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Unleash The Beast 3: Sweat Revenge! Intense 1000 Rep Total Body Challenge

This is a BRUTAL challenge! In case you missed it, click on the link above for details, modifications and tips (as well as alternative ways to do the workout if you’re short on time).

4 rounds is tough stuff! You down? These guys were and they killed it! 

Unleashed the Beast 3 this morning - whoaaa, I’m going to be sore, but good sore. I learned that lunge hop ups hurt, that I love mermaid side v-ups (who’d have thought) and that this is another workout of yours that rocks! High fives to you!!”

- Melinda S.

"This was SO hard. The lunge hop ups were deceptively difficult. It took me 40 minutes and I kept having to pep talk my way through it. I felt pretty accomplished when done tho!"

- Karen K.

"I did the modified beginner version (half reps) and after 4 rounds I was DRIPPING. Awesome workout - very tough, even for beginners like me, but I did it! Never thought I would ever be able to enter BEAST mode before! Can’t wait to try it again with full reps"

- Charlene M.

Did you ‘Beast’ it up yet? Let me know how it went!

The Phoenix IS AWESOME.

I’m sooo excited for this one! It’s a little different than the others & will be the BIGGEST rep challenge I’ve posted. It’s tough, but do-able for ALL levels, beginners & psychos alike. Decide to ‘rise up’ to meet the challenge and you WILL.

I wanted to make sure you guys have all the motivation you need for this one and a fierce Phoenix-worthy playlist to get you through it. Already have a few suggestions from Facebook (thanks Priya & Dawn), but need another 7-10 songs. Since y’all tend to be ‘hip’ with it (geez, I sound like my mother), I thought I’d ask for your awesome suggestions yet again!

Think fast, furious, funky, fun, FIRE. New is GOOD, but old favorites are sometimes too awesome for words. Step out of the box, all genres, all styles. I’m not picky! Will make more than one playlist if we get enough suggestions.

What do you want to hear on the ‘Phoenix’ playlist?

Hey! Hey YOU! Did you get sweaty this weekend?

It’s not too late!

These are some of my favorite circuits to do on the weekend (or anytime). They’re quick & dirty, and are total body, calorie scorchers.

Details, modifications & instructions for each of the workouts found at the links below!

30 Minute Weekend Workout Circuits

The Dominatrix

Weekend Workout: Crazy Eights 30 Minute Time Challenge!

“Unleash The BEAST” 1000 Rep Weekend Workout Challenge

Hardcore Core (30 Minute Cardio & Core Circuit)

Booty Murder

Dirty Dozen

Dirty Dozen (Part Deux)

Power Pyramid

Bonus! Quickie workouts to add on.

Whip Your Balls Out! Weekend Workout Challenge

Booty Challenge via Body Rock TV

Girls With Guns - 20 Minute Circuit

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