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I love underwear, but not in the lacey/sexy way that I should. I’m addicted to workout undies. Bulge free boy shorts, seamless thongs, soft fabrics & spandex loving undies. If you’re a lady fitness freak like me, you might know a thing or two about which undies work for you (and which don’t). 

I have a few favorites but like boobies & va-jay-jays, not all undies are created equal and will feel differently to different people. If you hate thongs, you might always hate thongs. Look for these three things when choosing a pair and get to know your workout undies style. 

1. COMFORT. You need something that fits won’t pinch, ride up, or bunch in the wrong places. Look for undies that have a full range of motion, and that will move WITH you. Certain fabrics, especially synthetics, allow for this and are designed specifically to wick away moisture and breathe. 

Speaking of fabrics, you want something that’s going to keep you dry or dries easily and that won’t irritate the skin. The best workout underwear for women is made from synthetic materials that wick moisture while providing support where women need it. Think nylon, lycra Spandex and Elastan.

2. CUT. From thongs to bikini cuts to booty shorts, we’ve all got our preferences. But gym wear can be especially unforgiving to panty lines, depending on the bottoms you choose. A lot of women prefer thongs during yoga, for example, when their bottoms are a bit more on display.

3. FIT. The tighter the better, but up to a point. You want to look for undies that will stay in place but not restrict movement (or comfort). You may also want to consider what you usually wear to workout in. If you’re wearing low cut bottoms, make sure your undies match.

Ultimately, it’s literally a question of body-type & taste. Read through reviews, touch, feel & try them on (if allowed). What works for one lady, might not work for another.

My Favorite Workout Undies from Lululemon

Premium Technithong $16


  • Barely tell you’re wearing underwear.
  • Cotton liner is woven (not sewn) into the fabric. 
  • Sits low on the hips & no digging. 
  • Quick dry, meshy material. 
  • Good for running, yoga, cardio.
  • Drawbacks? May ride up a bit during cycling.

Smooth Moves GirlShort $18


  • Barely there feel. These are my FAVORITE undies to workout in (or lounge out in).
  • The fabric feels really nice. You might want to touch your bum more.
  • Good for those who have a little extra in the rear. They make a round tush look BAM. 
  • Downside? They don’t fit everyone’s bottom the same. Fit is really important, and people with hips & a bit more butt might like these more. (Yay for me!)

Smooth Moves Thong $16


  • Better for those who like the feel of the girlshort, but can’t find a good fit.
  • Still barely there. Seamless is awesome for tight workout pants.
  • Lasts forever. Quality is high on these ones. 
  • Dries really quickly & well. Good for hot yoga (and hot yoga pants)
  • Drawbacks? Some people complained about too much fabric in the crotch area.

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