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Stretch Out Sundays: Yoga For Recovery (18 min)

Hot Yogi’s rejoice! Lululemon introduces the Towel Mat.

One side towel. One side mat.


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How To Chaturanga

Sunday Yoga Detox

'Unravel The Tension’ 20 Min. Yoga Sequence

How To Chaturanga - Via Lululemon


Investors expected little from Lululemon when it began selling shares at $2 a pop in 2007. The maker of Wunder Under pants and other yoga women’s wear hardly seemed like a player in the competitive world of retail sportswear. Five years later, Lululemon’s stock has hit $76, and the company is valued at $10 billion — more than the clothing behemoth J.C. Penney. Last week, Lululemon posted a quarterly profit of $74 million, reported sales growth for the twelfth straight quarter, and, fittingly, opened a Boston store with a yoga class and dance party for 500 neon-clad guests. How did Lululemon become a $10 billion yoga empire?

LOVE this. :)

LOVE this. :)

(via teatravelandtraining)

At the end of the day, I really don’t care what you wear to workout in. Sports bra & booty shorts, baggy T-shirt and sweats, or a tu-tu. It’s your workout, let your freak flag fly.

However, what YOU decide to wear has to work FOR you and there ARE benefits to choosing the right clothes that suit your style and your body. A lot of people underestimate how their workout clothes can affect their mood, their workouts & their body image. You don’t need expensive clothes or the latest technology to get a good workout in: but feeling good about yourself can go a long way, especially for beginners.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck and that you’re choosing clothes that suit YOU and your workout.

Via Shape Magazine.

1. Shop for Your Body Type. Show off the assets you love! Are you short? Tall? Broad shoulders? Killer legs? Don’t pine for clothes that fit HER body type. Find clothes that make YOU look fab. Highlight your best features, and step outside of the box. If loose fitting tanks suit you best, but you have killer legs, opt for booty shorts or tights. If you’ve got killer shoulders and a bum that needs a little lifting, show off the shoulders and find capris that do the lifting for you.

2. Buy Clothing Designed for Your Activity. All too often, I see people wearing loose and baggy clothes that hinder their workouts. No, you don’t have to be skin tight. But for activities like yoga or running, you need light wear that fits and doesn’t get in the way (ever worn a loose top to yoga, and in the middle of down dog it comes up over your head?). Find clothes that fit, breathe and move with you.

3. Don’t buy it until you know it works for your activity. This is especially important for sports bras. Make sure your clothes move properly before investing. Do a few jumping jacks in the dressing room, whip out a down dog, and lift your legs around. You can tell pretty quickly if the clothes don’t move the way you’d like.

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For those of you who need a little something extra to look forward too! Follow @JessicaSmithTV on Twitter & Facebook for updates!



Okay… so last night wasn’t the best of night’s for this fitness instructor, lol.

I started with good intentions, and was prepared for some good old fashioned fun. Loaded up on water bottles and healthy snacks. Was going to allow myself 2-3 drinks only. I even set my alarm so I could call it a night early and get my beauty sleep. 

But not everything goes as planned.

The 2-3 I had should have counted as 6-8. Wowza. They call it PUNCH for a reason. My water bottle came in handy until I lost it somewhere. My healthy snacks got gobbled up by unprepared friends, and once the candy bowl caught my eye I was a goner. Didn’t overdo it too much, but ate way more than I had prepped for. Forgot what a powerful combination booze, friends, dancing and sweets make.

So this morning, I woke up covered in sparkles and feather boas, at an hour that horrified me. I’m a morning person, so to miss a whole morning is… well… the worst feeling ever. I feel okay physically, but lazy, lazy, lazy. To give you an idea… It’s well in to the afternoon and I’m still wearing my Halloween costume. :)

My inner critic is SCREAMING at me for admitting to any of this, but it’s important for me to let you guys know that I’m a real person. I like to go out. I drink in moderation. I make mistakes. I get hungover. It doesn’t happen as much as it did when I was in college (thank god, lol), but it still happens. It’s important for me to show you guys how I get back on track, as opposed to perpetuating perfection. Perfect isn’t a word that comes close to describing me. I’m so happy to be void of that pressure.

So…. here’s MY ‘BACK ON TRACK’ CURE: Eating incredibly well today & LOADING up on the H2O. I was smart enough to drink plenty of water last night, so no headache, but I hit the multivitamins and veggies first thing. And to really help get me going, I’ll be doing a little Yoga detox before I hit the gym with a client. I’ll be hitting the hay early tonight as well.

If you’re in the same hangover boat, I invite you to join me! This yoga workout is good for the body and will help you press ‘reset’, guaranteed. 

Weekend Workout: Sunday Yoga Detox

The best thing you can do when you fall down, is to get back up. I don’t feel like working out today, but I’m going to. I wanted bacon and bagels for breakfast, but those aren’t the best things for the bod today. My body is screaming for caffeine, but it’ll do better with water. I’ve got to be the ‘tough love’ parent with my body today, and do what’s best for it… cause I didn’t last night. I had my turn. Time for my body to get some of its needs addressed.

Hop back on track with me! Click the link above for the full workout with Lululemon and let me know how AMAZING you feel after.


Bod On Booze… Drink By Drink.

So, so sad.

Jayna Murray, a lululemon employee who was murdered in March, was apparently alive throughout most of the beating. Not only that, but employees of the Apple store next to Lululemon heard her cries for help… and did nothing about it.

Jayna was murdered by fellow employee Brittany Norwood, who inflicted over 322 cuts and blows during the incident. Her trial started this week, and from the sounds of things, she’ll be going away for a really long time.

Awful. Warning, the story below is graphic and disturbing.

