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There IS a middle ground! Your fitness does not have to be meticulously planned and scheduled. It does not have to coincide with counting macro-nutrient ratios, points or calories. It does not have to be what you live and breathe from the moment you wake up. The “other choice” doesn’t have to be doing nothing, or waiting until you are ready to take on all of the above, all at once… forever!

Some people thrive off of macro-nutrient profiles and specific exercise schedules. That’s awesome! There is nothing wrong with loving those things. But if you feel overwhelmed at all of that, or it isn’t your passion— rather you just want to work on being more fit and feeling better… you don’t have to do all of that.

I’m passionate about my fitness. It helps me keep depression at bay, it makes me feel calm when I need it and amped up when I need the jolt. I do it because it feeds me, but I don’t need to stress about it. Stress about my stress reliever? No thanks. I do what feels good, I do what suits my day, I have rough plans and see what happens. And sometimes I go on kicks where I’m curious about all of the above stuff and I do a grip of planning. But usually I don’t.

There is room in being a fit, healthy, active person for, “I think I just need a walk today” and for “I was going to lift but I just want to dance.” And thinking about it this way, instead of stressing about what would be the “perfect’ or “right” way leaves room for it to enrich your life instead of mock you. Pretty cool.

Excerpt from 'I Gained Weight' via Fit Mama Training

So I’ve taken more rest days in the last month than I have in almost 2 years.  Not being able to workout is really hard for me.  It has become a very important part of my mental health and I look forward to it (almost) everyday.It makes me feel strong, refreshed, clear-headed, calm and powerful.  I did not feel those things lying on the couch with a box of kleenex.

Holidays happened.  I ate well.  And by well I mean prime rib and mashed potatoes.  I had every intention of eating the amazing holiday food, just not all the mediocre stuff before.  And that I did. 

My stomach has also been jacked up in this mess so I wasn’t able to rest and eat lots of fresh produce.  I don’t know about you, but when my stomach is churning a big leafy spinach pile doesn’t sound like a good idea.

So I gained weight.  Not a lot.  My measurements have changed.  Not a lot.  But I am bigger than I was at the beginning of last month.  Here’s the kicker. 

I don’t give a shit.

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"‎Easy for you to say you should like your body."

Well if you saw me in person and wanted to be an asshole you could pick me apart just as you could anyone else. I have stretch marks from carrying a baby, cellulite on the back of my thighs, wiggly parts I’d like to be less so… blah blah blah. But I didn’t start feeling good about myself because I lost a grip of weight. I lost the weight because I started feeling good about myself. I decided to like myself. And I wake up everyday and make that decision again for my daughter’s sake.

It was that choice that lead me to love myself enough to put the work into ME that resulted in weight loss. Losing weight will not make you happy. And it will not make you like your body. That’s the stuff that’s in your head. Working on that is the first step.

It’s really hard not to love her. :) Check out more Fit Mama here!

Did you miss the pics of the custom Fit Villains hoodie she sent me?! If you want one too, there’s a link to her bad ass store

Look who LOVES her new hoodie! SMILES FOR MILES!

Fit Mama Training you’re THE BEST!!!! (It’s not clear, but that’s ‘Fit Villains Chichi on the front y’all!) The back ‘How You Feel About Me Is Between You And Your Self-Esteem’.

Took my new gear out for a spin by the canal today! Love. Love. Love.


Fit Villains: Chichi "How You Feel About Me Is Between You And Your Self Esteem” Jr. Hoodie!

Got a MEGA Surprise this weekend when Fit Mama Training shared a LIMITED edition ”Fit Villains” Jr. Hoodie! I LOVE & live by the motto (and already have 2 of the gym bags with the same slogan).

Who’s a happy girl with a new hoodie? ME!

It won’t be around forever: this is a limited time deal! If you’re interested, order yours now! Browse through the store for other very cute options (including these adorable “Lunge. Squat. Repeat” boy briefs!


LIMITED edition ”Fit Villains” Jr. Hoodie

Gym Bag

Lunge. Squat. Repeat. Boy Briefs

Honestly, can’t say I’m prouder to be on her “team” than I am today. :)

Last week, I shared Fit Mama Training’s 'non-model bashing' post to a HUGE response. It deserved it, and many of you seemed to connect with the idea that we don’t have to knock each other down to raise each other up. However, some of you did not.

