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It DOES get better.

Hoping you all feel this way sooner than later, but THIS is exactly what I wish for all of you. It takes time, but I promise: work on it and you’ll get there.

  • There will be a time when you don’t hate your cellulite.
  • There will be a time when your muffin top doesn’t bug you.
  • There will be a time when you won’t care what you look like in pictures.
  • There will be a time when you’ll know that THIN isn’t the end all be all of everything.
  • There will be a time when you will experience body-peace.



Read Brooke Castillo’s poem: It’s Been 10 Years Since I Hated My Body

Since photoshopping’s not the only way to distort your image…

No judgies either way, I use a lot of these tips! Thought it was interesting and wanted to share (kinda tired of ladies hating the way they look in photos too).


Cause we need a little more body-lovin’ up in this bitch…

Some oldies but goodies that might inspire you to treat that body more like a best friend this weekend. 

6 Things You Should Know By Now… 

How To Talk To Little Girls

Body Love Mantra

Let Go Of Cellu-hate

How to Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Why Losing Weight Won’t Change Your Shape

Quote of the day: “How you feel about me is between you and your self-esteem…” - Via Erin Brown, Fit Mama Training

I think it’s funny that even after we try everything, know it doesn’t work & spend money on the most expensive creams that we STILL don’t know that most beauty products are just hope in a jar. $35 hope in a jar. And that’s what we buy.

This is today’s weigh-in! Add your thoughts please!

HEY LADIES! Is it hypocritical to blame a beauty company for false advertising in an ad, when the products themselves SIMULATE false advertising in real life? Fake lashes, skin, tans, lips, fake ___ .
Wondering if we should be responsible for our own research a little. Fair to say that companies shouldn’t post false info, but when that ‘info’ is a photo ad… seems like we should all know better, no?

Weigh in on Facebook & Twitter.

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This is sad. Oh, my heart breaks listening to her.

It’s true that the messages we receive in magazines, television shows & through movies tend to reflect the ideals that ‘thin is in’. It’s also true that this is a problem that seems to pervasive, and affects everyone; men & women alike.

But 6 year olds? Yup. And it’s more of a problem than you probably think.

Unfortunately we can’t control all the messages that kids are exposed to on a daily basis. That’s why it’s important for parents, teachers & other adults to help their children filter through these messages and make sense of them in a healthy way. Kids need to know about photo-shopping. They need to know that eating healthy is good for you, not something you should do only to lose weight. They need to know that people come in ALL shapes & sizes. They need to know that they’re beautiful the way they are.

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LeAnn Rimes is thin & lean. Is she too thin? Does it REALLY matter?

The notion of ‘too thin’ or ‘too fat’ is something that I have trouble with.

Yes, I agree that there are some dangerous looking body types out there. Yes, I agree that our media doesn’t represent female figures realistically (even super models are photoshopped). Yes, I agree that LeAnn is freaking thin. Yes, I agree that there are people who would be healthier if they lost a few (or more than a few) pounds. Yes, I agree that we have a catastrophic, distorted, body-image PROBLEM up in here. What SHOULD women look like?

That’s the issue. There shouldn’t be any standard by which women should be judged. Be it too skinny, too fat, too tall, too thin, too plain, too slutty. We need to stop the cycle. Stop it. Stop it now.

Everyone’s got their own ideal, but no one should be worshiped or criticized for their bodies. In fact, criticizing what someone looks like only lends fuel to the thought that looks matter and are important. Telling LeAnn she’s too skinny, makes it okay for everyone to comment on ANYONE’s body.

I don’t know why she’s thin, if she’s healthy or how she does it. But from the looks (and sounds) of things, she’s happy with her body. Which is a good thing, cause she’s the only one stuck with it, right? I’m not stuck with her body. I’m stuck in mine. And I don’t mind being stuck in mine, most of the time. My body does really, REALLY awesome things!

You need to be happy in the body you have. And at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. In fact, if LeAnn was 50lbs heavier and was just as happy, that’s all that would matter then too.

I wouldn’t want LeAnn Rime’s body. It’s not my style and genetically impossible for me. But I would want her to love her body. And I want everyone who sees her body to love theirs without comparing or judging. And as well intentioned as @AJPatterson1987 is, no girl should be told that someone finds their body scary.

Way to stomp on someone’s day.

EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU SAY SOMETHING ABOUT SOMEONE’S BODY, YOU ARE JUDGING THEM. And while some women are strong enough (or learning to be strong enough) to ignore it, not all of us can.

