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[TW: rape, victim blaming]

How Slut Shaming Becomes Victim Blaming

Articles about the Eleven year old girl here:

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Everyone should feel safe heading out for a walk or run. EVERYONE.

But the truth is, many women don’t.

I do advise women to take precautions, but I hate having to do so. Victim blaming is very subtle at times, and when something awful h appens to you, the last thing you NEED or want is for someone to say “you should have known better”. Even when every precaution is taken, often media outlets still find someway to place a little blame on the victim.

No one has the right to hurt you. If they choose to do so, they should be held to the highest of legal AND MORAL accountability. To assume that men simply can’t control themselves, and that women are responsible for their own victimization is both insulting to decent men and brutal to women. By FAR the vast majority of men out there are decent, awesome human beings. To assume they are uncontrollable rapists is awful, misinformed and disgusting.

Anyone who asks “Well, shouldn’t she have known better?” or feels that it’s a woman’s responsibility to control the actions of the very FEW who would take advantage of her, needs a reality check.

It’s NOT your fault.



Support: After Silence


A new study conducted by the University of Surrey suggests that messages contained in men’s magazines sound more like those coming out of the mouths of convicted rapists, than solid, lady-friendly man-advice.

The study took quotes from several men’s magazines and combined them with quotes from convicted rapists. They showed the list to participants and asked them to identify which were which. Not only could they NOT identify the quote sources reliably, but many were more inclined to agree with the statements made by rapists AND most found the quotes from the men’s magazines more derogatory in nature.

What’s terrifying to me, is that many of the messages or “quotes” they used are similar to those you’d hear in cases of victim blaming (in instances of rape, blaming the victim for ‘asking’ for it, instead of focusing on the acts of the rapist). Victim blaming is one of the reasons most (MOST) women don’t report their rapes, or feel hesitant talking to friends and family. And it’s not just men who mirror these sentiments… they’re used by women too.

Really, truly, scary stuff.

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  • Anyone talking is asking to be interrupted.
  • Anyone carrying money is asking to be robbed.
  • Anyone eating is asking to choke.
  • Anyone drinking is asking to be drugged.
  • Anyone walking is asking to be tripped.
  • Anyone with a face is asking to be punched.
  • Anyone with a heart is asking for a heart attack.
  • Anyone with arteries is asking for an aneurysm.
  • Anyone not wearing a breastplate is asking to be stabbed.
  • Anyone not wearing a bulletproof vest is asking to be shot.

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