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Body Rock TV unleashed a brand new App for iPhone today! You can download yours FREE in the App store. From what I gather, Android is coming very soon! I’ll keep you posted.


  • Body Rock workouts, streamed right to your phone.
  • Ability to ‘favorite’ your workouts, and keep them saved.
  • Ability to chat with other body rockers, read comments and updates.
  • Map feature which shows you BodyRockers in your area (you’ll need to allow location services).
  • Newsfeed, including photos, video & status updates.
  • Body Rocking progress pic gallery from other users.
  • VERY COOL: You can snap a selfie with the body rock logo overlayed. (You can save to your phone or post in the community).
  • Scan QR codes to unlock exclusive content. We’ll see what that means fairly soon I guess!

Download the App here.

Body Rock Flow: Backbend pushups?!!

I tried it… and DID it. But it wasn’t pretty, lol. Focusing a bit more on back flexibility lately and my back bend has improved. However, at 5ft 2in, my limbs simply don’t give me enough space to lower down very far in the pushup, lol. Just happy I wasn’t hurt! (Note: NOT for everyone!)

New Body Rock Flow is UP! Give it a try by following the instructions above. :)

Try it! One Arm Lift

Lay on your belly with your legs wide apart. Put one hand under your shoulder and the other hand on your butt. Squeeze the muscles in your arm and the muscles surrounding your arm (in chest, armpit, back).

Press with your arm to get your upper body up and than lift your hips up towards the sky. Keep your back straight and your abs contracted. Reverse the movement and get back to the starting position.

Do 5 reps on each arm.


Bad Ass ‘At Home’ Tools: Dip Stands!

There’s a reason why it’s a Body Rock fav!

Dip Stands are incredibly versatile and make a range of exercises possible without heavy, awkward and space consuming equipment. The dip stand can allow you to target your abs, shoulders, triceps, biceps, chest, back, booty & thighs in ways that floor work and weights simply cannot.

It supports up to 300 pounds, is suitable for users up to 6’ 5” tall, and can be stored underneath your bed.

At about $97 bucks, it’s a bit pricier than other tools out there, but it MORE than makes up for it in terms of usefulness. Hundreds of exercise options, a lot of variety and a great way to train intensely out of the gym.

Click here for a video guide to Body Rock workouts featuring the Dip Station!

BodyRockTv has started a new ‘flow’ class to help with flexibility & recovery! Follow the BodyRock.Tv Flow page for updates and routines.

(And P.S - I think the new host is made of silly putty. Whhhaaaaat?!)

I don’t know how many of you follow the “drama” going on at BodyRockTv (NOT drama caused by the lovely folks running the site, but rather by those who USE their FREE service to get in shape). Some of the comments are truly upsetting, and while change is never easy, it’s all about how you react to that change.

I’ve been Body Rockin’ a long time, and I love their workouts AND their challenges. It’s truly passion that drives them: something that inspires me on a day to day basis. People seem to forget that these are FREE workouts for their fans: it’s not a job they have to do, it’s a PASSION they are following.

I know the internet is a dumping ground for ANYONE to quickly spew what they need to and then click off without a thought, but there’s far too much hating, and not nearly enough loving (haters need to be loud to drown out their insecurity). If you don’t like it, there’s no shortage of online workouts to choose from. Move on. But if you’re a fan like I am, please send them some well deserved lovin’.

At the end of the day, we’re all people. Real people with feelings. And while it’s okay to have opinions (and we have plenty of mediums to voice them), it’s NOT okay to bully anyone or to put people down. Especially people who are working hard, day and night, to HELP you.

Just a thought.:)

Body peace & love to everyone.

Hot Right Now (Body Rock TV) - 30 Minute Interval Workout

This is my workout today (and I’m a little nervous! Looks intense!).

For this workout, equipment is optional, but if you have it you’ll need a jump rope (optional), a timer, a sandbag or dumbbells, and a killer atttude. There are 11 main exercises, each followed by a high knee jump rope interval.

