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The Facts About Poop

Lol… oh my, I’m gonna get in trouble with this one.

I already know some of you are saying ‘ewwww’, but this is gross, funny AND serious business.

When it comes to health & nutrition, nothing is as telling as what you plop down in the toilet. And girls you DO it. I totally know when you’re waiting for me to leave so you can poop in peace!

In addition to the fun facts listed below, here are a few other tidbits you should know.

  • On average, we poop about 410lbs a year.
  • It’s normal to go about 1-2 times a day, but some people go more, some less. How much you poop isn’t really good or bad, unless something changes in YOUR routine.
  • The food you eat takes approximately 3 days from the time you eat it until you poop it out. If it takes a shorter time, the result may be greener stool (green is one of the first colors in the rainbow of the digestive process).
  • Red poops suddenly can be a sign you’re bleeding, unless you’ve had a large amount of beets (beets make your poops red). Black poops can also mean blood - it’s simply coagulated.
  • Size and shape are irrelevant - UNLESS it’s a sudden change. If you used to be a log kind of gal, and suddenly you’re pencil thin, it could indicate a problem like polyps in your colon. Mention it to your doctor.

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This is one of those ‘wish I’d thought of it first’ ideas. Some of you organic foodies are gonna squeal.

About Lollihop

Lollihop is a monthly service that sends you samples of some of the newest and hottest organic snacks out there. Each month is different, and they load you up with popular and new brands alike.

They believe that eating well should be accessible and fun for everyone. All products they deliver are organic, minimally processed, double checked for overall nutrition and sent along with tips, tricks & recipes to make healthy eating easier.

What YOU Get

They find the best. They check the ingredients. They send it to you. You get at least 8 unique kinds of snacks per box. Examples of what you might find are from Macrobar, Somersaults, Two Moms in the Raw, Oskri Crunch, Terra Chips, Glutino pretzels and Larabars. It changes from month to month.


It’s a subscription service: you can sign up for 6 or 12 months at a time. You’ll pay as low as $18.95 a month for each box. Remember, you’re paying for organic, healthy snacks which tend to be a little more expensive, BUT it includes shipping and the work of finding new snacks as well. You can halt the service anytime you like (if you go on vacation for example). It’s also only available in the US at the moment.

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CRAZY. Young woman ages overnight after a medical complication AND the images are unbelievable. 

In less than 3 days, Nguyen Thi Phuong went from this


Watch the video above that has people screaming hoax, but from all accounts this is real & verified (the man on the right is her husband).

Wow. So sad.

Anderson Cooper Makes Surprising Discovery About His Cell Phone

Listen up! You might want to sanitize yours after this!

If you’ve been following along (and geez, some of you have been here since the very beginning) then you’ll know that I don’t follow a ‘one-size fits all’ plan when it comes to health & fitness. Yes, there are certain hardcore truths about some things: but they don’t mean squat (pun) unless you’re willing to sign up for them. What works for one person, might not work for another. We’ve all got different biologies, personalites, preferences, tastes, support systems, finances etc. How can one model work for all? It doesn’t.

It truly bothers me when health experts, trainers, nutritionists and others, completely ignore that we are each individuals FIRST. They ignore the ‘person’ part of personal health. And they judge. They judge harshly. And that judgement doesn’t help their cause: all it does it make people feel badly about themselves and less motivated to change.

Case in point: food guilt. I can’t tell you how many of you express food guilt to me in my ask. Guilt over drinking a soda, eating fries, going over your calorie limit. Bah, relax! Feeling guilty does nothing, it’s not pro-active and you know what? You shouldn’t EVER be bullied into doing something you don’t want to do. Yes, you CAN make healthier choices. But you know that, at least most of you do. You don’t need to be looked down upon when you slip, make a bad choice, or don’t know any better. Experts should be there to show you your options, give you tools to help you make better choices and provide you with information when you ask for it. NOT judge you for drinking a diet coke. You are a person, you deserve respect. And feeling judged does nothing but push people away from (not towards) healthy living.

