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Not everyone is a fan of The Biggest Loser.

Whether it be for their methods, their negativity, or for turning weight loss into a reality show spectacle, some people simply don’t like the show. For me, personally, it’s extreme. None of the methods are methods I’d use with my clients. But the show has changed lives and has motivated a hell of a lot of people to take the first steps towards life saving weight loss. If anything, it serves as a reminder to those who feel hopeless that they can DO IT.

We’re talking extreme weight loss here: not vanity pounds. The majority of contestants chosen for the show have serious medical issues pertaining to their weight and are considered morbidly obese. They aren’t trying to tone their muffin tops, or reduce their cellulite. They’re trying to get their lives back, and some of their stories are heartbreaking. I admit, I cry at least once an episode, especially for the parents who miss their kids (I’m a sucker).

I’ve been watching this season (it MAY have something to do with my crush on Dolvett Quince), but it hasn’t been as good as season’s past. Each week seems to get more and more negative and the inspirational mantras & motivational feel has been tarnished with product placements & producer stirred drama. In the season of ‘No Excuses’, everyone seems to have an excuse for their own, awful behavior. Many of my favorites were voted out early on, and I have yet to find their replacements.

And now, a strike?

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I don’t watch for the trainers, I just LOVE the stories. It’s amazing how much you can connect with the emotion, the journey’s, the heartbreak.

I will miss my Jillian though, but I thought Anna did a decent job! (and Bob looked HOT coming off that helicopter).

Thoughts? Any favorites early on? (I’ve got mine, but I know they’ll change).


I’ll confess. I’ve got a MASSIVE, fit-crush on Bob Harper.

I don’t know if it’s his rugged looks, his country charm or that glint of BDSM mischief in his eyes. Next to Jillian Michaels, he’s known as the ‘nice’ one, but I can guarantee you, there’s nothing ‘nice’ about Bob or his workouts.

His DVD’s are challenging and like me, he appears to be a bit of a squat-a-holic. He clearly enjoys watching people sweat and grunt, in a way that makes my knees weak. With Bob, you can’t complain it’s too hard. The harder it seems, the harder he’ll push. You can tell he likes when you’re right on the verge and he’ll push you to your maximum.

I want him to make me breakfast. Rawwrrrr…

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