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Three things that will immediately piss people off: judge someone’s health based on appearance, stomp on a child’s self-esteem and tell people how to parent their children.


Being passionate about health does not require tearing other people down or being a jerk on a holiday meant to be fun for the kiddos. I’m sure she has well meaning intentions… but this is WARPED.

No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

This story is generating STRONG reactions on my fan page & around the web. What are your thoughts Tumblr?

I like this. I just do. :)

Halloween high five to this Mama Bear!

Halloween success! “Woman Laughing Alone With Salad”.

Easiest (and yummiest) costume EVER. :)

Anyone head out this weekend? What did/are you going as?

"This Is Halloween"

Nightmare Before Christmas

You KNOW you know the words. :)

Happy Halloween!

Bad ASS Crossfit Pumpkins

Bad ASS Crossfit Pumpkins



So I found out that I have work in the morning on Halloween.

Decided the only way this will work is if I become the Batrista.
The Dark Roast Knight.
Serving up a piping hot cup…. OF JUSTICE. 

(via softhandsandfastcars)

Crossfit Baby Costumes!


Just so you know, I do not endorse baby swinging as part of a WOD! But I DO endorse adorable fitness baby pics. :)

*For non-crossfit peeps, a pood is a russian form of measurement, typically for kettlebells: 1 pood = approx. 36lbs, 1.5 poods = 54lbs etc.! Now you know! :)

Adorable and yummy!

Any stuffed pepper recipe will do: I like black beans, quinoa, brown rice, asparagus, cheddar cheese and tons of other goodies in my stuffed peppers. Play around to see what works for you, or use the recipe below from All Recipes.


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Just wanted to give a shout-out to my bad-ass nephew and his awesome attitude this Halloween.

This was the first year my nephew went out for Halloween as a diabetic. As some parents know, with all the candy it can be daunting for first time diabetics to head out trick or treating. It’s hard to tell a 7 year old what he can and can’t eat on the daily, let alone on Halloween: the sugar holiday of the year. But to keep him at home while all his friends headed out is just cruel. So out he went, with some rules in place. My sister was nervous, I was nervous, but there was no need.

He went out. Had a great time. He got tons and tons of candy. He came home. He chose the 10 candies he was allowed to keep, then packed the rest in loot bags for his friends and teachers. He then took his bag, went up to my sister… and sold her the rest. For a rather nice profit.

Ah-mazing. :)

Not only was it a great way for him to enjoy his holiday, but he also became Mr. Popular with the candy he handed out the next day. Plus, he’s rolling in it. Entrepreneur at 7 years old.

In case you needed a little motivation to stay away from YOUR candy (or your kids candy), use his example. It’s not easy for a 7 year old to give away his Halloween candy, but he did. Because it was what was best for him.

Just something to think about!


Kids With Diabetes and Halloween Treats

Happy Halloween!

When it comes to candy gone ‘bad’ is normal to take one look and say ‘ugh, NO THANK YOU’. Sure, it’s not appetizing to look at, and you might rather lick your shoe than take a bite, but if you DID eat it, would it be safe? The short answer is…. YES.

But I think it’s still gross. Ew….


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Sweating to my Halloween Playlist! Playing around with some Halloween workout ideas. Tonight’s circuit:
  • ZOMBIE Kick Runs (arms out stretched, straight leg mini-kicks). Fast as I can for 60 seconds, then slow hops from side to side, raising the leg higher.
  • DEMON Drags (Pillow under my feet (or knees) in pushup position. Crawl fwd & back using only arms). This is a push & pull exercise: contract those abs!
  • Squatted TIP TOE Marches. In squat, tip toe fwd & back. Faster the better, but don’t make a peep!
  • DEADMAN Burpees (completely to the ground - dead, then back up). 
  • RISE FROM THE DEAD Roll Ups (lie on back, roll up to standing. Bonus: keep arms outreached in Zombie pose). Bonus points for Zombie faces.
  • OGRE/MONSTER jumps (tuck jumps with an Arrrgh. Land deep in the squat. Act like an Ogre). 
  • BLACK CAT stretches (Curl back up then back down in CAT POSE)
  • and of course, the entire THRILLER dance choreography. Which I have memorized.

Doing each move for 1-2 minutes, capped off with the Thriller dance. Repeated 3 times, this is gonna be a fun workout.

Sometimes I need to remind myself that this is WORK, lol. :)

Beware… this is terrifyingly delicious.

Fell in love with the Vegan Yack Attack site awhile ago, and I’ll be trying this recipe this weekend (I’m overloaded on pumpkin. Can you tell by my posts?).

Tip: A great way to save money is to buy veggies in season and buy TONS of them. You can make pumpkin soup, sorbet, sauce and more to freeze for later.  Before Halloween’s over, pick up a few extra ones at the market and take an afternoon to make yourself cheap & healthy eats for the winter. Most foods will keep for up to 6 months if stored properly (airtight containers).


  • 2 cups Frozen Pumpkin (Not pumpkin filling! Pure pumpkin)
  • 1/2 Cup Non-Dairy Milk
  • 3 Tbsp. Maple Syrup (or agave)
  • 1 Tbsp. Pumpkin Pie Spice


  1. Throw all of the ingredients in either a high-speed blender or food processor and puree until very smooth. Then, as I mentioned either eat it then as soft serve or freeze it for a little bit to get a more ice cream feel.

See more tips & pics here.

(photo by Vegan Yack Attack)

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