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It’s HAPPENING! Win one of two sessions with me by making even a small donation to my walk before tomorrow! Every bit helps! PLUS, I want to get to know ya!

Montreal winners will get a training in person. Everyone else will be eligible for one hour of personal training via Skype. (maybe longer, we might get all chatty).

Please reblog! Let’s turn up the volume on Ovarian Cancer!


Win A Personal Training Session With Me & Donate To A GREAT Cause.

Who said beach babery was just for summer?

This routine will tone you from head to toe, no equipment necessary! Follow along with the girls in this video (tip: if you know the moves, mute them and follow along with your own playlist or use one of mine!!)

Kill it!

Tired of working out on your own? Win A Personal Training Session With Me & Donate To A GREAT Cause. FAST! Time’s running out!

TUMBLR! I need your help! Please re-blog!

I’m participating in the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope as a part of Nancy’s Dream THIS SUNDAY & would love your support!

As an incentive, I’m donating 2 x ONE HOUR PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS AS PRIZES for everyone who donates/sponsors my cause (solo or as a group if you prefer! It’s your hour!). Any amount will make you eligible! $5, $10 etc.

Make a donation online before Sunday, September 11th, 2011 and you could win one session with me! (In person, if in Montreal or surrounding areas. Via Skype if located elsewhere).

Get sweaty with me!

As a bonus, BONUS incentive, I’ll also have secondary prize packs, including workout DVD’s & gear from my favorite trainers.


1. DONATE online to my page (team Nancy’s Dream or search CHICHI KIX as a walker):

2. Want to give more? Collect money in person ($5 times 5 people is $25!). Have one person donate full amount online.

3. Ask your parents, friends, co-workers, family members etc. to donate online on your behalf & raise funds later (it’s last minute, I know!).

4. All donations are tax deductible.

Nancy McGee Leisk was my aunt, and she helped bring the walk to Montreal. She passed away after a long battle with the disease. I walk for her, her family and my mother who was her caregiver. The Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope is a day where thousands of Canadians unite nationally for one common goal - to overcome ovarian cancer!

Time to get loud! Whether it is your mother, sister, wife, aunt or grandmother, we want to find an early detection test so that all women can be screened for ovarian cancer and we can increase the survival rates from this devastating disease.

Please inform yourself at Search Chichi Kix or Team Nancy’s Dream!

Thank you for your generous support!

Please SHARE this page with friends & family!

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Reblog this too! It’s a great cause, close to my heart & my family.

LOVE you guys from the bottom of my heart. Make me proud! The sooner you donate, the better!

xoxo Hope to see you soon!

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