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Tip for those getting fitter….

As you get into better shape, your body will begin to burn more calories on its own. Working out means more muscle & more muscle requires more calories to maintain. Meaning the diet you’ve been on needs to be re-adjusted for your new body & it’s needs. Your old body may have responded to your restricted diet. Your new body may not.

Result plateaus often happen because the body needs more fuel to A. Increase the intensity of your workouts & B. support your new body during everything else you do. When it’s not getting enough, it shuts down and conserves the weight you’re trying to lose.

I know this doesn’t make sense to some of you, and it will be hard to convince you, but it’s true and the science supports it. You may need to increase your intake to continue losing weight. If you’re working hard, eating well & NOT losing but should be, this could be the reason. But what you choose to eat more of is important. More fruit, veggies, proteins, un-processed foods.

Got it? Eat up!

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