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Average Sized Model Gets Big Reaction - Lizzi Miller Glamour Model

This was an old interview from last year when the picture came out, but it caught my eye again today and I wanted to share it.

What struck me this time around, was the emphasis on her tummy (seeing another similar photo really highlights the difference in response). A hanging tummy. That gosh-darnit isn’t flat. It’s something that many women are programmed to hide, suck in, edit out of photos, or be ashamed of. Which is crazy. Because 97% of women have hanging tummies, including celebs & models (not just plus sized ones). If not standing, then sitting.

We all know a ‘skinny’ pose which makes our tummies look flatter. Some use Spanxx to zip it in, while others just ensure they get photographed from the waist up. We hate seeing hanging tummies in the mirror because we simply don’t SEE hanging tummies represented as NORMAL. Even amongst the curvy and plus sized, they are airburshed out and models are posed in tummy-reducing ways (which - for those of you who’ve done any modeling - generally ONLY looks good on camera. In person, some of the poses we’re used to seeing look awkward, robotic and uncomfortable).

Great interview, check it out above if you haven’t seen it.

Your tummy, flat or otherwise, is beautiful. It’s your center. Efforts to hide it made by many, MANY, people (including women around you) have made a hanging tum-tum seem unattractive. That’s not the case.

Slender, leggy supermodels such as Bar Refaeli and Gisele Bundchen are taking a backseat these days to an unlikely supermodel contender in the form of Lizzi Miller — all 180 glorious pounds of her.

Miller, at 20 already a seven-year veteran of the modeling world, rocked the magazine industry and the blogosphere when her photo appeared alongside an article on womens body confidence in the September issue of Glamour magazine. The photo shows Miller in all her blond beauty, flashing a confident smile — but also flashing some stomach pooch that hangs over her thong bikini.

Within a day, Glamour was inundated with comments, overwhelmingly positive, about the magazines showcasing a beautiful model unafraid to let it all hang out. Web sites such as Facebook, MSN and were consumed with dialogue over Millers photo, and dedicated Web space to a renewed debate over womens body image.

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