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The Phoenix IS AWESOME.

I’m sooo excited for this one! It’s a little different than the others & will be the BIGGEST rep challenge I’ve posted. It’s tough, but do-able for ALL levels, beginners & psychos alike. Decide to ‘rise up’ to meet the challenge and you WILL.

I wanted to make sure you guys have all the motivation you need for this one and a fierce Phoenix-worthy playlist to get you through it. Already have a few suggestions from Facebook (thanks Priya & Dawn), but need another 7-10 songs. Since y’all tend to be ‘hip’ with it (geez, I sound like my mother), I thought I’d ask for your awesome suggestions yet again!

Think fast, furious, funky, fun, FIRE. New is GOOD, but old favorites are sometimes too awesome for words. Step out of the box, all genres, all styles. I’m not picky! Will make more than one playlist if we get enough suggestions.

What do you want to hear on the ‘Phoenix’ playlist?

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