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I’m not a huge Dancing With The Stars fan (I’m a ‘So You Think You Can Dance girl), but I will be watching for one very, very specific celeb this year.

Ladies and gentlemen, Urkel is BACK!

Jaleel White (formerly Steve Urkel OR Stephan Urquelle) will join the 11 other celebs as they dance their way through the season. To be honest, the list is a wee bit boring (he’s the only one I’m rooting for) but you never know what’ll happen!

And psst - he’s looking rather hawt these days, no?

Fitness/sports buffs being represented include…

  • Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver, 37
  • Tennis player Martina Navratilova
  • Tomboy, sporty TV host Maria Menounous
Hope he does well enough to stay and do a number with suspenders! If you’ve ever wondered where Kanye West gets his style, it’s from the Urkel. (if this old Family Matters clip is ANY indication, we have a winner on our hands. Is is sad that I remembered ALL the words and that it’s on my iPod?).

See the rest of the list.

New fitness DVD’s, fresh outta the mail!

I’m a dancer at heart, but don’t have much time to head out to a regular dance class. I love dance DVD’s, and often use them for fun or motivation: they’re a great way to challenge my muscles in different ways, learn something new, work on my coordination and have fun while doing it.

I already own a few DVD’s from the Dancing With The Stars series and liked them a lot. They are a great way to ease stress and get a little sweat time in, alone or with friends. Amazon thought I’d like these too, and sent them over on the house! I’ll be doing them later today, and I’ll write up my review for ya!

If you’re interested, you can pick up the DVD’s on Amazon for less than $10 a piece (I checked out a few stores in my area, and they ran about $12.99 or so. It would have been cheaper to order them on Amazon, even with the shipping costs. If you’re on a budget, always check online and in your local stores, BUT you might want to consider craigslist! Lots of people clear out fitness DVD’s and sell them for RIDICULOUSLY cheap! Equipment too - but be careful of mats & non-plastic, non-metal materials. Always clean them thoroughly - bacteria builds).

Dancing with the Stars: Dance Body Tone

Dancing with the Stars: Latin Cardio Dance

What new DVD’s have you tried? Loved them? Hated them?

How can you NOT love Kirstie Alley?

On Letterman this week, Kirstie talks about her weight loss, her dancing days, and.. ahem… those fat jokes.

She dives right into it around 2:15. See her explain how she felt about Dave’s jokes and confront him head on with the jokes.

Love her. Great sense of humor about it!

P.S. - She looks FAB. FABOOSH!

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