There were (very few) negative, and some downright mean responses to the post by women who felt Victoria Secret was absolutely responsible for their body image and their models, soldiers in a war against ‘real women’. Some of you implied that since we (Mama, myself and several of you lot) don’t see it that way, we simply didn’t see the bigger picture.

I assure you, that’s not the case. We see the bigger picture. We’re just turning inward to gain a little more power over it. And doing so in a body-loving way. To me, it’s downright hypocritical to defend and sympathize with women who are bullied for being overweight and not offer the same compassion or stance to those on the other end of the spectrum. Bullying and name calling, specifically commenting on someone else’s body, are NOT things I’m down with. I think I’ve proven that time and time again. It simply doesn’t make sense to me, to have a world where women spend more time demonizing and attacking each other, than rallying together to improve our own situation. We can WIN. But we won’t if we’re name calling, hair pulling and body bashing on our way to battle. WE’RE SETTING OURSELVES UP FOR FAILURE.

Mama followed up with an equally worthy guest post from a recovering anorexic who responded to the model bashing. It broke my heart a little, was inspiring in it’s own right and epitomized why I don’t engage in body bashing of any kind. It also is a reminder to those who use of the word ‘anorexic’ as a put down that there is oh-so-much-more to it. I applaud the guest author. Very brave.

But the nasty comments continued. There were so few on my end, but they still bothered me. Sharing a post that came 100% from my body-loving-for-all heart and having it answered back with even more girl-on-girl hate was tough. But ‘living’ in internet land comes with a double edged sword: not everyone will agree with you. And in the end, I think that’s a GOOD thing.

This weekend, I went back and forth trying to write a follow-up piece that would explain how you can simultaneously agree that the modeling industry needs some changing WITHOUT bashing bodies and why I felt so strongly that we aren’t slaves to the beauty ideal: we have the power to change how we react to it. How we (women) are on the same side. I kept fumbling my words because it’s something I feel so passionately about, and words I didn’t want twisted. And then, Mama, in all her Fittie glory, posted the exact words I wanted to say… out of her own sassy mouth, of course.

I implore you to read it, and to PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT on her blog if you support it. Click on the link above to read the full post. Here’s an excerpt..

"When I say “Victoria’s Secret is not responsible for your body image” I don’t mean it doesn’t impact it.  I also don’t mean that you are a shitty, bitter person if it does.  I responded in anger.  Because what I was seeing in posts was women attacking women.  Not the beauty myth.  Not the company.  Not marketing.  But other women.

When I say they aren’t responsible for your body image I’m attacking the power we as individuals attach to it.  I don’t know how to dismantle all the messages we receive from the cradle on that we aren’t good enough.  It’s a really loud message.  It comes from everywhere.  Nothing we do matters unless we do it while living up to a very narrow beauty ideal.  Models are also women.  I’d be shocked if most of them haven’t at some point if not regularly felt terrible about their appearance and subsequently their worth due to these same messages.

This is a very profitable ideal.  And we buy it.  We buy the new American lifestyle of food that isn’t food and overwhelming inactivity.  We counteract this with diet pills, disordered eating (different from eating disorders but damn it I can only take on so much here in one post) and most recently drastic caloric restrictions along with a daily hormone injection.  *How’s that for touching on a lot at once.*  I don’t say this to put us down.  You aren’t stupid if you are buying into this stuff.  I’m merely expounding ever so slightly on the macro issues that contribute to our current state and illustrating that there are a lot of shareholders in this.  Lots and lots of people literally buy stock in our low self esteems.

So I’m saying fuck that.  Not the models.  Not Victoria’s Secret.  Not diet pills.  Fuck the idea that you aren’t good enough.  Fuck the idea that you aren’t beautiful enough.  Fuck the idea that you aren’t enough.  You are enough. Exactly as you are.

Is it easier said than done?  Yes.  But some how I went from suicidal notions over my body and deeply rooted jealousy toward anyone I felt “measured up” more than me to a grounding sense of self worth in every aspect of my person.  Including beauty.