Set your timer for (10 seconds rest, 50 seconds work) x 22. Total time (including a 5 minute warm up & 3 minute cooldown) is about 30 minutes.

UPDATE: The site was down and I had assumed the intervals were 10/50, but bigberta let me know that the intervals are actually 10/30. I did them at 10/50 and was WIPED, BUT it was do-able! Choose either one: 50 was intense, but since some of the moves are complicated, I still only managed a few reps on each side with the 50 second intervals (example: side burpees with elbow/knee side plank). The workout time was significantly shorter with the 30 second intervals instead.

WATCH THE VIDEO above for modifications and instructions. (The Body Rock site is currently down, but will be back up shortly).

New To Body Rock TV? Where To Get The Right Tools (And How You Can ‘Fake’ It If You’re Short On Cash)


Some of these moves can get quite complicated, but they don’t need to be. If they’re too hard for you, watch the video for the modifications (skip ahead) or stick to moves that you already KNOW. One of the issues Body Rockers have had, is that the exercises are too complicated to remember mid-workout: I LOVE that Lisa also uses stick figures to remember her moves (in addition to writing them down, I also draw little stick man diagrams so I remember what the words meant - GREAT tip if you’re doing a complicated circuit for the first time).

Another tip: when I program workouts into my Gymboss timer, I name each WORKOUT for reference (this one obviously is ‘Hot Right Now’) AND name each INTERVAL after the exercise it represents (instead of just leaving it blank for 10 or 50 seconds, I’ll write ‘High Knee Runs’, ‘Rest’ or ‘Spiderman Pushups’). It takes a little longer, but I end up with pre-designed workouts I ALWAYS have on me for later, much like the Nike Training App. Works on both the free Gymboss App AND the clip on timer.

You can kill this! I promise!

Remember that to see the body you want, you need to put in the work. If you’re overthinking it, or lacking motivation, STOP thinking and just press play. It takes just a little effort and about 5-10 minutes before your body might feel ready to tackle the workout on its own; start somewhere!


I LOVE Body Rock TV workouts. They’re fast, effective, and suitable for all fitness levels (I know some of them look nutty, but don’t be intimidated! There are ways to modify everything and if you’re not sure how, ask me!).

When Body Rock first started, equipment was kept to a minimum and the workouts were mostly body weight based. While they still offer amazing body weight exercises, more and more of their workouts incorporate equipment that you may not have at home. This has left some Body Rockers feeling as though they can’t keep up and newbies confused about what to do. (Keep in mind, there’s no reason to feel that way! Most of the equipment based exercises have body weight alternatives that are just as effective).

When there’s a will, there’s a way. You can mimic the equipment if you don’t have them on hand, or simply do your own thing. But, since the gear they use aren’t items you’re likely to find at your local store, I’ve added links below to show you where to pick them up online. I really do LOVE my Body Rock equipment (and do recommend picking up a few), and they are the best option to make sure you have quality equipment that you’ll use for a LONG time. But when I started, their equipment wasn’t in my budget and I had to make do with what I had on hand.

Whether you’re looking to invest in something new, or trying to find alternatives that are in line with your budget, there are ways to get the same benefit from the workouts using materials you have around the house.

BODY ROCK TOOLS (and budget friendly ways to fake ‘em).

1. The Dip Station

It seems like every other Body Rock workout is using the dip station these days, and with good reason. It’s a versatile piece of equipment, with a range of exercises to keep your whole body challenged. It’s also easy to assemble and portable (unlike a chin up bar). From abs to reverse pushups, there’s little you can’t do with the dip station.

There are tons of expensive models out there (up to $200), but the Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand will run you less than half of that. (I’ve seen it for slightly cheaper on some other sites, but the shipping cost ends up making the purchase more expensive. The link above is for Amazon, and shipping is free for most locations, saving you more moola in the end - check out the details before you buy).