Excerpt from the Washington Times

Jayna Murray was alive when she suffered most of the 322 cuts and blows inflicted on her head and body during a brutal attack at the Bethesda Lululemon Athletica store in March, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Opening arguments in the first-degree murder trial of Brittany Norwood, charged in the horrific killing of her co-worker, provided the most dramatic account yet of a crime that shocked the region for its viciousness and for the twists and turns of an investigation that ultimately revealed a morbidly staged crime scene. They also offered the first indications of how attorneys for the 29-year-old woman accused in the killing plan to defend her.

Holding the bloody rope found around the slain woman’s neck and a merchandise display rod used to bash her skull, State’s Attorney John McCarthy said a blood trail shows how the 30-year-old victim tried unsuccessfully to escape her attacker through a back door. The 107 defensive wounds, caused when Murray tried to fend off the attack, were the most the medical examiner had ever seen on one person, Mr. McCarthy said.

“Think about how long this took. Jayna is alive through almost all of this,” Mr. McCarthy said, describing how eight separate items found in the upscale yoga-inspired apparel store were used as weapons. “The last wounds are from the knives. This was not slow. This was not painless. This woman struggled to survive.”

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Hope you squeezed in your Hatha Yoga Weekend Workout yesterday! If not, go back and do it in later this week.

THIS workout is a yoga detox (perfect for the Sunday following what MAY have been a party hearty Saturday night). This workout involves a bit of twisting, which is good for the intestines, and ‘Breath Of Fire’: rapid inhales & exhales to get the stale air from the bottom of the lungs out.

Everyone can use a detox. This is a great way to wring out and get your lung capacity up; which can help your cardio during your other workouts.

You’ll need

  • Mat or towel
  • Bottle of water

Big thanks to Lululemon for posting these! Yoga is fabulous for your body and a great way for you to improve your flexibility AND get the most from your routine.



I know that my weekend workouts are usually high intensity, but we have to remember to get out flexibility on too!

Today AND tomorrow, I’ll be posting quick yoga workouts from Lululemon to help you unwind and detox from the week. SUITABLE FOR ALL LEVELS!

Fitness Junkies - If you NEED to, add this Fat Blasting 20/20 workout from Pop Pilates BEFORE your routine for an extra calorie burn (and added flexibility benefit for the yoga).

You’ll need:

  • A mat/towel
  • A bottle of water
  • A yoga block (if you need one)

You’ll open your shoulders, give yourself some relief in the back of your legs and release the tension in your hips with this 20 minute sequence.

See video below for today’s class:

Unravel the Tension HATHA YOGA with Carolyn Budgell



Pic from ‘Bouge Yoga’, a glowstick, dance, downdog extravaganza in Montreal. With body paint & a DJ.   It. Was. Wicked.  See more pics here:

Pic from ‘Bouge Yoga’, a glowstick, dance, downdog extravaganza in Montreal. With body paint & a DJ. It. Was. Wicked. See more pics here:

The bigger you are up top, the more support you need during your workout. Even if you’re smaller on top, finding the right support can prevent injuries & ease your movements. Especially around that time of the month, that extra support is so welcome. 

The right bra can make you feel better in your workout clothes and make you feel sexier while you sweat. Finding the right bra can be tricky, & while it’s my favorite fitness item to wear, it’s also my LEAST favorite to shop for.

My favorite workout bras ALL come from Lululemon (the Hot Class bra to be exact). Check out their selection here. But before you check out these lovelies, follow these great tips from a few ladies who know a thing or two about how how to find the right one for you.

Excerpt from Modern Mom

Wear a sports bra that supports you.

Support bras are more than a convenience. They make exercise more comfortable, and therefore, more efficient. Whether you enjoy running, aerobics or competitive sports, sports bras can affect your performance. If you feel supported and comfortable in the bra you are wearing, you are more likely to work out longer and harder. If you experience pain, you probably stop pretty quickly. Help yourself and reach your goals by choosing and wearing a sports bra that works for you.

Step 1

Put on a support bra you own or are considering buying.

Step 2

Lean forward and reach your hand up into your bra. Pull all your breast tissue into it. Since your breasts move in all directions during your sport, make sure they are all tucked into the bra.

Step 3

Look at yourself in the mirror. If a breast peeks out the top or bottom, you may need another need a bigger bra. Your breasts need to be supported, so be sure they fit in your bra securely.

Step 4

Jump around and run in place. Even if you are in a fitting room, use that space to act out some of the activities you do during your favorite sport. Be vigorous about it. If your breasts are fully supported, you won’t feel pain. If you do, you may need a smaller size or a bra with specific support points.

Step 5

Pull on the elastic, specifically in the back, on the straps and on the bottom of an older sports bra. If the bra responds to the tugging without bouncing back, the elastic may be wearing out. When the elastic starts to be compromised, you can wear your bra under a tank top with a shelf or built-in bra. When the elastic completely goes, discard the bra and get a new one.

Full article:

Y’all know I’m a freak for fitness & I LOVE fitness-themed holiday presents (*squeal!). They make me excited the way I used to get when a new Goosebumps book came out, or when a new episode of Buffy was on its way.

It’s not just me though. Fitness gifts are going to be all the rage this season. From DVD’s, to gym memberships, to heart-monitors & video games, you can expect to see fit items under MANY a tree.

For fitness freaks & weirdos like me, a heart rate monitor or gym membership is the epitome of a gift WIN. But for someone just starting out (or for someone who’s only been talking about getting in shape ) such a gift could indirectly “I think you need to lose weight”.

Such a situation is a massive holiday FAIL.

So, how do you encourage healthy living while avoiding the “Fat-Trap”? Simple. If you’re still looking for the perfect fitness gift, I’ve got a list of “fat-free” suggestions that won’t land you in a pile of holiday shit trouble.   

Read More

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