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Insanity Pics - Day 30 & Day 36

I’m done! YAAAAAY!

Well… done my first round. (Next up? The hybrid with P90x, then P90X 2)

INSANITY: The ASYLUM pushed my body to the limit, and you know what? It’s changed my game ALL around. Talk about taking my fitness to the next level. Wow. Humbled by the experience, happy with the results, and the sky’s the limit for the places I know I can push my body to go. Journey’s just started. Again. :)

I don’t usually weigh myself (I’m not big on scales), but I wanted to be accurate in telling you about my results… so…..

Overall Inches: 10 lost. 3 off my waist, 1 1/2 off each thigh, 1/2 an inch on each arm, 2 inches off the hips, 1 inch around my chest.

Pounds: Down 8 lbs total. Had already hit my ‘happy’ weight before I started. This wasn’t the goal, just a nice result.

Results That Matter To Me: I am…. Faster. Stronger. More Agile. Proud.

I’ve got new muscles. I can do tons of pushups. I’m officially, bad ass.

Wanna compare? See my Day 1, Day 15 & Day 23 pics at the link below. I look gross in the first one, and you know what? That’s okay by me. :)

If you have any Insanity Asylum questions, let me know!

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