My goal has been, and will continue to be, to provide you with information, tools, fun stuff that you may or may not connect with. If it works for you? Great! If not, well maybe the next batch of posts will. But I try my best not to judge you: I’m here to provide you with MY advice, tools & resources I think you might like, have discussions, learn from each OTHER and maybe start a dialogue about loving ourselves a little healthier. You’ll come to your own healthy place in your own way.

Which is why when I saw this post this morning, I couldn’t WAIT to share it with you. It kinda blew me away, and expresses all the sentiments I shared above. See the excerpt below, but PLEASE click on her blog to read the rest!

Plus, her fan page could use a boost. Can I count on you? Please like it (and find me too if you haven’t already!

Excerpt from Um…”Health” Experts?

Lately I’ve been kinda lack luster in the thoughts department but today something got me all riled up. I mean super duper riled up. It wasn’t the exact post per say but just the idea of “health” experts in general. Let’s see…how can I put it? How about this? I am sick and f*cking tired of all of these supposed health experts splashing their expert advice all over the internet with more of an interest in discrediting each other then in really helping those that they are supposed to be trying to help in the first freaking place. Oh and I believe those that they should be trying to help would be the average American. You know the ones…those that may be trying to eat healthier and exercise in a way to bring them to a healthy lifestyle but may not know how. Instead? All of these experts are so busy trying to prove all of the other experts wrong while winning the approval of other experts so they can wave the flag of “I’m so much f*cking smarter and better than all of the other people who think that they are smarter and better than the average American who we are supposed to be trying to help.”

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Exerpt from Huffington Post

Turns out there are parents in the news who do the right thing. Jennifer and John of Ohio have a transgender 10-year-old child, and they support Jackie’s decision to live life as a girl.

Since she was 18-months-old, “it was always dancing, dress-up, ” says her mother Jennifer. Jackie loved the color pink and wearing ballerina outfits. She wanted sparkles and pretty shoes.

So when Jackie was about two-years-old, Jennifer started looking on the Internet, she tells “Good Morning America.” That’s when she first learned about transgender and started to wonder.

Jackie’s sister, Sagan, was the first to ask if she really wanted to be a girl. “Yeah,” she told her sister.

And when Jackie was just ten years old, she went to her mom, crying. “I’m a girl and I can’t do this anymore,” Jackie said. Without hesitation, Jennifer said, “It’s gonna be okay.” There was no judgment or disappointment.

Jackie’s family abandoned the pronoun “he.” At first, they only let her wear girls clothing at home, but eventually allowed her to live as a girl full-time, at school and elsewhere. When asked, Jackie’s father John says he has two daughters.

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Burger King has axed it’s mascot, in a bid to target a different audience. Whoomp waaahh….

Off with his head!

Oh, um, nah that’s a little harsh. But the ad agency that did the Burger King’s famous Burger King commercials has been dropped, and the King has no plans to return.

Instead, what we consumers get is “Mom,” and a whole lot of images and sounds of fresh produce. Because Burger King is pushing the “healthy” side! 


The campaign focuses on the national launch of the California Whopper, which includes guacamole. The ads have no words, just “the sights and sounds of the fresh ingredients being washed, sliced and diced,” reports USA Today.

Freshness and healthy meals are two categories that are being increasingly emphasized in the fast food world; even the Cheesecake Factory now has a Skinnylicious menu. Burger King may be a little late on jumping on this train (Subway debuted its avocado topping several months ago), but the train is very much still moving.

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We’ve all seen them, we’ve all been annoyed by them. Hell, we’ve all MADE this list at one point or another!

Check out the Top 12 fitness personalities you’ll likely encounter at the gym via

"Fitness is a bit of a culture in itself, a community, a family of sorts, and perhaps a place to find some fun and funny characters. For those of you that are regulars at the gym you may begin to get to know those that have a similar routine to you (at least as far as your time arriving at the gym), and the longer you stay at one workout facility, the more you get to know others there. And over time you may start to see some funny things." - Daniel Newman

1. The Poser:

This person spends more time In the mirror checking themselves out then they do lifting weights or running. A regular Arnold they may think? Usually a regular provider of a laugh. By the way, that cut off tee is not helping you out!

