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Photographer Dina Goldstein’s series “Fallen Princesses“ has actually been around since 2009 but I had never posted the photographs as a complete set before. The project looks at Disney fairy tale princesses and their harshly realistic modern day lifestyles. Seems not everybody lives happily ever after. This project has won several awards, been published internationally in magazines, analyzed by experts in the field of Fairytale literature and studied in High schools and Universities.

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Awesome Ideas: Bracelet keys

The “clip” is actually a key that you can have made for any door, locker, office etc. Not a bad idea for runners who don’t want the jingle jangle!

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This video will make you laugh, inspire you, and make you want a fun pass at Caine’s arcade.

Ah-mazing!Laughing, crying, truly touched by this little boy with a BIG imagination.

On repeat. Wow. :)

Caine, I want a fun pass!


Caine Monroy is a 9-year old boy who spent his summer vacation building an elaborate DIY cardboard arcade in his dad’s used auto parts store.

He’s about to have the best day of his life.

Caine dreamed of the day he would have lots of customers visit his arcade, and he spent months preparing everything, perfecting the game design, making displays for the prizes, designing elaborate security systems, and hand labeling paper-lunch-gift-bags. However, his dad’s autoparts store (located in an industrial part of East LA) gets almost zero foot traffic, so Caine’s chances of getting a customer were very small, and the few walk in customers that came through were always in too much of a hurry to get their auto part to play Caine’s Arcade. But Caine never gave up.

Psst- Caine’s got a college fund growing online, and after watching this you may be inclined to donate. Visit the site here for more pics & deets.

Make ‘em say YUMMM!

Bon Rappetite is the world’s first hip-hop inspired restaurant, and their menu is hilarious! These guys WIN on creativity (granted, not the healthiest of fare, but far from the worst).

Self-proclaimed home of the ‘Ballin Gourmet’, the names of their dishes are tooo good. This week’s special is ‘Pone Thugs N Harmony’, and other items include…

  • ‘Wu Tang Clams’
  • 'Da Brat Wurst'
  • 'Roastface Killah'
  • 'Ludacrispy Chicken Salad'
  • 'Salt N Pepa Talapia'
  • 'Queen Lapizza'
  • 'Ol Dirty Custard'
  • 'Snoop Doggy Corndogs'

All of which you can wash down with a Long Island ‘Iced T. :)

With a little creativity of your own, I’m sure you can re-create SOME of these dishes at home with your own healthy spin (I KNOW, I’m gonna try my own Master P soup). Check out their hip-hop gourmet selection here!

Genius. :)

More Health and Fitness News & Tips at Greatist.

The Complete Guide to Interval Training

Targeting Maximum Fat Loss Through High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a popular form of exercise that combines two of the most effective fat-burning methods.

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This. Looks. Awesome!

This workout’s motto: “Get ripped while drumming like a rock star!”

If you like doing new things, have a great sense of rhythm or like taking on new challenges, this class is for YOU.

Pound - Rockout. Workout. is a class like nothing I’ve ever seen. It takes the principles of drumming, along with some heavier than normal drumming sticks, and mixes it in with a little dancing and HELLA core work. The result is a fun, challenging, BAD ASS workout, that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Pound - Rockout. Workout.™ is a rockin’ group class based on our revolutionary new method of working out. Its the hippest, most fun, most accelerated way to tone-up while burning fat and burning stress. Get down with POUND™ at your local gym, and if theres not a class there yet, there will be soon!

POUND™ was inspired by the fact that we all have to do core work, but it never gets any more enjoyable. Its always a chore. If we want to look and feel outstanding, we have to do it. Thats why we invented POUND™: to finally make toning more than but just tolerable, but actually enjoyable!

Check out a preview of a class below and visit their site to see how you can bring the class to you (instructors, maybe this is something you’d like to teach?)

POUND - Rockout. Workout.™ from Alexander Rydell on Vimeo.

Tried hard to share this on Tumblr, but can’t get the platforms to play nice with each other. Bah…

Click here to see a pretty wicked display of human strength, agility, balance and talent, all wrapped in a Whitney Houston blanket.