I did this by deciding I was good enough.  As I was.  The rest of that journey involved testing my physical limitations and surpassing them.  Measuring my body by improvements in strength and performance which makes me feel strong and not by comparisons to magazines.  And I didn’t suddenly start waiving the “you are good enough” flag after I lost 100lbs.  This has been my soap box for many years, I just finally got through to myself.  I could see so clearly that all the other women were good enough.  I needed to believe that I was.  And from there I was able to finally treat my body, my life, my relationships and my goals with the care and compassion of someone who believes that deserve great things.”


Bottom line; I think calling thin women “unreal” is shitty.  Lifting yourself up doesn’t have to come from putting others down.  And if you are concerned about the messages the media sends to girls, perhaps you should consider the one that comes from your own mouth first.  And it would be way awesome if that message wasn’t to verbally abuse those who make you feel insecure.

You are totally beautiful.  Don’t be an asshole.


God, I love her. Read the full post (it’s a MUST read) here.

Bodies in motion, stay in motion. Bodies at rest, stay at rest. In spite of all my reasons to NOT workout this morning I committed to doing chest/triceps and ended up doing that, plyo, running with the dog, 3 loads of laundry and dishes.

And I guarantee if I had told myself “just 20 minutes on the couch” I would have spent the WHOLE morning there. Get moving! Even a little! And you will keep moving! BAM.

A little motivation from Fit Mama Training!

I recently skipped my 10 year reunion. I felt okay about it, I mean with Facebook it’s hard to say 'What are you up to?' because you already know. But still, I remember fantasizing about my 10 year reunion on graduation day, and how much I looked forward to it. But I feel better about it having read this post from Fit Mama.

I know some of you are well past your high school days, some of you are just out of it, and some of you are still in the thick of high school madness. This is a great read to let you know that high school is NOT what defines you and if it’s a shitty time, it DOES get better. So much better.

There will come a time when you look back on high school and say ‘what the hell was I so worried about’ and ‘why the hell did I waste so much time caring what others thought’. There will come a time when everything that makes you feel sad, crazy, happy, weird and not-good-enough will seem almost funny. Because once you get out, you realize that the world is oh-so-much bigger than the walls and social structures that enclose(d) you.

As much as possible: be yourself, love yourself and work on not letting the opinion of others dictate your self worth. It takes work, but the sooner you start, the sooner life becomes more awesome. And if you’re out of high school, but still working on it: keep going! It’s a lifelong battle, but one you CAN win.

And that’s bad ass, ladies.

Be sure to visit Fit Mama’s bad ass store and get your hands on a swanky gym bag like I did.

More from Fit Mama:

So my high school reunion was last weekend.  There were lovely balloon arrangements, pizza and beer.  I felt like shit.

I know I wasn’t “supposed” to.  I lost a grip of weight, created a beautiful family and started a business.  I am the person who is supposed to be stoked to go back and show everyone what I’m up to, right?  I wasn’t.

High school was not fun for me.  I had fun in high school, but mostly in spite of it.  I went to the kind of large school where if you wanted to be on the dance squad, you needed to have years of dance experience.  Team sports for me were out of the question with my lack of athletic ability.  I stuck to the journalism room and had fun with my friends outside of school activities.  This was a time in my life where feeling “invisible” began to get pretty intense.  But that is a feeling I brought with me, as I remember feeling the same way in my preschool ballet class (where I gave up my “ballerina dreams” because I was too fat, at four).  I was overweight, no one’s homecoming candidate and the type of chick that other kids could sit next to all year in class and not remember in the hallways.  This was how I experienced high school.  I’m sure this isn’t everyone’s perception of me during that time.  But perception is reality and those demons ruled my reality.

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I’m sure most of you are aware that Chichi Kix is my alter-ego. You were, right? Hope I didn’t just burst some bubbles, lol.

We’re not really all that different: but on days when I’m feeling a little more human, than super-human, being ‘Kix’ is my motivation to pull myself up & move forward.

Chichi Kix rocks. She’s bad ass. She forces me to see the positive, to not let myself spiral down negative paths, to get myself moving, to be a better person. For a long time she was a character I created to represent the things I felt I was lacking. When I didn’t feel like getting up and working out, I thought ‘What would Chichi Kix do?” And oddly enough, somewhere along the way, I found out that we were one in the same. She just likes wearing capes more.