I’ve had women tell me (TO MY FACE) that they would hate to have muscles, or they’re scared that muscles make them less feminine somehow. Now, I don’t look like a body builder AT ALL, but you can see my shoulder muscles. You can see my biceps. I’ve got muscles. Deal with it. And while I’m sure it wasn’t their intention, I felt suddenly judged for a body that I’m proud of, and have worked hard for. I went from feeling fat, to being too fit. Oh well. I CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE, but I can please myself. And I do, thank you very much. GO me!

Let me clarify; being happy has NOTHING to do with being thin. It has EVERYTHING to do with your attitude and how you feel. No matter what your size, shape, genes or status, learning to love yourself has very little to do with the pounds.

You see a lot of people comparing themselves to celebrities, or saying ‘I’ll be happy when I’m thin’. You’ll also find people who feel free to comment on other people’s bodies ‘She’s too thin’ or ‘she’s gained weight’ or ‘her muscles make her look like a man’.

Stop it. Stop it now.

We NEED to stop talking/commenting on each others bodies. No matter what your size, it’s never a good idea to tell others how they should look. All it does is add to the pressure that we should all be concerned about how others judge us. It allows others to judge our bodies. Do unto others, etc.

It doesn’t matter WHAT you look like; these two things are always true, whether you’re 110lbs or 300lbs, skinny or muscular, curvy or otherwise.

1. There are people who would kill for YOUR body. Yes yours. As it is NOW.

2. There are people who don’t want your body or the body that you want. It’s not what they’re looking for.

No one has the right to tell someone how they should look. Even if you think it’s unhealthy, hate the game not the player.

Speak up about unrealistic portrayals of women. Speak up about eating disorders & low self-esteem. Speak up about eating healthy & being active for health purposes. But do not use someone’s body to make a point.

Body Peace.

11 Disturbing Female Body Image Facts

UPDATE: Fabulous video from Annie Elainey which PERFECTLY fits my sentiments (and adds so much more). Bravo! Please watch & follow Stop Hating Your Body on Tumblr.

Natural Organic Lip Gloss - D.I.Y.

Think glossy, healthy lips can only come out of a tube? Think again. With fresh ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera gel, berry juice and even coffee, you can customize your own organic, chemical-free lip gloss, says “Style” network’s “How Do I Look?” host Jeannie Mai. Check out her tips below — then share whether the recipe worked to brighten up your smile.

D.I.Y Newsprint Nails
Find a local newspaper and cut out 10 sections. 1.5 inch squares will work. Set aside.
Apply light colored nail polish and let dry. Cream or clear polish works well, but pastels are a nice spring-y choice.  
Dip one fingernail in clear alcohol (vodka, gin, white rum etc).  
Press a newspaper square over the whole nail. Hold for 10-20 seconds (like a temporary tattoo). 
Pull off slowly and be really impressed with yourself. :)
Paint top coat if desired. This will allow it to last a little longer, but apply carefully.

D.I.Y Newsprint Nails

  1. Find a local newspaper and cut out 10 sections. 1.5 inch squares will work. Set aside.
  2. Apply light colored nail polish and let dry. Cream or clear polish works well, but pastels are a nice spring-y choice.  
  3. Dip one fingernail in clear alcohol (vodka, gin, white rum etc).  
  4. Press a newspaper square over the whole nail. Hold for 10-20 seconds (like a temporary tattoo).
  5. Pull off slowly and be really impressed with yourself. :)
  6. Paint top coat if desired. This will allow it to last a little longer, but apply carefully.

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Yay Britney!

Britney is proud of her body - imperfections and all.

The 29-year-old singer made an AMAZEBALLS move and released the un-airbrushed photos from her Candies shoot. She did so in order to highlight the pressure exerted on women to look perfect.

In the photos, you can clearly see areas of cellulite on the back of her thighs, wider ankles, bruises (with all that dancing, she’s bound to have tons), and her yes, her backside isn’t what you’d expect.

The one area that appears to be un-airbrushed? Her face (she’s gorgeous, no?). (Sidenote: Airbrushing is such standard practice that un-airbrushed real photos make sensational news. Crazy.)

KNOW THIS: There is no such thing as perfect. Perfection doesn’t exist, it’s manufactured. And the only flaws you have are the ones you can’t see.

Kudos to Britney and other celebs for coming out! Loving this trend!

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If you’re still looking for a prom dress, it might be a little late to steal this idea.

