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Have you played Bum Darts before?

In high school, I used to play bum darts in the student council office all the time (yup, I was that girl)! I’d gotten the idea from a Bowser & Blue sketch. It was really fun and I’d forgotten about it completely, until today. But giving it a try just now made me realize what a SICK butt workout it actually is! And so, I share it with you.

Bum Darts is for all ages. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing (I’ve seen people play in a dress!), where you are, or what your fitness level is. If you can walk, you can play bum darts. It can also be modified to however YOU like to play. Tournament style, one on one, different levels, STAIRS, jump rope bum darts (very advanced) etc.

You’ll need

  1. A bunch of quarters (a few per person)
  2. A cup, or glass. Mugs work well, but you can choose your difficulty by making the opening more narrow (sometimes, we had levels of difficulty, working our way up)
  3. A scoreboard (optional)

Players: As many as you like! You can practice on your own, or compete with friends with a scoreboard.

How to play

  1. Set up a cup on the ground and walk 10 paces away from it (or less, up to you!)
  2. Grip a quarter with your butt cheeks, squeezing them tight together.
  3. Once you ‘have’ it, walk over to the cup CAREFULLY. Aim & fire!

Not only is this game hilarious & challenging, but it’ll tighten & tone your rear while you’re laughing away. You’ll barely notice the burn during the game, but the longer you play, the more you’ll ‘feel’ it tomorrow.

Have fun!

Psst… if you’re grossed out, get over it! You don’t wanna know what’s already on those quarters. Mark your own special quarters if you need to. :)

See how it’s done below!

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