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The average person farts 14 times a day. The average yogi? Maybe a little more than that.

We’re all been there, and if it wasn’t YOU (liars) it’s definitely happened to someone you know. Yoga farts are nothing to be embarrassed about: the poses literally twist your body & propel trapped gas outwards. Still, if you’d prefer to keep your bodily gases to yourself, here are some great tips on how to flatten your flatulence and how to handle a fart situation while in class.

You will need…

  • Preemptive farts
  • Poker face
  • Cough, sneeze, or exhale
  • Scapegoat
  • Wind-relieving pose
  • Class with dogs (optional)

    Step 1: Pre-emptive farts

    Before yoga class, do a few pre-emptive farts by practicing poses that tend to stimulate them — like extended knee to nose and locust.

    Step 2: Ignore it.

    Didn’t get all the gas out? If one escapes during class, simply ignore it. Passing gas is extremely common with yoga. In fact, odds are at least one other person will toot before the class is over — and you can be assured most everyone else is trying to suppress one.

    Step 3: Cover it up

    If you react fast enough, try covering it up with a hacking cough, a vigorous sneeze, or a loud exhale.

    Step 4: Blame it on _______

    Throw the person nearest you under the bus by pretending the fart came from them. This can easily be achieved by turning to them and saying loudly, “Don’t worry about it! It happens to everyone.”

    Tip: Attend a yoga class that allows dogs so you can blame your fart on the nearest animal.

    Step 5: Wind-relieving pose

    If flatulence is a problem outside yoga class as well, practice the wind-relieving pose in private — designed to do exactly what it says. Then, give some thought as to whether or not fitness classes in enclosed spaces are right for you.

    How to Handle a Fart in Yoga Class on Howcast

    My best tip? Head outside! Not only will no one else’s farts bug you but your farts will likely go unnoticed.  :)

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