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Sofia Boutella: Crunch Curcuit

New on Nike Training! Download it if you get a change NTC Appers! If not, give these a try instead of crunches in your ab routine. :)

Tip: I do two crunches, then one arm palm up, then one palm down on one side. Then I repeat switching sides. Keep your back pressed into the ground, and bend your knees if you have to. (My bum’s too bootylicious to keep my lower back perfectly flat, but that’s the way I like it!). Do a full reach, and look only to contract the abs by lifting your shoulders. No need to go further, you’ll feel it. :)

Nike Training Club Peeps - Brand spankin’ new Sofia Boutella Fearless workout is available today.

Just did it: it’s an intense 15 minute ab-circuit that will work your dancing legs as well (quads & hamstrings - point those toes!). Make sure you’re nice and warm when you give it a try and STRETCH those abs after!

Goes well with the Cardio Burst 15 minute focused workout & Arm Definer if you want a longer workout!

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