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Little Girl Questions The Marketing Of Toys

"Some girls like superheroes, some girls like princesses! Some boys like superheroes, some boys like princesses! So why do all the girls have to buy pink stuff and all the boys have to buy different color stuff?"

Love it!

A lot of what we learn about gender-appropriateness comes through marketing (and through our early interactions), so allowing kids opportunities to question that marketing might allow them to explore who they are and what they like: not who they should be, and what they should want. I’m particularly sensitive to little boys who prefer Barbies (and the trauma caused by ripping Barbies from their tiny hands and telling them they’re for ‘girls’), since there’s to be more homophobic pressure on little fellas (including the fear that they’ll be judged on the playground for their choices). But the messages we send girls can be just as important. It really is telling - a peek at the background and you’d swear she was swimming in a sea of pink.

Some boys like princesses. Some girls like superheros. It does NOTHING to them to explore these options, but it does have lasting effects to deny them their preferences and reinforce gender stereotypes early on.

It IS a good question Riley. Hope you got what YOU wanted for Christmas, pink or no. :)

There’s nothing girly about them. :)

When we label moves, classes or exercises as ‘girly’, it allows 2 things. One: men who might need to do the modification feel weird doing it (and they shouldn’t feel that way). If they’re not ready for more difficult modifications, it can lead to injury and make them averse to trying pushups at all. Two: It allows women to stick with the modification well beyond the point they should. Once they’ve mastered it, they should be trying harder versions. Even trying a few of a harder modification is beneficial to developing upper body AND core strength (for those that didn’t know, pushups are an amazing core exercise). 

Use my guide Working Your Way to Perfect Pushups… to help you master your pushups no matter what your level.

The term ‘girly’ pushups derives from a long ass time ago, where school gym classes accommodated different methods for boys and girls. While it seemed easier to separate it by sex, there’s no need to. Pushups should be separated by fitness level and ability. While it’s true that men generally have more upper body strength to start with, that doesn’t mean that women have none. It also doesn’t mean that there aren’t women out there who can out pushup plenty of men, and men out there who should start against a wall and NOT on the mat.

Work on your terminology! Next time you hear the term ‘girly’ pushup leave your lips or anyone else’s, take a second to correct yourself! MODIFIED pushups please. (same goes for words like ‘sissy’, ‘easy’, ‘wimpy’, ‘wussy’, or anything else than implies ‘less than awesome’. Stick to modified).

Go at your own pace and level, and work your way up, no matter what your gender. Boys, get on your knees or go against a wall if you’re still working on building your strength up to full pushups. Ladies, get off your knees if modified pushups are getting too easy! Don’t limit yourself when it comes to your fitness. :)

Bad Ass! Chinese Male Cheerleader Kills It During Routine!

Watch as this male cheerleader kills it during a recent game. Not only does he keep up with the girls, but he’s fierce as hell doing it!

Don’t know his name, but it’s nice to see how the crowds cheer him on, skirt and all. Way to represent!

Love the kicks!

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