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V-Day Workout From Tone It Up

Follow along with this cute workout! It’s a great total body toner & you can do in about 15 minutes. If your plate’s full (metaphorically), set your alarm 20 minutes early (set it now: wait and you’re less likely to do it) and get this workout DONE first thing tomorrow!

Printable Routine:

For today’s workout, I thought we’d try to go one on one with Zuzana! Don’t be scared, you can tailor this to your own level.

Some of you have mentionned that it’s hard for you to do the interval workouts on your own or without a DVD. No excuses for this one! GET READY TO PUSH PLAY and follow along!

Watch the tutorial before you start: practiving some of the moves can certainly be part of your warm up. Each move will go for 50 seconds, then you’ll rest for 10 seconds. Push yourself: it’s a cardio/strength interval BLAST.

You don’t need ANY equipment: just a mat, a bottle of water and a good attitude. If you don’t want to follow along move for move, you will need an interval timer.

Printable workout & pics here:

Tip: Try to keep up, but take breaks when you need to! It’s intense but do-able! There’s a pause button for a reason.

BEGINNERS: REALLY watch the tutorial for modifications. It’s more important that you do this workout at YOUR OWN LEVEL: you’re already a rock star, you don’t need to compete. :)

Workout: 30 minutes, plus warm up.

Cool down: Try this Tone It Up Stretching routine to stretch and work on your flexibility after you’re done. :)



Get your sweat on! Kill it!

We tend to over-complicate things. It’s common, but life is far more LOVELY and easier when we don’t.

Some of you have told me that you feel guilty when you can only get a 20-30 minute workout in (which by the way is PLENTY of time). Doing something is ALWAYS better than doing nothing. And believe it or not, it’s more about intensity than time. So if you’re short on time, boost your intensity (heavier weights, go faster, get your heart rate WAY up) and do a guilt free shorter workout.

Stop thinking in terms of ‘all or nothing’ when it comes to fitness! That’s all in your head, not your body. Your body just likes to move.

Give this workout a try when you’re pressed for time! It’s a little tougher than some previous workouts, which is why it works (intensity!). This total body toner is ideal for beginners/intermediate. Advanced exercisers: Add heavier weights, or additional reps.

This workout should take about 15 minutes or so, but not much longer. If you’re REALLY worried about time, forget reps and make this a time challenge. Warm up first and stretch after!

Do each exercise in order (10-20 reps), and complete a set of plank jacks in between each exercise (description below).

  1. Squat To Bicep Curl
  2. Deadlifts
  3. Tummy Tuck to Glute Kick
  4. Skinny Dips

If you’re advanced, you should be doing 20 reps at full intensity! Boost your weights if you need to!

** Video tutorial at the end of this post!!

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Toning. Posture. Sculpting - At your desk.

If you’re following along on Facebook, you’ll get reminders to do these exercises every hour. They’re easy (and good tips from the girls).

Try some of these moves tonight or tomorrow when you’re at the office/school!

I like this one!

Great for back to school, and not too complicated I promise. Give this one a try either before or after your cardio (or complete it in a circuit, as quick as possible, and repeat a few times).

You’ll need…

  • A stability ball
  • A mat
  • A bottle of water

Print the workout.

Don’t forget to grab a friend to do this workout with you. :)

Love Tone it Up Tuesdays! Enjoy this quick workout!

You’ll need dumbbells, BUT I want you to try and go heavier if you can. If you feel like you could do an extra 5 reps on each side, it’s your body’s way of telling you to boost your weights!

Women should start with 5lb weights & increase the load by 2-3lbs when exercises get easier. Time to invest darling! You’ll thank me later. :)

Those crazy girls are at it again! Thanks Tone It Up!

You’ll need…

  • A pair of dumbbells, medium to heavy. (For most women, you should start around 5lbs. LADIES: If you’ve been rocking the 5lb weights for awhile, time to get new heavier ones!)
  • A mat or towel
  • A sexy smile. Just for you.

No video? Print the workout with Karena & Katrina here!

Repeat the moves 20 (or 30) times each, back to back. That’s one circuit. Do 2-3 circuits for a total body workout! 

Have fun! (if it gets hard, remember to swear if you can!)

Bikini Blast Workout

Are you getting bikini ready?

You’re doing your cardio and you’ve got your squats & planks down. How about those arms? Don’t neglect them! They get just as much bikini time as the rest of you. And contrary to what you may have heard, you won’t bulk up by putting in some arm work.

Not only will your arms look sleek & sexy, but you’ll be able to do some of your favorite exercises more efficiently (plank anyone? How often do your arms get tired before your abs are?)

Get envious, defined, gorgeous arms with these moves from the Tone It Up ladies! Visit their site at

You’ll need…

  • A mat
  • A resistance band (you can also use dumbbells)
  • A chair or bench

How to do it?