2. The Chatter:

This particular person never actually works out, they peruse the gym, machine to machine and they talk up anyone and everyone. They don’t even know you but they think they are your best friend. How is the wife, the kids, the dog? Um I’m single without kids, but my cat is okay?

3. The Duffle Bagger:

This is usually a guy, but isn’t limited to only men. This gym rat carries a bag around the gym that holds enough for a week stay in the wilderness. They have tape, grips, wraps, belts, and of course a giant container of protein. Ironicalliy, this person rarely has clean clothes and is rewearing the same outfit that has been in that bag, in their trunk for a month straight (or longer).

4. The Walking Billboard:

From the time they pull in you can see the rear window bumper sticker with the Under Armour logo. Perhaps even an “UndArmr license plate on their car? They get out of the car in the newest gear. From their socks to their visor everything has a logo. It is the same logo and they are in perfect harmony. This person isn’t being paid to advertise, but don’t tell them that.

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TED TALKS: Ann Cooper

Just in time for back-to-school…

Speaking at the 2007 EG conference, “renegade lunch lady” Ann Cooper talks about the coming revolution in the way kids eat at school — local, sustainable, seasonal and even educational food.

Definition: SKINNY

Definition: FIT

This week, the American Journal of Preventive Medicine released the results of recent research regarding a region where the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes was significantly larger than the rest of the country. They have dubbed this region ‘The Diabetes Belt’.

Should you be worried if you live in 'The Diabetes Belt’?


If you live in the diabetes belt, it doesn’t mean that you are at increased risk. But it DOES mean that your odds of being more sedentary & obese are elevated. The more sedentary & obese you are, the higher your risk of diabetes.

So again, it comes down to diet & exercise. NOT location.

Still, identifying the region allows proper steps to be made to improve overall health with information, programs & targeted interventions. Changes can be made now to help ease the problem and hopefully DISSOLVE the belt over time.

Great read. The full article on CNN:


• Population of the diabetes belt counties contained substantially more non-Hispanic African Americans compared with the rest of the country; about 23.8% for the diabetes belt, while the rest of the country was at 8.6%.

Prevalence of obesity was greater in the diabetes belt than in the rest of the U.S: 32.9% vs. 26.1%.

Sedentary lifestyle was greater in the diabetes belt than in the rest of the U.S.: 30.6% vs. 24.8% for the rest of the nation.

“People who live in the diabetes belt will reduce their chance of developing type 2 diabetes if they are more active physically and, for those who are overweight or obese, if they lose weight,” Barker said. “Taking these steps will eventually lower the prevalence of diabetes within the diabetes belt.”

"This has been controversial for some time, and when I see patients, one of their big concerns is weight gain," she told AOL Health. “Birth control pills usually only cause a temporary, maybe five-pound weight gain having to do with bloating. It’s real, but it usually goes away for most women taking the pill. It’s just their body adjusting to being on new medication.”

We all know about the benefits of getting enough exercise. Exercise can boost your confidence, make you feel energized and can certainly add oomph to your sex life. Not sold yet? What if exercise alone could INDUCE orgasm? Yes, we’re talking Coregasms people. And yes, they are REAL.

Coregasm: Exercise induced orgasms caused by the stimulation of pubbococcygeus muscles (PC muscles) during core or abdominal exercises.

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Do you remember getting tangerines or oranges in your stocking? Has this tradition really stopped?

If so, time to bring it back! Believe me, no one will miss the chocolate. Aren’t we all eating enough sweets & treats around the holidays anyways? Just a thought. I mean, unless you REALLY hate oranges.

Fun Holiday Fact: The tradition of putting tangerines in stockings comes from 12th-century French nuns who left socks full of fruit, nuts and tangerines at the houses of the poor. How nice!


Putting an orange in your kid’s stockings.  

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