Fake It: Before I had my station, I used 2 sturdy surfaces & a metal broomstick rod (must be metal, or sturdy enough to support your weight. I don’t recommend wood or plastic - they snap and bend). I’d move my two couches back to back, and make a space for me to fit in between. The couches were sturdy and heavy enough that they didn’t move, which made me feel safe. I’d use the stick for reverse pullups, and just my hands on the back of the couches for ab work or leg lifts. Some kitchens have parallel counters that can also work, and chairs are another option (though it’s important you make sure they won’t move - weights at their bases, or up against the wall can work too. Tip: place a pillow or soft surface below you if you’re not sure that it will hold and be careful! I feel confident using mine, but I have no way to tell if your D.I.Y station is SAFE.

2. The Gymboss Interval Timer

Literally, a Body Rock staple (and something everyone should have). It’s lightweight, clips on, and is pre-programmable. Most Body Rock workouts follow the same interval patterns, so it’s unlikely you’ll need to change your timers for each workout. You can also invest in a Gymboss ARMBAND if your workout wear isn’t clip friendly. What sets it apart from a regular stopwatch is really just the beeps and being able to save the intervals: we respond better, push ourselves harder and get a better workout when there seems to be a sense of ‘urgency’. For less than $20, it’s not a bad investment and one you will use for a LONG time.

Fake it: interval timer Apps (including GymBoss), online programs and stopwatches are all easy & free options. Even egg timers can help, though it’s annoying to reset them. Personally, I find the beeps really motivating, so the App is the best free option for me (though I don’t like to have my phone with me at the gym: hence why the clip on timer is better for gym time).

3. The Sand Bag

Another Body Rock staple. The sandbag is different than weights, and you can swing it, push it, heave it, carry it on your shoulders and more. Because if it’s shape and weight distribution, it can target more muscle groups (instability) and is a wee bit more versatile (easier to throw on your back, do example). You also don’t have to worry about damaging your floors when you put it down. This model is the cheapest I’ve seen that comes WITH the weight (four packs of 10lbs, that you can insert yourself). Plus, it has handles.

Fake it: I used to wrap my dumbbells in pillows (literally put them INSIDE the pillow) and then stuff them in an old strudy gym bag. The handles weren’t usually strong enough, so I used old belts to wrap around the bag. It wasn’t pretty, and I can’t say I didn’t need to mend my bag from time to time, but for most moves it was a decent alternative. Spread the weight out evenly, use towels or pillows as a buffer, and reinforce the whole thing with a pillowcase before strapping on the belts.

Ugi Fitness Ball (8-12lbs)

The Ugi is another tool that Body Rockers can’t live without. Essentially, it’s like a medicine ball, but softer and squishier. It’s also portable, comes in a few colors, and is perfect for functional training.

Fake It: A regular medicine ball will do just fine and cost you significantly LESS, though it’s not as squishy. Small sized stability balls filled with sand/water can also mimic the Ugi (though I highly advise you tape/seal it up tighter with reinforcements. 

Tomorrow Morning: BOOTY CHALLENGE!

This workout is intense, crazy leg work, with a cardio feel! It’ll torch calories and is done as a time challenge.

Goal: Complete 100 Sumo Squat with Step Ups per leg as fast as you can. 

Take breaks if you need to!

Zuzana’s time: 18:26

Freddy’s time: 15:26

Jess’s time: 11:20

MY time? 10:58!

No matter WHAT your time, write it down and use it as your own score to beat for next time!

Intermediate/Advanced exercisers: aim for 20 minutes or less.

Beginners: start with 50 per side if you need to, more if you can handle it!

GO! Kill it!

Who did the challenge from last week? Anyone beat my score?

If not, that’s okay! Try to beat your own. Do the challenge again, write down your 10 minute score and keep pushing yourself! You’ll get there!

