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Video: Shawn Johnson’s Cat Stretch: Upper back, core, triceps & chest

The 15 minute follow along workout can be used as a warm up OR a cooldown. Always start warm & listen to your body. It’s in the bonus workout section of your App.

Note: there’s a little bit of sync trouble with the audio for 1-2 of the moves (they’re ‘off’ time wise per side), so try it once through and make adjustments the next time around.

Stretch Out Sundays! Flexibility Anywhere.

Single Leg Side Full Extention

This is a TOUGH move to master, and requires balance to maintain. You’ll work your inner/outer thighs, glutes, core and shoulders. While you’re working up to it, feel free to tap your foot down briefly & start with a lighter weight: this moves hard.

Add 3 minutes of this move into your workout today (30 seconds per side, three times). Once you master it, add more weight to make it more challenging.

Have the Nike Training App? Do Laura Enever’s Fierce Workout today (part of the bonus workouts).

Single Leg Hop Ups

This is a FIERCE heart rate booster and lower body blast. You’ll target your glutes, calves and quads. The further you step back and the deeper the move, the more booty work you’ll get. Stay in an athletic position and keep your core tight throughout the movement.

Beginners: Omit the hop, and just bring the knee up instead.

Intermediate/Advanced: Add dumbbells to make this harder.

Challenge: 4 minutes of hop-ups in your workout today! Split it up interval style, and complete one set every 5-15 minutes or so.

Beginners: 30 seconds per side, repeated 4 times.

Intermediate: 60 seconds per side, repeated 2 times.

Advanced: Same as intermediate, but add dumbbells.

Get the Nike Training App here.

This 6 move Nike Training inspired circuit will target your glutes, thighs & quads while hitting your core & upper body. It’s intense, so go your own pace and choose the right level for you.

You’ll need a set of dumbbells, a mat, a box (if you have one) and a timer to complete the challenge.

Beginners & Intermediate should aim for 3 rounds. Advanced exercisers can aim for 2 rounds, but with heavier weight/ time modifications.

Suggested Circuit Times

Beginners: complete each move for 1 Minute (30 seconds per side). Complete each exercise back to back, rest one minute & repeat.

Intermediate: add slightly heavier weight, and complete each move for 1 1/2 minutes (45 seconds per side). Complete each exercise back to back, rest 45 seconds minute & repeat.

Advanced: boost your weights, and/or complete each move for 2 minutes (1 minute per side). Complete each exercise back to back, rest 30 seconds & repeat.

Note: You can do these moves with or without equipment. For the box ski jumps, simply shuffle from side to side on the floor or use any sturdy elevated surface if you don’t have a box. Go your own pace.


Leryn Franco: Box Ski Jumps

It’s February 1st, which means a new Nike Training Workout is available on your Apps! This month, it’s javelin thrower Leryn Franco’s Record Breaker Workout: a 15 minute routine to gain speed, lean legs and all over toning. 

This move is from her workout: if you don’t have a box, any sturdy elevated surface will do (I used to rope my yoga blocks together but you can also use a chair - go slower the higher your surface - or a bosu ball).

I’m posting a Nike Training inspired Booty Blast workout for those of you who don’t have the App in a few! To get the App FREE, visit Itunes!

This Protein Power Salad was unlocked as part of the Super Salads Bonus Reward on the Nike Training App. I’ve pumped up the recipe for 2 servings instead of one, and I preferred sunflower seeds to almonds on mine. I also used lemon juice for a quick splash of zing.

This salad’s the perfect post workout snack, and is only about 350 calories per serving. It’s LOADED with protein, and super easy to make with leftovers from the night before (tip: when doing chicken for dinner, always set aside a little extra for the next day).

Sustitute turkey or tuna as your protein if you’d like, and add lemon juice like I did for a tasty boost!

Protein Power Salad (serves 2)

  • 2 skinless, boneless chicken breasts sliced
  • 1 cup low fat plain yogurt, or greek yogurt
  • 2 tsp dried tarragon

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Move of The Day: Forward and Backwards Bounds

This is heart pumpin’ cardio & killer for your legs. Start by working your way up to 30-60 seconds per side.

This exercise is featured on the new Allyson Felix Unstoppable Workout on The Nike Training App! It’s new, so make sure you’ve downloaded it.

Have you tried Allyson’s workout yet? What did you think?

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