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I’m not going to pretend that I understood everything written here (we all have our wheelhouses and passions. Mine lean towards burpees and not genetic science outside of “don’t worry, it’s just your genes!” lol).

So these aren’t the kind of topics I normally post. That said, I do post “awesome” here and celebrate pure “awesome” on the daily. This totally qualifies

Smart girls at the party. :)

(via xould)

Even shrimp need to get in their cardio!

You may have seen this infamous crustacean ‘sweat’ it out via viral video, but as cute as he is, his situation is not without some controversy.

The study, conducted by researchers at Pacific University and College of Charleston, was heavily criticized during debates focused on the federal deficit and wasteful spending in 2011. The $500,000 in funds allocated to this study (and others) has been called into question, especially at this sensitive economic time. 

While politicians & lawmakers blasted the money spent on the study, they neglected to consider what it was for. This study (and others like it) do have their place and are useful.

The treadmill study is essentially a stress test for shrimp & other marine life, to see how they react to pollution, lack of oxygen & other contaminants (hello BP oil!). The sicker and more exposed they are to these factors, the less chance they have at survival; something that will affect the fishing industry, the food chain & all ocean life. The findings may help seafood to survive in different conditions and save a lot of marine life. It could also have implications for humans who are exposed to the same pollutants.

As is the case with many studies we don’t fully understand, there’s more to science than just a bottom line. The benefits of scientific research are often unexpected, and while it might seem weird to spend so much on shrimp, the payoff could be massive for all walks of life.

So….what are your thoughts on ‘Shrimp on a Treadmill’?

File this under ‘WTF?’, ‘Ew!’ & ‘Interesting!’ Could the solution to sustainability really lie in our poop?

The video below shows the first steaks based on proteins from human excrement. The red appearance? Food coloring. And apparently, it DOES taste like steak, though I’m just gonna take them at their word for this one.

Although it makes sense on paper, the producer isn’t surprised that people would be hesitant to eat turd burgers. He believes the main problem is the psychological barrier that people have when it comes to eating their own poop.

No shit dude.

Would you try a turd burger?

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