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A very special message, brought to you by Movember…

It gets fuller.:)

"Growing a mustache isn’t easy, nothing incredibly awesome is. But this Movember let’s finish what we started".

Hilarious vid from Nick Offerman!

When Margaret W. Smith - mother, wife, soldier, and marathoner - had a double mastectomy at age 29 as a preemptive strike against cancer, she chose not to reconstruct. She says it was the smartest decision she ever made.

"Still, there are times when I’m shopping for dresses and I think, Things would be so much easier if I had gotten small implants. But those moments are rare, and I don’t regret my decision. Taking action against the gene for the sake of my health has been the most empowering thing I’ve ever done. I’m a better mom, wife and person now. These days I’ve been working with FORCE [Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered;], a "previvor" group for those affected by hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, and I share my story with women who are facing double mastectomies and deciding whether or not to reconstruct.

Last year, through the organization, I also had the opportunity to appear topless as a body double in the Lifetime movie Five, about breast cancer. I’m glad I did it, because I want women to see the real thing. I want them to know: Womanhood isn’t defined by your breasts.”

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Beastie Boys Founding Member Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch, Dead at 47

Adam Yauch, better known to music fans as MCA of the legendary hip hop triumvirate Beastie Boys, passed away today at the age of 47 following a hard-fought bout with cancer.

Russell Simmons’ Global Grind confirmed the tragic news this afternoon.

So sad. Love & light to his family and friends.

Would you think twice about eating there now?

It’s not all about calories and weight loss: healthy eating is about keeping you cancer free, heart disease free, diabetes free and optimizing your chances of living a healthy, long life. Not every state requires a label (this one is from California), but the same foods are available EVERYWHERE.

Be smart. Be prepared. Learn about the foods you’re consuming.


I have to say, I’ve got a ton of Tumblr’s that I love. But this one tops the list.

Not only is cancer is near and dear to my heart (and body), but it’s a process that is so unique and not one that’s easy to understand until you live through it.

Boo Cancer, You Suck gives people a peek inside the life of someone living and dealing with cancer, with a human twist we rarely see. And shows that it’s not all doctor’s appointments, tests, heartbreak and tears. There’s a lot of love and a lot of life too. I love the positive spin on every post, and the bravery at which she faces each challenge. It ain’t easy to maintain such positivity, and I commend her for pursuing the positive in her own life AND for sharing it with others.

There really isn’t enough positivity in this world. And those who spend their time focusing, spreading and living it make me proud and inspire me to continue to do the same.

I rarely do shoutouts, but I’ve been on her page on and off all day today. Smiles, tears and a hell of a lot of fist pumps for this brave girly.

Love it. Love her. Please follow if you’re not already! Tumblr: boocanceryousuck

Laughter is the best medicine!

In support of Mo-vember.

(Note: in light of a new trend of taking these kinds of posts uber seriously, I issue a disclaimer that this is NOT my own personal call to “action”. It’s a funny video in support of a good cause. To find out more about Movember (and how to donate) click here.)

Mcgill University Dances For Cancer Research…

To highlight some of the critical work being done at the Goodman Cancer Research Centre, we gathered some of our top scientists, students, lab techs and dedicated volunteers, who turned on the music - and danced!

Love it & so well done!

#19 - Small boobs & breast cancer

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25 Breast Cancer Myths Busted

If you’re not familiar with Canadian politics, you may not know his name. But the news has left many Canadians in tears this morning.

Party lines aside, it was hard not to love Jack.

He was inspiring, funny, vibrant, passionate & loved, loved, LOVED our country. Many tears shed this morning. Flags have been lowered. Thoughts & prayers to his family.

Details here:

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