I am Chichi Kix. Chichi Kix is me.

I’ve gotten SO much out of my own alter-ego, that I thought: maybe other people should do the same. On days when you don’t feel so ‘amazing’, what if you had an alter ego to slip into that HAD the strength to do the things you don’t feel like doing? Imagine that. This applies to life, not just to fitness. A character who was fearless, strong, confident, happy, positive, energetic, full of life etc… If you don’t feel like you can BE those things (yet), allowing your character to take over can often be easier. And the bonus? You start to realize that you, as yourself, are able to be that person also.

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How you feel about me, is between you and your self esteem - Erin Brown, Fit Mama Training

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you may have seen this quote floating around before. Some quotes just ‘stick’ to you, and it’s MY favorite quote of 2011. PLUS, the lady who put it out in the world is one of my biggest, fitness personality crushes and I’m proud to call her my buddy!

My friend Erin from Fit Mama Training just released a TON of awesome, sassy fitness swag in her new store, and I really think you guys will LOVE them. There’s something for everyone, they’re affordable, and best of all? They’re inspired with a ‘healthy with love’ attitude that just makes you wanna hug her, high kick and break out in lady-loving fist pumps.

Fit Mama Training Store

Head on over, take a looksie and get yourself some sassy swag like I did this morning. Bought the gym bag, but I’m seriously drooling over a new hoodie I think… and a stainless steel water bottle… and maybe a tank top, ohhhh and there’s STICKERS.

Tumblr, we have a problem.:)


Excerpt from Confessions Of A Former Fatty

Disclaimer: The following contains a series of admissions that would probably have been extremely embarrassing to me at any other time in my life.  However I now find myself at this refreshing stage where I feel compelled to be completely honest about who I am, have been and want to be.   I wish I could say with 100% conviction that I don’t care what anyone thinks of me, but I do.  I get my feelings hurt from time to time, and I wish I didn’t.  But I do understand how little other people’s opinions really matter.  The only person who you know will go to bed and wake up with you everyday is you.

So with all that said I proceed with the following proclamation.  I used to be fat.  Not can’t sit in one airplane seat fat, but definitely annoy the person sitting next to me with the size of my rear fat.  Now that the size of my body has changed it is easier for me to speak freely about what that was like.

When I say I used to be fat I mean always.  Until recently.  I remember being the girl kids would chant “boom bada boom bada,” when I walked across the classroom.  My nick name was “Buffalo Butt” to which I routinely pointed out “Look at a buffalo, they actually have small butts!” but as you may imagine, this was not the kind of witty banter that may make a 2nd grader reconsider his actions.  I would get physically ill at the thought of gym days on the off chance we might have to try to do something particularly physical, like climb the rope, in front of the class.

Gosh, I love her. Read the full post here & leave lovely comments!

Follow Fit Mama Training on Facebook & Twitter too, k? Tell her I say HI….

Ladies & Gentlemen of the Blog-o-sphere,

Women’s Health is holding a Blog Contest where you can nominate your favorite bloggers!

  • You can nominate yourself, a friend or your favorite bloggers from around the web.
  • There’s no limit to your entries! You can vote as many times as you like until the end of March.
  • They’re looking for the best fitness, health, weight loss, and lifestyle blogs on the web.


So in the spirit of kick ass blogs, my first vote goes to…

Fit Mama Training!

( You can also find her on Facebook & Twitter

"Aside from being real, authentic & kick ass, she offers fabulous info, insights & motivation for those who want to be physically & mentally healthier. Every post is a treat, she’s not shy from controversy & your mom will probably like her. Addicted! Go Fit Mama!" - Chichi Kix

Erin’s awesome. So awesome it hurts, but in the REALLY good way. She’s fierce, fearless & also really nice. Be sure to get your ass on her blog, FB & Twitter NOW. You won’t regret it, I pinky swear. You can hear all about her kick ass story here. The video is well worth it.

Some of my FAVORITE self-loving Fit Mama posts!

  1. turns out, you are already stupid hot.

  2. An open letter to Rush Limbaugh

  3. Losing weight isn’t all that.

Enjoy the self-love!

Be sure to get your butts to Women’s Health to vote for yourself or your favorite bloggers! Spread the word! The more votes the better.


- Chichi Kix

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