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LeAnn Rimes is thin & lean. Is she too thin? Does it REALLY matter?

The notion of ‘too thin’ or ‘too fat’ is something that I have trouble with.

Yes, I agree that there are some dangerous looking body types out there. Yes, I agree that our media doesn’t represent female figures realistically (even super models are photoshopped). Yes, I agree that LeAnn is freaking thin. Yes, I agree that there are people who would be healthier if they lost a few (or more than a few) pounds. Yes, I agree that we have a catastrophic, distorted, body-image PROBLEM up in here. What SHOULD women look like?

That’s the issue. There shouldn’t be any standard by which women should be judged. Be it too skinny, too fat, too tall, too thin, too plain, too slutty. We need to stop the cycle. Stop it. Stop it now.

Everyone’s got their own ideal, but no one should be worshiped or criticized for their bodies. In fact, criticizing what someone looks like only lends fuel to the thought that looks matter and are important. Telling LeAnn she’s too skinny, makes it okay for everyone to comment on ANYONE’s body.

I don’t know why she’s thin, if she’s healthy or how she does it. But from the looks (and sounds) of things, she’s happy with her body. Which is a good thing, cause she’s the only one stuck with it, right? I’m not stuck with her body. I’m stuck in mine. And I don’t mind being stuck in mine, most of the time. My body does really, REALLY awesome things!

You need to be happy in the body you have. And at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. In fact, if LeAnn was 50lbs heavier and was just as happy, that’s all that would matter then too.

I wouldn’t want LeAnn Rime’s body. It’s not my style and genetically impossible for me. But I would want her to love her body. And I want everyone who sees her body to love theirs without comparing or judging. And as well intentioned as @AJPatterson1987 is, no girl should be told that someone finds their body scary.

Way to stomp on someone’s day.

EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU SAY SOMETHING ABOUT SOMEONE’S BODY, YOU ARE JUDGING THEM. And while some women are strong enough (or learning to be strong enough) to ignore it, not all of us can.

I’ve had women tell me (TO MY FACE) that they would hate to have muscles, or they’re scared that muscles make them less feminine somehow. Now, I don’t look like a body builder AT ALL, but you can see my shoulder muscles. You can see my biceps. I’ve got muscles. Deal with it. And while I’m sure it wasn’t their intention, I felt suddenly judged for a body that I’m proud of, and have worked hard for. I went from feeling fat, to being too fit. Oh well. I CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE, but I can please myself. And I do, thank you very much. GO me!

Let me clarify; being happy has NOTHING to do with being thin. It has EVERYTHING to do with your attitude and how you feel. No matter what your size, shape, genes or status, learning to love yourself has very little to do with the pounds.

You see a lot of people comparing themselves to celebrities, or saying ‘I’ll be happy when I’m thin’. You’ll also find people who feel free to comment on other people’s bodies ‘She’s too thin’ or ‘she’s gained weight’ or ‘her muscles make her look like a man’.

Stop it. Stop it now.

We NEED to stop talking/commenting on each others bodies. No matter what your size, it’s never a good idea to tell others how they should look. All it does is add to the pressure that we should all be concerned about how others judge us. It allows others to judge our bodies. Do unto others, etc.

It doesn’t matter WHAT you look like; these two things are always true, whether you’re 110lbs or 300lbs, skinny or muscular, curvy or otherwise.

1. There are people who would kill for YOUR body. Yes yours. As it is NOW.

2. There are people who don’t want your body or the body that you want. It’s not what they’re looking for.

No one has the right to tell someone how they should look. Even if you think it’s unhealthy, hate the game not the player.

Speak up about unrealistic portrayals of women. Speak up about eating disorders & low self-esteem. Speak up about eating healthy & being active for health purposes. But do not use someone’s body to make a point.

Body Peace.

11 Disturbing Female Body Image Facts

UPDATE: Fabulous video from Annie Elainey which PERFECTLY fits my sentiments (and adds so much more). Bravo! Please watch & follow Stop Hating Your Body on Tumblr.

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