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(Though, isn’t that all year?)


(Though, isn’t that all year?)

Rainbow LED Showlaces

Cute! (the red one looks pink too). I want these for my evening runs this spring! They supposedly last about 70 hours or so and can be turned on and off.

Love it. More colors here. :)

Nike ‘Roshe Run Woven Premium’ Sneaker

Annnnnd the wish list keeps getting longer. And longer. And longer.

I want these so hard I can taste them, lol.  

This is hilarious, lol.

To be honest, I rarely see women with those tiny dumbbells anymore but I have a sneaking suspicion they’re still getting used (they’re always restocking at my local fitness store). Many women still use them because it’s easier, they’re scared of lifting heavier or because that’s all they have at hand.

When you have access to heavier equipment, you’ll use it. It’s one thing to want to lift heavier. It’s another to make it happen.

Ladies of the at-home fitness crowd, I urge you: go for it! If the thought of a LOT heavier scares you, just a little heavier is fine. For now. :)

I won’t preach about how heavy or what you should or shouldn’t aim for (and wholeheartedly concede that MANY DVD programs call for lighter weights/endurance work - they do serve a purpose). But I will say that if your weights are under 8lbs AND you’ve been using the same ones for over 3 months (or years. Yup, it happens), it’s time to spend the money and invest in something HEAVIER.

It’s a stepping stone. A gateway “drug”.

My progression…

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Hot Yogi’s rejoice! Lululemon introduces the Towel Mat.

One side towel. One side mat.


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Yoga Shower Curtains

LOVE these!

(I think it goes without saying, but don’t do your practice in the shower, lol. Falling over isn’t fun, and we like your head the way it is, don’t we? :)

Tree Pose Yoga Cookie Cutters  

Fast approaching “cookie” season (though some of us have started early. No judgies!). If you’re a yoga instructor, theme cookies may be a sweet way to reward your students. Check out the cutters here.

Need a recipe? Paleo friendly (no sugar added) gingerbread recipe via Fast Paleo.

Yoga Paws: Cute Mini-Mats For Your Hands & Feet

Win them in this week’s giveaway!

Yoga Paws: Cute Mini-Mats For Your Hands & Feet

Win them in this week’s giveaway!


Magic Floating Mug by Tigere Chiriga

The handle is designed to hold the cup up off the ground and appear to be levitating. Chiriga was inspired by hanging fruit baskets. It’s currently being funded on Kickstarter, which is the only way you can buy one for the time being. Support it here.

(via lickystickypickyshe)

Tip: Sometimes it’s not YOU that stinks. It’s your clothes!

Bacteria builds over time, especially in our workout clothes. Even if they smell fresh out of the dryer, the smell can be triggered by heat & sweat.

If you notice a smell during or after your workout, it may be the clothes and NOT you. Try taking a shower beforehand: most people won’t be smelly post workout if they’ve showered fairly recently. If you still stink, it might be the clothes. Likewise, if you only smell that ‘smell’ wearing certain shirts, bras or pants, it might be time to replace them all together.

It’s not always possible to eliminate odors, so be prepared to toss your items if need be. You can prevent smelly situations by washing your clothing as soon as possible post workout (even if you do a quick rinse in the sink and hang to dry). The longer they stay wet, the more bacteria grows. :)

Tips to get the smell OUT via Livestrong.

Beginner Tools: Adjustable Dumbbell Sets

Adjustable sets are totally bad ass for beginners and intermediate exercisers alike. You can start with the light plates, and add on as you go. The set above is a great choice for most beginner women: 5- 20lbs per dumbbell. It comes with a case, stores easily and is totally affordable at only about $40 a set.

When it comes to dumbbells, you don’t need to go fancy: this is a simple set with one big perk: adjustable sets allow you to avoid buying several different sets over time.  It’s also easier to boost your difficult as you see fit, whenever you’re ready. 

No home gym is complete without weights! If you don’t already have them, GET THEM! Said with love, of course. :)

Cap 40lb Dumbbell Set

CHEAP TIP: Craigslist and other sites are awesome for finding old workout equipment for very cheap. Check often, avoid fabrics (bugs) unless new and sealed (think mats), and always disinfect before using it to get sweaty. 

Speaking of boobs and fitness, I asked the AMAZING people on my fan page to suggest sports bras for large breasted women and they came out in FORCE! Loads of suggestions and links in the comments if you’re looking for a bra for your assets! Everything from D-cups to F’s: they got you covered. 

Best fans ever. Ask and ye shall receive! Click here for their recommendations (should be public to see, even if you’re not on Facebook!)

Feel free to add on if your favorite isn’t listed. People helping people!

When it comes to fitness gear and apparel, finding the right sports bra is kinda like finding the holy grail. Once you find the ‘perfect’ fit, you never want to let it go! 

But if you’re like most women, you probably haven’t found the ‘perfect’ sports bra. And while it’s not necessary to spend a ton of moola, making sure the one you have fits is KEY to avoiding pain, discomfort and injury. Even if you’re an A-cup like me. 

Wanted to address a few boobie fitness concerns as the questions keep piling up in my Ask!

Here are some of the BIGGEST fit-boobie quetions I get. 

Q: Why do my boobs ache after my workout? Even if I’m wearing a decent bra?

In most cases, that decent bra might not be as good as you think, or it may be worn out. Fabric stretches over time and eventually all sports bras need to be replaced. Sadly, not all bras are designed for all kinds of movement. And with a surge of women ramping up their workout intensity, there’s a need for better support in general. 

The number one cause of breast pain in fitness is poor support. 

We’ve recently learned that during exercise, our breasts move not only up and down, but also side to side and forward and backward. Many sports bras, especially older models, don’t account for the forward and backward motion. Combine that with our tendency to wear the wrong fit for OUR breasts, and it’s a recipe for poor support and pain. 

This latter motion (backward and forward) simply isn’t factored in by most sports bras, especially those with low support (no underwire and no extra fabric cups). D-cup breasts in a low-support bra can move a total of 3-5 inches up and down AND in & out during a sweat session. 

That’s quite a workout! 

If you’re bigger than a B-cup, choose a high support sports bra that has a cup for each breast. This style is way better at keeping the girls comfortably contained while you work out. Take your time and try on different styles for comfort. Most importantly, before you leave the store TEST them out by jumping up and down, and bending forwards and back. They should be well supported in all planes of motion (imagine burpees: they should support you in plank AND as you jump up at the end). 

How to Wear a Support Bra - Things You Didn’t Know

Q: Do I need to wear a sports bra if i’m a B-cup?

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Look what came in! Wasn’t expecting it until next week! I love her. Love, love, love her.

Sometimes purchases (online ones) are disappointing. They end up looking nothing like the pics, are poor quality, and don’t live up to expectations. Happy to say that is NOT the case here. This exceeded my expectations: much more solid than it looks and very well made. Glad I spent the extra money (not a phrase I use often with fitness gear bought online). Ultimate Sandbag Training Systems: Pink Power Package

Sandbag time! Hitting up BodyRock Tv for my workout today. Join me if you like! Real time video below. :)

This is HARD y’all, and you can use dumbbells (one per hand) or just your bodyweight if you like. Message me if you need modifications for your level, but a very basic routine would be 10 reps of each of the following, repeated 3 times.

A. Squat Jacks
B. Burpees
C. Tuck Jumps
D. Modified side burpee with modified pushup (hop or step out to the side instead of behind you, like a side plank but with both hands on the ground. Do a small pushup pulse or a pushup from the knees, then return to standing).


D.I.Y Workout Gear: iPod armband made from tube socks.

Genius! And dead simple!

See how to make it here:

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