Do 8-15 reps of each exercise, rest & repeat 3 times.

Balls out ladies! (and gents)

You’ll need a stability ball for this Abs & Inner Thigh workout so if it’s deflated in your closet, it’s a good time to blow it up. Remember, you’re 5 times more likely to workout/use the equipment you own if it’s left out somewhere visible.


Do each move 10-20 times, moving from one exercise to the next. Repeat the circuit 3 times. (Twice if you’re in a pinch).

Total Time: 20-30 minutes.

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I’ve been following along with the Spring Into Bikini challenge at and did my first full workout yesterday. Finally coming back from my hip injury and FEELING AMAZING. There’s no better way to appreciate a squat than not being able to do one for weeks & weeks. :)

Sign up for the Spring Into Bikini Series, if you need a little motivation and a challenge. You get free workouts, tips, recipes PLUS a huge opportunity to win some serious swag!

I design my own workouts usually, so I’m not following the plan to the letter, but this gives me opportunities to push myself, try new challenges and add a few new moves to my cardio. You might like it. :)

(Psst: You can download a free playlist this week from the Tone It Up Girls on their website and ALL workouts are printable if you need to take them on the go.)

Chichi Kix Tone It Up Challenge

My workout yesterday was Turbo Kick, but I applied some Tone It Up style to it, by adding HIIT. Turbo Kick already has some higher intensity sections, but I added a few more of my own. In 50 minutes of kickboxing, I had 8 HIIT sections that left me out of breath and feeling the burn.

Monday’s Tone It Up Challenge was the Lean Legs Pyramid, which I did after my cardio. It was quick & not too difficult, so I added their Bikini Strap Workout afterwards. I’ll probably be super sore later on (soreness takes 24 hours to set in) but I felt like a total bad ass for getting through it.

So, what kind of Kixie Chick would I be unless I challenged you to the same? Time to take it up a notch!

Kixie Tone It Up Challenge

1. 30-45 minutes of ANY cardio with HIIT Intervals (High Intensity Interval Training).

2. Lean Legs Pyramid (see below)

& (if you can) BONUS

3. Tone it Up Bikini Strap Workout (aim for 2 sets, 3 if you still have energy!)

CARDIO: How to HIIT it.

HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training. This means that along with longer segments of moderate activity, you aim to have short segments where you’re working MUCH harder than normal, pushing yourself to just under your max. You work in intervals. Certain amount of time moderate, followed by a short amount of time high intensity and repeated throughout the workout.

You choose your interval segment times. Beginners might want to add time during the moderate parts and shorten the high intensity periods (example 2 minutes moderate & 30 seconds HIIT). You can also add as many (or as few) of these intervals as you want (aim for MIN 2-3 to start, but I don’t cheat yourself). More advanced exercisers might want to shorten the moderate segments and lengthen the higher intensity parts (example 1 minute moderate, 1 minute HIIT).

High Intensity Interval Training is a FAT blaster. Studies have shown that you burn more calories using these principles than by working out steady state alone, meaning you get more bang for your buck and can shorten your workout time, while getting the same (or better) results.

HIIT Training Examples

  • Walkers. 2 minutes walking, 30 seconds jogging for 30 minutes.
  • Runners: 1 minute running, 30 seconds sprinting for 30 minutes.
  • Sprinters: 1 1/2 minutes sprinting, 30 seconds hills.

Etc. Etc. Etc. As long as you push yourself close to your max for the HIIT sections, you can modify this program to suit your fitness level & goals.

Lean Legs Pyramid

Bikini Strap Workout

Get a sweat on loves! Pushing yourself for short periods of time is totally do-able, don’t let your brain trick your body into limiting itself. You can do it, start small & feel the burn.


Tone it Up Tuesdays! Tight & Toned Arms.

Some sample moves for ya, and all you need is a set of dumbbells (medium to heavy).You can do this combo after cardio, at home or at the gym. Takes about 8-15 minutes to complete depending on speed and rest times.

How do you pick the appropriate weight? Well, if you feel like you can do another 4-8 reps or more per set, the weight you are using is too light. Too keep the muscles in “results” mode, you need to be adding more weight every few weeks and varying the exercises. For most women (who don’t strength train) 5-10lbs is a good place to start.

Have fun!

Circuit - Complete & repeat 3 times. Minimize rest time during the exercise, but take it when you need it! (Hint: If you don’t want to stop at any time, you might be using weights that are too light!)

  • Bicep Curls - 15 reps
  • Lateral Raise - 15 reps
  • Rear Delt Flys - 15 reps
  • Overhead Tricep Extention - 15 reps
  • Combo- Bent Over Row, w/ Tricep Kickback - 15 reps

Visit the Tone It Up girls at

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