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If you’re watching the Oscars tonight, why not get a little workout time in? This game is designed for you to play along as the winner’s are announced. Simply follow the instructions per category & make a little room to move in front of the TV!

If you’re watching with friends, you can guess the winners and take a break if you’re right or you get to decide the workout ‘punishment’ for those who got it wrong. Have fun with it and feel free to swap any of the exercises for different ones.

Bonus! Commercial Cardio

Alternate between 2 moves during a few of the commercial breaks for a bonus heart rate boost! Choose one of the workout combos below, and do the 2 moves for one commercial each and repeat until the broadcast restarts.

A. High Knees & Squats

B. Jumping Jacks & Alternating Lunges

C. Burpees & Squat Hold

D. Quick Feet & Plank

Oscars Workout Game

Here’s the list of nominees & instructions to play along!


Hold the assigned pose through the entire acceptance speech (starting at the announcement of the winner )

‘The Artist’ - Plank Hold
‘The Descendants’ - Squat Hold
‘Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close’ - Cobra Pose
‘The Help’ - Wide Squat Hold (Plie on toes).
‘Hugo’ - Downward Dog
‘Midnight in Paris’ - Plank Hold
‘Moneyball’- Squat Hold
‘The Tree of Life’- Cobra Pose
‘War Horse’ - Wide Squat Hold (Plie on toes).

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