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This workout is an ASS KICKER. Choose your level: make it harder by using heavier weight, focus on getting a fuller range of motion and THEN add speed if you can. While it is a time challenge, you’ll get a better workout by making it intense before adding speed. Trust me. (4 rounds of ‘easy’ but fast is great cardio though. Up to you how you use this!)

This total body strength circuit is designed to hit EVERYTHING: it’s short, intense but easy to fit into a hectic study schedule. Strength, power and a heart rate blast. You’ll be feeling this one tomorrow if you do it right.

EQUIPMENT: You’ll need dumbbells for most of these moves, BUT if you have NO equipment, you can use waterbottles! Fill them up 3/4 of the way (the extra water movement makes them unstable and is tougher than filling them fully), and modify the moves when needed. You’ll also need a stop watch and a timer.

DORM ROOM FRIENDLY & BEGINNER MODIFIERS: read the descriptions below for modifiers, and listen to your body. NONE of these moves require equipment, and you’re free to swap in other moves if it suits you. Push yourself, but remember:  it’s YOUR workout. :)

Workout Options

A. 16 Minute AMRAP. Complete as many rounds of The BURN OUT circuit as you can in 16 minutes. Use a stopwatch or set an alarm.

B. 4 Rounds For Time. Complete 4 rounds as fast as you can with proper form. Take breaks when needed, but don’t stop the timer!

C. Timed Intervals: Complete each move for 30 seconds, then move to the next (10 second rest to switch positions after each move). Take one break after each round, and repeat 3-4 times. (Do the Windmill Side Press twice: 30 seconds per side). All in all, it’s 36 rounds of 30/10. (need a timer? This one’s ready to GO!) 18-24 minutes.

How To Do Body Burn Out

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Girl power! This is nuts!

While the verdict is still out as to whether or not children should be weight lifting (there are possible growth hindering side effects for some kids and the safety of the sport has been called into question), this seems to be an indication that it may be rising in popuarity! Children who do engage in weight lifting as sport should always be supervised & coached by a professional trainer, one who’s aware of the possible risks in training still growing bodies.

Controversy aside, this is still pretty bad ass. I get giddy seeing young girls break stereotypes & pursue sports that aren’t traditionally female dominated. Love this!

Congrats to Naomi! Won’t be the last we hear from her, I’m sure of it! Thanks Tasie for sending me the link!

Via Daily Mail

Naomi Kutin, 10, claimed the astonishing achievement after squatting 215 pounds - despite weighing just under 93 pounds herself.

She lifted the staggering amount - which weighs the same as Mike Tyson in his prime - in front of a packed crowd in Texas, USA.

'She broke it on her second lift of three and didn't waste her opportunity.

'She went out there, took her chance and won the right to be a world record holder.'

Naomi - who was just nine-years-old when she broke her first world record - has been dubbed ‘supergirl’ by astonished powerlifters.

She has legions of fans around the world who track her progress through the internet.

And thousands of fans were present to witness the moment she broke her second record at the RAW Unity event - an invitational for elite powerlifters - held in Texas in January 2012.

Naomi, who only began powerlifting in April 2010, reclaimed the record taken from her by experienced pro Ana Geitner, 44, from Germany, in the 97 pounds weight category.

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Video of the WEEK! Absolutely INCREDIBLE.

Mesmerizing. Stunning. Wow.

Watch as this acrobat balances on one hand during “practice” at home. The way she moves her body will blow you away. The definition of strength and control, right here.

Wouldn’t want to stand next to her during yoga. Just saying. :)

It’s estimated that America houses 8-10 million fitness machines that could be equipped to generate energy. This could lower gym-costs for members, help clubs keep costs down, attract “green” audiences & yes, it’s good for the planet.

In what could be a MASSIVE trend in the next few years, Green Microgym has outfitted their equipment to burn calories AND produce energy. It’s just one way that the gym helps lower its carbon footprint while teaching it’s members the importance of going green.

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