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Not sure if I’d be ridiculed or adored, but I REALLY want these.

1. They are great for people with joint problems, specifically in  the knees (and hips maybe?).

2. They can be worn for almost every exercise, including running, kickboxing, strength training (instability) and dancing.

3. They look like crazy fun.

Kangoo jumps have been around for a few years and have been making the rounds in fitness centers everywhere. I haven’t found any classes here, but I’d be very excited to attend.

I’m specifically interested, because I may need to find lower impact solutions for at least a few months (??!?!) to let my hip fully recover. Running is out of the question (at least on pavement) & while swimming is fun, it’s not convenient.

The website claims that Kangoo Jumps are the world’s lowest impact shoe. They can be helpful for people healing from injuries, arthritis and even people with diabetes. They can be worn by anyone or any age.

Models range from basic to advanced, including shoes with incorporated resistance bands to make the exercises more challenging. You can buy soles for different terrains (outdoor vs. indoor), as well as other accessories to tailor the shoes to your needs.

If you prefer to workout at home (which I do!) you can get Kangoo Jump DVD’s and music designed to jump to. Yay! Workout DVD’s are my favorite.

They’re price-y, but along the same lines of buying a bike or new roller blades. A pair will set you back about $179-$259 depending on the model & features you select. Visit for details.

From the reviews I’ve read, the biggest criticism has been the look (yes, they kinda look ridiculous, but no more ridiculous than Shape-Ups in my opinion) and possible ankle problems. Still, I think there are risks to ANY piece of equipment and you need to decide for yourself if they’re right for you. Aside from physical benefits, just the sheer fun of bouncing around might be enough to make the shoes worth it. When workouts are fun, we tend to stick to the program. Fun is NEVER a bad thing for exercise.

As always, do your research. :)

Still not convinced? Check out the videos below. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments or in my ASK box!

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