I don’t know who originally posted this, haven’t been able to find it online. If you know, please send me the link so I can source it, k?

Enjoy! Be sure to ‘like’ my page while you’re there if you haven’t already!!/photo.php?v=170942472978803&set=vb.100001891531469&type=1&theater

Update: Found the video! Thanks @jcness

3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage… all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food ….into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films = a trip of a lifetime.

move, eat, learn.

Love this!

Street Gymnastics…

Watch. It gets better and better and better. Very similar to Parkour in style… but with more flips and gymnastic-y stuffs.

I like you, yellow hoodie man. I like you a lot.

Think outside the box! You aren’t limited to the field, to the gym or to your classes. Once you’ve got the basics down, take your show on the road.:)


Check out the moves on this gramps, and maybe keep him in mind next time you need some motivation!

(I wonder if there’s some kind of fitness Viagra that I don’t know about. Shrug. :)

Pixel Art by Stephen Osborne, A.K.A. The Commodore

Hey YOU! You’re gonna LOVE this!

So you’ve been drowning my inbox with suggestions to update my playlists. Thank you! Literally, you guys are ROCKING my ears & causing massive Chichi Kix booty shaking debauchery. KEEP IT UP! Love it!

NOW… I want to pay it back & give y’all a BIG treat!

You know how sometimes you fall in love with an artist BEFORE everyone else does? You tell all your friends about them, you become obsessed, then one day the rest of the world suddenly jumps on board, and you’re like ‘duh’, of COURSE these guys are amazing! That feeling, that kick ass amazing feeling that you were there first… well this is your opportunity.

I’m seriously, SERIOUSLY in love with these guys, and their music has become a staple for my workouts. Think video game hip hop, with a little funk & bangin’ old school beats. They’re awesome, unique & really, really nice guys. Oh, and their live show? Dance madness.

And…… Commodore 84 was just added to the NXNE fest in Toronto this June! I cannot recommend them enough! GO TO THIS SHOW IF YOU CAN! For info or tickets, click here.

To celebrate, the Commodore 84 debut EP is available for a limited time in a PAY WHAT YOU CAN way. You can download it for free if you’re on a tight budget, but a small donation would be absolutely kick ass of you. Support the arts financially if you can, but if you can’t afford it, DOWNLOAD the album… then tell all your friends about it. Blast their music at your parties. Buy their T-shirts. Go to their shows. Trust me, you’ll WANT to. Download now!

Be sure to ‘like’ them on Facebook & follow them on MySpace. Then DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!

Fat Ass Rap Anthem (by Commodore 84)

Get Your Ass To The Gym!

These boys are friends of mine, and this is my jam anthem of the year! (I have a lot of friends in bands, and they are the only one’s I have on my Ipod. Nough said?). It’s a little 80’s, a little video-game-y & funky. I love. 

In case you were wondering, The Commodore (Stephen Osborne) is also a pixel/etch-a-sketch artist and this video is a gif he made pixel by pixel. You can see more Commo-Pixel art on their Myspace page. (Psst: Pixel Art is friggin crazy. Learn about it here)

Give it a listen, buy their EP ($5 only & worth it), friend them, share them, and GET YOUR ASS TO THE GYM. You can buy the WHOLE EP for $5 here, and sample it for free:

This song is HELLA motiation if you need it! (weirdly subliminal. Hard NOT to want to work out after a listen).

Get Your Ass To The Gym!

Commodore 84 Webs…

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, MySpace

I’m a dance FANATIC. 

I LOVED watching the LXD on So You Think You Can Dance a few years back. They are INSANE. When I dance in the dark at home, THIS is exactly how I imagine it.

From visionary writer/director Jon M. Chu, the LXD is made up of dancers from all disciplines who fuse their styles to create new and exciting art.

If you haven’t seen them yet, this vid may turn you into a mega-fan. Just saying…

Get yourself moving. Love yourself no matter HOW you move. 

- Chichi Kix

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