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While it doesn’t apply to everything, when it comes to exercise mats, sometimes the old saying is true: bigger IS better. :)

At 5ft 2in, you wouldn’t think I’d need a larger mat than the standard 6-footer. But when you like to move as much as I do, the more room you have, the better your workout. At times, I feel confined by my regular mats and larger mats give me more options for bad ass fitness at home.

For a long time, I used to set up my mats side by side, which was both awesome and a little dangerous. While staying on one mat is fairly easy, if you’re moving laterally between two, things tend to slip. I have other floor mats which were ‘okay’, but weren’t as comfortable or user friendly as yoga mats (they tended to roll up into themselves: I’d have to keep dumbbells on each corner to keep it from curling up while I moved). Until recently, there weren’t many floor mat options that had the same texture & cushioning as my yoga mats. But there are now! :)


WHY Big Yoga Mats Rock So Much

  1. They allow for full movement without feeling confined to a smaller space. While smaller mats maximize space in the studio, they don’t always allow you to maximize your workout.
  2. They save your floors from your heavier equipment (dumbbells, barbells etc).
  3. They allow for greater range of motion (moves like floor rolls into mountain climbers, walking pushups, etc).
  4. They create a sound barrier. Cushioning is GLORIOUS if you’re trying to be discreet. At home workouts like INSANITY, P90X and Rip 60 are easy to fit entirely on a larger mat.
  5. Taller folks often have trouble on regular sized mats. Larger mats may feel more comfortable.
  6. There’s room for two! Buddy workouts!

Large mats are popping up everywhere (probably NOT in your overcrowded class, but everywhere else), so there are more options available than ever before. The one pictured above is Square36 - The Oversize Yoga Mat, which I like a LOT. It’s thick, 36 square feet (fits in most living rooms), durable and made of non-toxic materials. Because I use my mats for almost everything (weight work, stretching, cardio etc), it seems to fit my fitness a little better than other models. You can also search online for different big mat models that suit your budget.

Another option, though it’s not as large, is the round yoga mat. It offers many of the same benefits in terms of range of motion and is ideal for yoga, pilates & stretching. Round Yoga Pilates Mat.

The round mat is also slightly less expensive than other models (even less expensive than some regular mats). Plus, the design is really unique. Great way to stand out during outdoor yoga!

Sometimes, size does matter!

Do you have a large mat at home? How do you like it?

Is it possible to be in love with a website?

I wanted to share this deal, in case you still need to stock up on a few things (or want some new equipment to get in shape for bikini season). I’m psyched that I found this website a few years back. It’s saved me a ton of money PLUS I really like their stuff. I’m not a yogi, but I do find use for almost everything on their site (mats, bands, stability balls, DVD’s, gifts, jewelry…). I bought my two favorite mats there, a round yoga mat & a custom mat (you can custom print anything on it).

Needless to say, the site has eaten up many a paycheck. If you’re looking for new things and like online shopping, be sure to stop by. I friggin love it.

TEACHERS & INSTRUCTORS: You can save by buying in bulk. I got a 150ft roll of Thera-Bands® (resistance bands) for less than $40 and you can buy yoga mat rolls for cheap too.

 Yoga Accessories

High quality yoga supplies -

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