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Turbo freaks & instructors! In case you missed it… Chalene Johnson was on Live! With Kelly today!

Woot, Turbo in the house!

Great job! I get giddy whenever I see Turbo doing well!

Check her out working with Mark and Kelly above. If you’re new to Turbo, know it’s tough to learn at first, but both Kelly and Mark did incredibly well and picked it up in no time! Turbo Kick is the original Turbo Jam (and Turbo Fire), so if you get a chance to check out classes in your area, DO IT!

(This is the workout that completely got me hooked on fitness, and I still Turbo at least a few times a week (and teach). It’s addictive!)

They say never to start a post with your opinion, but I can’t help it. Personally, I think this little girl is BAD ASS amazing. And the controversy? The by-product of a gender bias that says that little girls shouldn’t engage in aggressive behavior.

Excerpt from

NBC’s Martin Fletcher reports on an Australian father who’s taking some heat after he put his daughter in a kickboxing ring with another girl, and encouraged the 8-year-old to continue fighting after being knocked down.

By the way, when they say ‘knocked-down’, they mean she fell. Then got back up. She cried a little (I would to). She wasn’t hurt. They kept fighting & it was a tie. She smiled. That was it. Sensational headline not so much.

Things have changed, and tomboy girls everywhere are free to play their sports, soccer, even baseball to their hearts content. But kickboxing? Too much apparently. We still prefer our girls on a ballet stage than a boxing ring.

We’re not talking about fight club here. We’re talking about age appropriate skills & rules, used with caution, in a supervised ring (take a look at the video below).

Here’s the thing…

Firstly, the girl clearly LOVES what she’s doing (skip ahead to watch her BAD-ASS pushups with a clap!). Her smile says it all.

Second, all children who participate in sports (including dancing) risk injury. In this case, the injury they refer to was not even remotely serious, and did not require more than a few seconds rest. I’ve seen children require more care on the playground than this little toughie needed in the ring.

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