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You’ll get Ab Ripper X & The Fit Test for FREE, but will need to purchase the other workouts as you go.

If you like the Nike Training App, the format is similar. But the thought of dropping $4.99 PLUS having to purchase the other workouts… makes me think this is something for diehard fans specifically (note: I’d LOVE to get my P90X workouts on my iPhone and I love the format. Just don’t know that I’d be willing to spend $60 for workouts I ALREADY own JUST to have them on my iPhone…).

If you haven’t purchased P90X yet & you like the iPhone format this version, (even at $60), is a bargain. If you already own the DVD’s, but would prefer to have them on your phone, you might like having the App for travel purposes instead (or to take your routine to the gym).

Get the App here.

IDEA: Hey Beachbody… what about including the App with my P90X 2 purchase? Just a thought… I’ll love you either way!

Click above to watch Tony take Dr. Oz through a 10 minute routine! (follow along if you’re willing!)

1. Pushup To Side Arm Balance - 90 seconds

2. Drill - Quick Feet To ‘Set’ - 60 seconds

3. Fifer Scissors - 60 seconds

4. Plyo Lunges - 30 seconds

5. Two Dog Pushup - 60 seconds

6. Boxing Combo (Hook, Uppercut, Back Kick) - 120 seconds (switch 1/2 way through - 60 seconds each)

7. Windshield Wipers (he calls them abber holds? Or Abeno’s? Someone help me on this one, I can’t make it out, lol)- 60 seconds

8. Spiderman Squats - 60 seconds


Repeat 2-3 times for a kick ass workout! xo

(Tony Horton, trainer & creator of P90X)

I heard the term ‘flexitarian' a few years back, and to me it epitomized my  philosophy when it came to food and fitness. Finding extremes too EXTREME, I was sick of feeling pressure to be all or nothing when it came to eating, my fitness, or anything else for that matter. Yes, eating well & exercise are important. But so were my time, happiness and desires. I didn’t want a life being a slave to junk food, snickers bars & being unhappy with my body. But I didn’t want to feel guilty every time I ate something with sugar in it.

I had friends who were vegans & vegetarians who would turn up their nose every time I had a piece of cheese, or talked about bacon. I knew those who had started a war against diet coke (not that it’s good for you… I’ll tell you to avoid it too if you can, but ALSO not to feel guilty if you have one every now and then). I knew people who thought vegans were elitist, silly, beings who’s outlook on food was warped since humans are supposed to be omnivores. Studies will show you positives and negatives for literally every single diet out there, yet so many people think their way is the only way. It’s a little nuts (and super confusing for those just starting out!).

Look, no one’s perfect. And life is not a ‘one-size fits all’ thing. Being healthy & learning to be healthier is what it’s ALL about, but everyone will find their own way to get there. And healthy, includes your mental space as well. Change is stressful enough without feeling like you’re being judged by someone.

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P90X 2 - XCore2 Preview

Oh boy… I can already hear my obliques SCREAMING!

It’s gonna be my next challenge: it’s coming this fall. 90 days in body blasting bliss.

Someone, draw my ice bath.

"Kit, Shawna and me hanging with Savannah Guthrie on the Today Show today."

- Tony Horton

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