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I thought this TED Talk was insightful, refreshing and incredibly candid. Cameron is eloquent, provides shockingly ‘real’ talk about the illusion of beauty, modelling, and self-esteem. She also shares some of her own images, both real life and covers, to show how much goes in to the photographs we see everyday.

Excerpt from TED blog.

“I always just say I was scouted, but that means nothing,” Russell says in her talk. “The real way I became a model is that I won a genetic lottery, and I am a recipient of a legacy. For the past few centuries, we have defined beauty not just as health and youth and symmetry that we’re biologically programmed to admire, but also as tall, slender figures with femininity and white skin. This is a legacy that was built for me, and that I’ve been cashing in on.”

In this talk, Russell delivers two powerful messages: First, that young girls who dream of being a model should think of it like they would winning Powerball—something to shoot for, but “not a career path.” Second, Russell takes on the tendency to think that life would be better and easier if we were more beautiful. Russell’s response: “If you ever think, ‘If I had thinner thighs and shinier hair, wouldn’t I be happier,” you just need to meet a group of models. They have the thinnest thighs and the shiniest hair and the coolest clothes and they are the most physically insecure women, probably, on the planet.”

But Russell has another point she wants to convey too. While many bemoan the use of Photoshop for making models look thinner and imperfection-free, Russell says that this is just the tip of the iceberg. To hear more about how the image of sex appeal is carefully constructed from the ground up, watch her bold talk. And after the jump, pay attention as Russell shares the reality behind some of her sexy images.


This is the very first photo that Cameron Russell ever took as a model, shot for the magazine Allure in 2003, when she had just turned 16. Yes, she may look like the beacon of femininity. But she hadn’t so much as gotten her period yet. To hammer the point home of just how young she was at the time, she’s contrasted the image with a bathing-suit shot of her with her grandma, taken just a months before.


Russell looks like a siren in this red bikini. Despite looking well into her 20s in the image, she was just a teenager when the photo was taken. For argument’s sake, here’s a photo of her on the beach with a friend taken the same day. Her look: polka-dotted innocence.


Another illustration of how young Russell was as she embarked on her early modeling career—in this shot, she looks beautifully brooding in a shot for French Vogue. However, she was giggly at a slumber party just days before.

Read More.

Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability

You’ll love this talk. Incredible insight into being vulnerable, why we feel shame, and our ability to empathize. Powerful stuff.

Brene Brown studies human connection — our ability to empathize, belong, love. In a poignant, funny talk at TEDxHouston, she shares a deep insight from her research, one that sent her on a personal quest to know herself as well as to understand humanity. A talk to share.

Via Fit Perez

Scientist Stefani Barden teamed up with Dr. Braden Kuo and had two subjects eat processed foods and homemade foods.

The two subjects swalled M2A LED/Camera pills and one ate Top Ramen, Gatorade, and gummi bears while the other ate homemade ramen and broth, hibiscus drinks, and gummi bears made from juice.

The results?

The homemade foods are easily digestable but the Ramen is STILL visible, even after 2 hours!

As Barden puts it, “Top Ramen is made to survive armaggedon.”

Check out the video above and see this interesting study on food!

Warning: kinda gross. :)

TED Talk: Brain Magic

First, Keith Barry shows us how our brains can fool our bodies — in a trick that works via podcast too. Then he involves the audience in some jaw-dropping (and even a bit dangerous) feats of brain magic.

You’ll love this TED Talk! Awesome, hilarious and highlights the power of the MIND.

Mary Roach: 10 things you didn’t know about orgasm

"Bonk" author Mary Roach delves into obscure scientific research, some of it centuries old, to make 10 surprising claims about sexual climax, ranging from the bizarre to the hilarious. (This talk is aimed at adults. Viewer discretion advised.)

Haven’t posted a TED Talk in awhile and thought snippet was rather fun to end hump day with! Check out Naturally 7 & their Acapella ‘band’.

I love how TED integrates so many different genres & interests into their platforms. If you haven’t perused their ‘talks’, be sure to stop by! (click on ‘Most Jaw Dropping’ for guaranteed awesome shizz).

"Food’s Erin Brockovich" - NY Times

This is awesome. A little lengthy, but worth it. If you’re a foodie, or care about health/wellness you’ll want to share this.

The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick - And What We Can Do About It

Robyn shares her personal story and how it inspired her current path as a “Real Food” evangelist. Grounded in a successful Wall Street career that was more interested in food as good business than good-for-you, this mother of four was shaken awake by the dangerous allergic reaction of one of her children to a “typical” breakfast. Her mission to unearth the cause revealed more about the food industry than she could stomach, and impelled her to share her findings with others. Informative and inspiring.

About this speaker

Robyn authored “The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It.” A former Wall Street food industry analyst, Robyn brings insight, compassion and detailed analysis to her research into the impact that the global food system is having on the health of our children. She founded and was named by Forbes as one of “20 Inspiring Women to Follow on Twitter.” The New York Times has passionately described her as “Food’s Erin Brockovich.”

Click here to own The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick - And What We Can Do About It.

TED Talk: Eve Ensler - Suddenly, my body

Trigger warning: sexual trauma & cancer

Poet, writer, activist Eve Ensler lived in her head. In this powerful talk from TEDWomen, she talks about her lifelong disconnection from her body — and how two shocking events helped her to connect with the reality, the physicality of being human.

I’m posting this because I’ve been there, and it’s true that there remains a mystery & stigma around those who are considering suicide, have attempted suicide & the people around them. This video is for everyone.

Please click on the link below for resources and remember that you are 1. Not alone (even though it may feel that way) and 2. It DOES get better with time & opportunities to heal. One of the only consolations about hitting rock bottom is that there’s no where to go but up. Hang in there. :)

Even when our lives appear fine from the outside, locked within can be a world of quiet suffering, leading some to the decision to end their life. At TEDYou, JD Schramm asks us to break the silence surrounding suicide and suicide attempts, and to create much-needed resources to help people who reclaim their life after escaping death. Resources:

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