addressed them head-on in her monologue.

Obama Vs. Degeneres - Pushup Competition

Ellen has been working out, so when Michelle Obama and her famous arms were on the show, Ellen couldn’t help but challenge the First Lady to a friendly push-up competition.


Ellen Degeneres Takes On Michelle Obama In A Pushup Competition

Who do you think did more? 

(via The Ellen Degeneres Show)

Vince Vaughn And His Mom Workout With Ellen

His mom could be his sister!

We love momma’s boys!

Nicki Minaj Sings ‘Super Bass’ with Sophia Grace

 This might make you smile for the rest of the DAY!

Thanks to Blogilates for sharing!

And I don’t blame her one bit.

If she was an overweight star being bullied for being too big, women everywhere would be livid.

Once again, a reminder: STOP commenting on other people’s bodies. Fight the right battles.

LeAnn brought up some good points in her interview with Ellen, including the fact that calling someone ‘anorexic’ takes away from the real disease, that’s killing millions of girls. It’s also irresponsible, and makes bullying behaviors towards regular people (not celebs) more acceptable, instead of not.

I know it’s difficult for some to feel sympathy for someone who’s “thin”, since we tend to relate more to the bullying of the overweight. But bullying is bullying, and it’s never okay. And if you’ve been following along here, I don’t think commenting on ANYONE’S body is okay or acceptable.

Also: those that may in fact be anorexic can be traumatized by those comments. So while it might seem fun to post comments about someone’s body, those who suffer from the real disease may end up worse off, triggered, or scarred by comments about a body that they already hate. Aside from that, it’s not helpful to anyone and reinforces the idea that looks matter. If they shouldn’t, then we shouldn’t comment.

So, while you might not care for LeAnn’s music, her acting, or her choices, back off the body, ok? I’m not her biggest fan, but even I don’t think the body hate that’s come her way has been nice, fair or just.

Body Peace - Stop telling women what they should look like!

Kaley Cuoco and Ellen have some Shake weight fun!

Lol, it’s true! There really is no way to use it and NOT have it be dirty!

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