Who’s feeling cray-zay?

This is a 10 minute exercise challenge with only one exercise combo. If you like burpees, this is a challenge for you! The goal is to go as fast as you can, but PACE yourself! 10 minutes is longer than you think.

You’ll need…

  • An interval timer
  • A mat
  • A bottle of water

Modification: if you’re still working up to it, or you need a low impact version for your knees, do a squat instead of a jump and step into your ‘power ups’ instead of jumping back.

Take breaks when you need to, but stop the clock if you do! Aim to do as much as possible, with no more than a 60 second break if you need one.

My score: 64 in 10 minutes. Try to beat it if you can, but no worries if you’re still working up to it! Take your score today and try to beat it again next week. (I’ll be posting this again next Monday!)

KILL IT! Don’t forget to warm up first and stretch afterwards!

For today’s workout, I thought we’d try to go one on one with Zuzana! Don’t be scared, you can tailor this to your own level.

Some of you have mentionned that it’s hard for you to do the interval workouts on your own or without a DVD. No excuses for this one! GET READY TO PUSH PLAY and follow along!

Watch the tutorial before you start: practiving some of the moves can certainly be part of your warm up. Each move will go for 50 seconds, then you’ll rest for 10 seconds. Push yourself: it’s a cardio/strength interval BLAST.

You don’t need ANY equipment: just a mat, a bottle of water and a good attitude. If you don’t want to follow along move for move, you will need an interval timer.

Printable workout & pics here:

Tip: Try to keep up, but take breaks when you need to! It’s intense but do-able! There’s a pause button for a reason.

BEGINNERS: REALLY watch the tutorial for modifications. It’s more important that you do this workout at YOUR OWN LEVEL: you’re already a rock star, you don’t need to compete. :)

Workout: 30 minutes, plus warm up.

Cool down: Try this Tone It Up Stretching routine to stretch and work on your flexibility after you’re done. :)



Get your sweat on! Kill it!


Workout Breakdown

Time: 20min.
Workout Type: Interval training
Exercises: 6 total

Low Jacks max.reps
Get Up max.reps
One Leg Ugi Bridge (left) max.reps
One Leg Ugi Bridge (right) max.reps
Flying Jump Lunge max.reps
Ugi Leg Lift max.reps

See instructions from Body Rock TV here!


So, I started today with a post about kicking my own ass today and I fully intend on doing just that.

Although I’ve been getting my booty workouts in, I’ve been mostly doing them with my bootcamp or with clients. I have FUN, but not everyone is quite at my level. As a result, I’m getting booty work, instead of booty WERK. (we’re all different levels, it’s about pushing yourself as hard as you can).

So, today, THIS is my booty challenge. I can already feel my buns screaming. (Why am I doing this again?)

You don’t need all the equipment: you can do the exercise without the UGI ball, you can do push-ups instead of the modified pull-ups, and you can do everything just body-weight if you have no equipment at all. There’s always a way to modify it to your level.

We can’t all be Zuzana’s!

So, give this a try. I call it booty MURDER.

See the tutorial here:

Hot off the presses! This one was JUST posted.

Quick workout (12 minutes), so no excuses!

Set your Interval Timer for 24 rounds of 10 and 20 second intervals. This workout is a circuit of 4 exercises that you will repeat 6 times. You have just 20 seconds for each exercise and 10 seconds of rest in between so try to really push at your max effort.

Warm up BEFORE this workout. Stretch afterwards.

Zuzana’s Scores 

1) Side Jump Lunge – 17, 18, 18, 16, 18, 17 (with Fit Ball)

2) Pendulum – 36, 35, 35, 32, 34, 34 (with Fit Ball)

3) Sandbag Clean – 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6 (with Sandbag)

4) Ugi Squeeze – 34, 34, 36, 34, 35, 33 (with Fit Ball)

See the 12 minute workout below & more details on the Body Rock site.

Read More

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