Tara Frey’s made her prom dress herself, but what’s more impressive is that it’s made entirely of Starburst wrappers! The project took over six years (wow!) and includes her purse, shoes and her date’s matching vest.

Just the thought of all that sugar makes me dizzy. I won’t comment on it, since she doesn’t seem to have eaten most of it herself (they’d buy the large bags, give them away, and ask for the wrappers back). Despite the sugar, I’m still going to give this one a high five, for effort alone!

Work it girl!

Watch below to see the dress & accessories that took 6 years to make.

View more videos at:

Natural Benefits:

Oatmeal clears clogged pores & the anti-inflammatory properties of onions can help heal acne scars.

Yield: Approximately 8 applications - (can you say girl’s night?)


  • 1 ounce. purified mineral water
  • 3 tablespoons. plain organic oatmeal
  • 1 medium onion, peeled


1. Boil water and pour over oatmeal, letting steep for five minutes.
2. Finely grind onion in a food processor, making a smooth puree. Add to the oatmeal while still warm.
3. If the mask is not thick enough, add some honey or green clay until the mask is thick enough to sit comfortably on your face.

The solution will stay fresh for one week in the refrigerator.

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All together now… let’s have a moment of silence for common sense. Clearly, it died somewhere before this story was published.

This simultaneously infuriates and mystifies me. For the record, not only do I strongly disagree, but I think this may be the stupidest study on body-image ever.

Banning size zero models from the catwalk could worsen the obesity epidemic as the sight of larger people would increase unhealthy eating habits, researchers from the University of Bologna warn.

As Cori Ann pointed out on my Facebook Page: “Right…. cuz all of the size 0 models have made us so skinny….”. I second that. CLEARLY the obesity epidemic isn’t caused by a lack of skinny role models. If anything, the use of exclusively overly thin models has caused unrealistic expectations of what most women look like and encouraged eating & body-image disorders that plague millions of women.

It’s ridiculous and potentially harmful to promote this kind of thinking. We need more types of women represented in the fashion industry! I know there are plenty of naturally thin people and I do believe they have a place in fashion too. It’s just that there are too many other body types that aren’t being represented, causing a massive, SCARY perception skew in terms of what women think is desirable and realistically attainable.


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This never gets old. And needs to be re-played over and over.

Love her or hate her, this was a WIN of a moment from a few years back and I thought it beared repeating now, in the height of pre-bikini season.

Love yourself, realize the images you see in magazines & on television are often altered and unrealistic. Stop putting pressure on yourself and others to look a certain way, because that certain way is manufactured. Work hard, make healthy choices, have fun and love yourself as you are.

It’s normal for our progress to have occasional dips and valleys for various reasons, so don’t let it discourage you. Three steps forward, one step back; four steps forward, two steps back… That’s just how it goes, as it does with most things in life. Our bodies cannot simply progress in a linear manner indefinitely.
Mark Lauren in his book “You are your own gym” (via fitnesstreats)

Geez, even blow drying isn’t safe anymore?

Following complaints from stylists, owners & clients, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued a Hazard Alert for anyone working with Brazilian Blowout hair straightening products. Apparently, they contain formaldehyde and have caused several stylists & clients to get sick over the last few months.

The Brazilian blow dry has been a favorite of celebs like Nicole Ritchie, Ashley Tisdale & Lindsay Lohan and has been featured in Glamour and other fashion mags.

Despite “formaldehyde-free” labels and the lack of formaldehyde on the ingredient list, OSHA has found formaldehyde in the air when stylists are using the products. In fact, they found upwards of 8 times the allowable amount for formaldehyde in Brazilian Blowout’s Smoothing Solution (psst: that’s what’s allowed when the product is listed on the label).

Things you should know…

  • Formaldehyde is a colorless, strong-smelling gas that presents a health hazard if workers are exposed.
  • You can be exposed to formaldehyde if you breathe it into your lungs, if it gets into your eyes, or if it is contained in a product that gets onto your skin.
  • You can also be exposed accidentally if you touch your face, eat food, or drink after using a product containing formaldehyde without first washing your hands.


  • Can irritate the eyes and nose, and cause coughing and wheezing.
  • Formaldehyde is a “sensitizer,” which means that it can cause allergic reactions of the skin, eyes, and lungs such as asthma-like breathing problems and skin rashes and itching.
  • When formaldehyde is in a product that gets sprayed into the eyes, it can damage the eyes and cause blindness.
  • It is also a cancer hazard that is linked to nose and lung cancer.

Read more on Huffington Post:

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