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(Tony Horton, trainer & creator of P90X)

I heard the term ‘flexitarian' a few years back, and to me it epitomized my  philosophy when it came to food and fitness. Finding extremes too EXTREME, I was sick of feeling pressure to be all or nothing when it came to eating, my fitness, or anything else for that matter. Yes, eating well & exercise are important. But so were my time, happiness and desires. I didn’t want a life being a slave to junk food, snickers bars & being unhappy with my body. But I didn’t want to feel guilty every time I ate something with sugar in it.

I had friends who were vegans & vegetarians who would turn up their nose every time I had a piece of cheese, or talked about bacon. I knew those who had started a war against diet coke (not that it’s good for you… I’ll tell you to avoid it too if you can, but ALSO not to feel guilty if you have one every now and then). I knew people who thought vegans were elitist, silly, beings who’s outlook on food was warped since humans are supposed to be omnivores. Studies will show you positives and negatives for literally every single diet out there, yet so many people think their way is the only way. It’s a little nuts (and super confusing for those just starting out!).

Look, no one’s perfect. And life is not a ‘one-size fits all’ thing. Being healthy & learning to be healthier is what it’s ALL about, but everyone will find their own way to get there. And healthy, includes your mental space as well. Change is stressful enough without feeling like you’re being judged by someone.

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