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Anderson Cooper Giggles… AGAIN.

If you’ve been following me for a long time, you know what a crush I have on my Silver Fox. I love him even more when he giggles like a school girl. An event that happens so rarely, it is truly a delight to see.

Last time was Gerald Depardieu. This time? Dyngus day.

Thanks to Anna AND Cheryl for sending me the link and for thinking of me, lol! Clearly, I haven’t keep my love a well hidden secret. Thanks ladies. :)

Bethenny Frankel Flashes Her Booty (By Accident) Dropping Down Into A Push-Up On Anderson Cooper.

Awww, poor girl! Well handled (I mean, there’s not much you can do about it but laugh it off, right?).

The move was clearly impromptu: I have a feeling she would have changed had she known she’d be showing off her pushup skills live. The bare butt moment made the audience (and Anderson) giggle, and Bethenny handled it like a champ.

Would have liked to have seen her bust out her pushups anyways (anyone catch the show? Did she do it?)

Model Adriana Lima’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show diet lands her on 360’s RidicuList.

As you know, I do my best to make sure I never comment on other women’s bodies. I don’t believe in unhealthy body types. Rather I believe that unhealthy behaviors need to be addressed and discussed. I want to make it clear that my comments & opinions about the story above have nothing to do with what she looks like: there’s a lot of model hate out there, and while I firmly believe the fashion industry needs a good dose of reality (and a kick in the ass), I don’t blame the ‘players’. I blame the game. 

However, THIS certainly falls under unhealthy behavior. So discuss it we shall. 

Whenever I see stories like this, despite my inner bitchy, I always tend to sympathize with the models. I can’t even begin to understand the world they live in. If you think the pressure to look a certain way weighs heavily on the general public, models get it ten fold (believe me, I’m not walking around saying “Oh, poor pretty models. Life is so hard for them. Yada yada”. Rather, I think it’s too commonly accepted to see them as the aggressors in the unrealistic body war, as opposed to victims). They don’t set the standards: they’re hired because they meet them and they are expected to KEEP meeting them, long after they move into different stages of womanhood.

Not only do they need to walk the runway in front of thousands of strangers (getting pictures taken from every angle imaginable), but not fitting a certain ‘look’ could lose them potential work & sabotage an already short career. When a model doesn’t meet these incredibly high standards, she faces more scrutiny than the average person. It helps to understand this when approaching the world ‘models’ live in. It’s not the same as normal people’s. In real life, no one weighs you before you get hired and you don’t have hundreds of people nitpicking at every flaw on your body. You also don’t have competition around every single corner (even if you feel like you do, you don’t).

I’d lose my freaking mind. No thank you.

(Side note: it’s not just runway models. Fitness models also aim to look a certain ‘way’, and some get there using unhealthy methods as well. Plus sized models also have guidelines to follow. In any industry where your looks or physical attributes are on display, there is a pressure to fit a “mold” one way or another).

It’s true that some runway models are naturally thin, most have genetics on their side and most watch what they eat to maintain their “look”. But when they feel the need to go the extra mile and engage in an unhealthy lifestyle or regimen in order to keep their job? That’s a little scary. And when it’s so normal to them that they can talk about it openly and wind up on the Ridiculilst? That’s even scarier.

It’s important to remind people that this is NOT normal, healthy or okay behavior.

Over dieting & over restricting can cause brain damage, infertility, liver damage, decreased kidney function, hormonal issues, slowed metabolism, heart problems, hair loss and death. A diet like hers is dangerous, irresponsible and unhealthy, even for short spurts of time.

In other words: don’t have what she’s having & don’t do what she’s doing. K?

Any thoughts?

Anderson Cooper Makes Surprising Discovery About His Cell Phone

Listen up! You might want to sanitize yours after this!

Oh Silver Fox, you did it again!

In case you missed it, JC Penney pulled it’s controversial ‘I’m too pretty to do homework' T-shirt this week, after the Twitterverse and parents everywhere FLIPPED when the shirt went up for sale online.

I know. I know! Whoever approved this bonehead move needs to be fired. Or get a stern talking to on how NOT to incur he wrath of Mommy bloggers. Mama bears will cut you down.

Statement from JC Penney

"We agree that the "Too Pretty" T-shit does not deliver an appropriate message. We have discontinued it’s sale. We would like to apologize to our customers."

Check them out on the Ridiculist below. Oh Anderson… you’re amazing.

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