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Sadly, this only applies if you’re living in the US. But, I think it’s awesome.

If you pay for shipping, Seeds of Change will send you enough seeds for you and your neighbors to share.

More than enough. You’ll get 25 packets of seeds (about 6250) and pay only shipping fees ($4.99). Well worth the money.

Seeds of Change is giving away 100 million organic seeds in the Sowing Millions Project. Individuals receive 25 packets of seeds (about 6,250 seeds) and pay only $4.99 shipping. It’s a great opportunity to spread the seeds around.

Read more here.

***UPDATE: Thanks to a MASSIVE Social Media push, all the seeds have been given away! Please visit their website to see the other ways in which you can help build a healthier world: Seeds of Change

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Wishing you mega-self-loving & hope you’re spoiling yourself!

- Chichi Kix

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